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Where should I start?

It all started when my parents died. I was 4. I was in a car accident. I should have been in the car with you. Me and my brother. I don't remember anything. My earliest memory is that I hug my brother. He goes to our grandparents in England. Payne family. I stay here. In Germany. With our Irish grandparents. The O’Brain family all said it would be better for us to be separated so that we can process the past better. My brother was 9. I don't know if that helped to get over death. That didn't help our relationship. I had contact with him for the first time when I was 10. I got a letter for my birthday. There was a picture of him inside. I could hardly remember having a brother at all. I totally forgot what he looked like. When we were 11 we spoke on the phone for the first time. We were told that a phone was too expensive. What nonsense, I think to myself today. Our parents were millionaires. I know that now, 12 years after her death. I still go to a normal school and will graduate this year. Everything is normal. When I got out of the hospital that time, I stopped speaking. Before that I talked like a waterfall. After exactly 6 months on my 5th birthday I said my first word. "Grandma, I want to dance ballet." I remember as if it was yesterday. My grandma just nodded and started crying. She looked for the best school in all of Germany and sent me there. We even moved specially so I could go there. I threw myself into the sport. I attended every ballet course that was offered. It doesn't matter if I wasn't actually too young for that. When I wasn't in a class, I would work out in front of the mirror at home. I watched videos on Youtube to keep getting better. My favorite thing to do is look at the gymnasts. I practiced the jumps and turns that they apparently did without any problems until I did them as well as they did. So many times my grandma had told me that at some point I would hurt myself. She should be proved right. I spent my first day of school in a wheelchair. I had done something on the cross while stretching. But as soon as I got out of the wheelchair, to the horror of my grandparents, I only trained harder.

At first my classmates laughed at me because they thought I had no feeling in my legs. One of them said I was hot cut. I have been a Lämi since that day. Until the day I walked to school on hands. In Quitschi I finished them all, no ball could hit me because I always flew A-la Matrix out of the way. I had my pride back and the respect of my classmates. But now nobody wanted to do anything. I would be so sporty and everything would be boring. I didn't have time for it either way. I got my first kiss on a school trip in 4th grade. If you can call it that. I was 10. My kiss partner was 11. His name was Nils Henning. It tasted like gummy bears. Everyone was staring at us then. It was totally strange. Then I went with him for a few days until he shot me to the wind for Rebecca James. We're still best friends today (sarcasm). She was always jealous of me. Today Nils is gay. His reasoning was that he has had enough of women. We - Rebecca and I - knew each other before school. Before I went to ballet school, she was the star there. She never forgave me that I was just better.

Although I was unable to attend ballet classes because of the school, that didn't discourage me at all. I now talk to my brother on the phone once a week. My current classmates don't know that I'm so super athletic. It was pretty hard to convince Rebecca not to say anything. I told her that she would get all the fame if she just doesn't manage to do a balancing act and can turn around. In addition, I persuaded her to dance a solo for her when she was 5 years old. It was easy to shoot like she made a monkey back then.

I'm the girl sporty type. So I'm afraid of balls rolling towards me, manage to throw a basket with difficulty and hold my nose and my breasts tight when I jump from the one-meter tower. If I dare.

Nobody asks me about the excessive muscles I have all over my body. I always wear a wetsuit when I have to swim. I say if I don't wear it I'll get cloudburst. Such idiots of gym teachers. Believe me too. I didn't have many friends at school, but there were enough. Well, there is nothing to do about it. My grades are okay. Or 1.0 is good. I lose sight of it. I have a deal with the teachers. If they give me "worse" grades, which of course they don't, I donate a large sum of money to the school every year.

I can say I grew up with 5 languages. I speak German with my brother. To my Irish grandparents I speak with an Irish accent, to my British grandparents I speak with my British accent. In the ballet school we only speak French. The 5th language is Latin. I get taught at school and I'm actually pretty good at it. “Latina bonus, sus emere possim assum mihi”. That translates to: “My Latin is so good that I can order a roast pork. Today I know that I should have been myself from the start. Why pretend I am what I am. I made myself that and I couldn't be more proud.


But now to the real story

It's finally winter holidays and I'm going to see my brother for the first time in 12 years. I'm looking forward! Even if I don't know exactly what to expect. I know he's famous now. One Direction, I've heard it before. The girls in my class adore them. But I never bothered with that. Isn't my music taste. I'm also a little celebrity, when I was 6 for the first time as a solo dancer on stage. And now at 16 every ballet wants me on their show. But I canceled this winter. I am in London.

When I arrive at the airport, my grandparents ask me for the 1,000 times whether I really think it's a good idea to meet my brother. And as usual, I just say yes. I don't feel like having a disco.

I hand in my luggage and go to the right terminal. I can finally say goodbye to my grandparents. It's only for three weeks. One last time they want to persuade me to stay with them. I would be gone for Christmas and the New Year.

“You should have rafted it by now. I chose the Budist faith. I don't celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve. " Ok, I already celebrated, but not as expected from me.

They shake their heads and hug me one last time. The typical family kiss on the forehead could not be missing either. They are finally gone. Ok I admit I will miss them, but the choice is now or never. And never is too far away for me. So I choose now.

Once in London I call a taxi and tell the man behind the wheel where to drive me. I have no idea where that is. Sure there is Google Maps, but I had to promise my brother to look. What a secret thing.

When I arrive at the address, I'm amazed. A fancy hotel. Immediately I feel inappropriately dressed in my gray sweatpants and the baggy T-shirt and decide to change before the meeting. The lady at the front desk also looks askance but is of course friendly to her guests. When she asked me about my room reservation I didn't know what to say. I quickly texted James. He told me the reservation number and then I could check in. A page brings me and my suitcases to my room. I would have expected a tiny one-bed room. Instead I see a huge apartment, with a balcony and everything in front of me. The page looks at me crookedly as I jump through the first room like a madwoman stabbed by the Trantel.

"In which bedroom should I put the suitcases?" the British accent was divine. I look a little perplexed at the man. The poor thing is not much older than me, I think to myself as I take a closer look at him. I pause for a moment and then say, “Just leave it here. I'll do the rest. " That was the wrong accent, flashes through my mind when I think I see the boy's astonished look. Probably he would have expected everything now, except with an Irish accent. I give him a quick smile and he leaves. When the door is closed. First I look at everything. Even if I always condemned the models at GMTN when they moved into their villa, I couldn't help but react the same way. I screamed when I saw a new room. Everything was perfect. Since I didn't know what the other five bedrooms and bathrooms were for, I retired to the largest, most beautiful, with the greatest view and bathroom, room.

I looked at my watch. Fortunately, I had already changed it. So after this time I still have 3 hours until my brother wanted to come and see me here. I first decided to ventilate and train. I said I'm a sports babe. I put on my workout gear, did my hair up, got my music, and went into the living room. I still couldn't believe I was here. Everything was unrealistic and like a dream. I turned the music up loud and slowly started my exercises. Of course, there was no such thing as a pole, the wall had to suffice. So plié - grand-plié. And so it went on. As always, I was engrossed in my training and music when I heard someone clear their throat. I was just about to stretch as best I could. I had one leg on a high chair and the other was stuck on the floor. I looked up and saw the sweating page standing in the doorway. Behind him I recognized five young men around 20 and one definitely older around 40 on the phone. I hit pause on my iPod and got up. With a quick look at the clock I noticed that 3½ hours had passed. I had actually planned to only train for 2 hours and then get ready. So I now stood by 7 men who all start me with open mouths. I stood in front of them sweaty and looked at the faces of the individual people. One of the five boys had to be my brother. At first I was unsure, but my body didn't care, because it already knew who my brother was. I dropped to my knees and tears ran down my cheek. The one who looked most foreign walked slowly towards me.

“Always these fans. Always come up with something new to get to us. " I saw him confused. But did not react further. Fans? Did he really say that at the moment? Hadn't he just recognized Macklemore? What an uneducated person. I knew my brother was famous but not that. So of course One Direction gives several million results on Google, but I didn't expect fans to break into their hotel rooms.

"Emily? Is that you? "

Now I recognized my brother very clearly.


"My God you grew up!"

I got up uncertain and walked over to him. The short stretch felt like an eternity. Standing in front of him I didn't know what to do. Hug him, shake hands? Fortunately, he made the decision for me. He kissed my forehead and hugged me tight. He didn't want to let go of me at all. When I decided it was time to break the hug I saw that he had tears in his eyes too. Only now did I realize my environment was back. Everything around us starts at us perplexed. The page was gone again. Probably thrown out of the old bag. After another eternity, the blond with braces said something. "A compatriot, or in this case a woman." I didn't know what he meant but I didn't care. James led me to the couge and asked the others to sit down as well.

"Can you explain that to us?" That was the foreign looking one. “Since when do we start crying when we meet fans who have broken into our apartment? And especially since when have you been James? "

The one with a stiffened sweater asked further: "And when do we know our fans so well that we can judge whether they have grown?"

"I'm not a fan," I said quietly. "She is my little sister." James finished the sentence for me.

“There's another James here? Yes, name fetters. " The blonde had something to eat in his mouth and was therefore hard to come by, but he still raised his hand to be applauded by him. “I'm James, you idiot. I've told you that a thousand times. " Blondchen took his hand down sadly. I had the feeling that it wasn't exactly the brightest lamp.

“Do you have a little sister? I thought your whole family was dead, except for your grandparents, ”said the youngest in the group for me with a february for red and stripes, preferably white red stripes.

“Isn't anyone listening to me here? I think we should tell the story from the start. " He looked at me at his words. I just nodded to Stum and started to introduce myself. Tears welled up in my eyes just as I said my name. “My name is Grace Emily O'Brain. I was named after our mum, Grace O’Brain. James was named after James Payne our dad. I decided that I didn't want to be called my mom, as much as I loved her, when I was old enough for it. James said he never wanted to forget Dad and that's why he called himself that. When we got separated, I got my Irish grandparents' last name - O’Brain and James stayed with Payne. " I scowled at the one with the meal. I knew from his accent that he had Irish roots. "I'm half Irish and half British." And then I and James told how it turned out he was called Liam by everyone else here, so his real first name, the whole story. How our parents died. How we got separated and what we did while we were apart. Our explanation dragged on for a long time. It felt strange to complete strangers, including my brother, telling our story. The old sack was the boys' manager and kept making derogatory remarks, so we quickly turned him over to him. No one else said anything. When we were finished there was a great silence. Nobody said a word for at least 5 minutes. It wasn't until my stomach growled loudly that the silence was broken. We started laughing out loud. Even if the topic was actually taken very seriously, it felt good now.

"How do you echo when we go around the houses tonight and Grace - or do you prefer Emily?" - “Emily” I said briefly. "Well, what do you think if we go around the houses tonight and Emily" Now he emphasized it overly. “London show. Is this how we get to know your little sister better and spend some time together? " The blonde suggested. His name is Naill. I wanted to accept but was interrupted.

"You're just hungry, aren't you?" Said the curly-haired names Harry.

“No, ok yes, but that's not why I'm suggesting this. But seriously, can we go out to eat first? "

We started laughing again.

"Clear! As long as you don't mind if I take a shower and put on something more suitable. "

"As long as you don't need three hours in the bathroom!" Naill was already looking pleadingly at me.

"Give me 30 minutes. Ok?"

“We're stopping time!” Said the foreigner Names Zayn and the name Louis in the striped sweater at the same time. Incidentally, Louis was not the youngest as I initially assumed, but the oldest.

"Well. Just one more question. How chic should I dress? "

The boys exchanged glances and finally looked at all of James. Stum nodded.

"Fancy!" all said at the same time. I rolled my eyes, that answer didn't help me much. "And time is running." I was torn from my thoughts.

I ran into my bathroom, undressed, and took a shower. After 10 minutes, I finished showering and cleaning the body. I dried myself off quickly and put on fresh underwear. I had already put out a dress and shoes. I was just plugging in the hair dryer when I heard it call through my door


My hair was dry after 5 minutes. I quickly put on my make-up properly. I put on a knee length dress. It was completely pink without much forgiveness. I also put on my favorite jacket. A black one that was completely covered with sequins. Then my favorite shoes. Not too high but still make great legs. One last look in the mirror. Put everything you need in your handbag and then off you go. When I opened the door, Harry was yelling at me.

“Another 5 min.

"Finished!" I whispered and walked past him.

When I arrived in the living room the boys had moved too.The sweatpants were exchanged for a chic pair of jeans.

"Wow!" I didn't know who it came from but it visibly increased my self-confidence. "Thanks, you don't look bad either." I gave back.

“So can we? I'm dying of hunger! And now I'm really too well dressed to die. " I played theatrical.

“Before we go, please don't be surprised if you get insulted on Twitter tomorrow and read everywhere tomorrow:“ Who is this stranger who caught a 1D boy? And what do your friends say about it? "

I looked at the boys one by one and nodded. "Thanks for the warning." The guys had told me how famous they really are and who of them had a girlfriend and who didn't. Naill and Harry were single.

"So can we go please now, I'm really hungry!" that came from Naill.

"Well then, let's go to the fight!"

I hacked into James and we headed towards the exit of the hotel. When I got down below, I saw a big limo waiting for us.

"Awesome!" Not much more to me about it.

The boys hadn't promised too much. In front of the hotel there was a herd of female, screaming fans, with signs for their favorites and loads of paparazzi.

"Is it always that bad?" I asked a little confused.

“Is that still harmless? The later it gets, the more persistent they get! " Louis assured me.

"You really give me courage, do you actually know that?"

Without anyone responding to my reaction, we all put on our black sunglasses and went outside. The screeching was deafening. When we got to the limo, we drove away very quickly. Many ran after the limo to maybe get an autograph or photo. We stopped at a fancy restaurant and got out.

“Welcome to my favorite restaurant. They have the best tacos in town, ”Harry said.

"I've never eaten tacos to be fair."

"Then it's time!"

We went in and all sat down. Well almost all of them. James stopped because there were spoons on the table.

"Yes, you mentioned the spoon phobia." Only when I had persuaded the waiter to remove all spoons from the surrounding area and our table could he sit down.

We ordered our food but I wasn't ready for the next surprise. Suddenly I saw a goat running through the restaurant. I jumped up, knocked my chair over and hid under the table.

"Emily? Everything OK?" I couldn't assign the voice but knew that it wasn't James'.

"She is just as afraid of goats as I am of spoons or you are afraid of birds." He looked at Louis "" Emily the goat is gone.

I slowly moved back from the table.

"What's your excuse?" Zayn wanted to know.

"In the car accident," I bowed my head. “There would be a goat in the street. That's the only reason we fell off the bridge. " A lonely tear ran down my cheek. There was a brief silence. Until Naill puts it down.

"Ah our food, I thought I was going to starve!"

Everyone laughed again. Like Harry, I had ordered tacos.

After dinner he asked me how I found my first taco and I could only agree with his opinion, they were my favorite dish from now on.

"And where to now?" I asked when we had all finished eating and poked our big bellies.

"Close your eyes?" said Zayn.

I didn't know what that was about because I didn't know my way around London anyway, but I did as I was told. Someone tied a scarf over my eyes and they broke my limo. She started to drive. During the journey nobody spoke a word as if I were sitting all alone in the limo. As I found out later, I was too. I never found out why when the car stopped. I was led out of the limo again. The blindfold was removed again and I saw what was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I was on the London Eye. Everything was dark. It didn't spin. And suddenly a huge fireworks display started. I slowly took a few steps back to get a better view of the Specktacle.

"And did we promise too much?" It was Louis' voice that broke the silence.

“Promised too much? You have understated immeasurably! "

"Nice that you like it, sister." James put his arm around my shoulder.

The evening just got better. After the fireworks were over we went to the Christmas market. Actually they had planned to go to a club, but since I was too young we stayed here. We arrived back at the hotel late in the evening. I said good night to the boys and disappeared into my room. The next morning I had a lot of hater messages, but they didn't interest me because I knew there was nothing about it. They were all posted on the official One Direction Twitter fan page as no one knew my name. Thank God!

I put on my jogging clothes and went out. I met James in the living room. So we went jogging together. Even though we'd talked about our separate pasts for ages last night, I didn't know he was as obsessed with sports as I was. There was hardly anything going on on the streets, which might also be due to the fact that it was just 5 a.m. and a Sunday. In our jogging maraton we decided that I could train the band after all. You should look a little sportier. Back at the hotel I called the manager of the band and made it clear that I would train the guys for the next three weeks. Since they were out all day to clarify important band matters, I had my first “work day” off.

I went shopping like any other person who is still properly in their head. As always, I couldn't decide what exactly to buy and then mostly bought three pairs of shoes, lots of pants and of course dresses and tops to wave off. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a survival big me dancing around Picadilly Circus. I shot a commercial two months ago, but I didn't expect it to ever be shown, especially not here. The resigeur was not so enthusiastic at the time. The commercial was about deodorant - I don't know very creatively, but it should be portrayed that even high-performance athletes like me trust in it. I still remember the day of shooting very well. I broke my toe because of those stupid pointe shoes I had to wear and the deodorant gave me a rash. When people recognized me, they wanted photos. They probably thought I was a supermodel like Cara Delevingne or Barbara Palvin and just the face for it. Many asked me whether I was good friends with my hour double or whether I was still in contact with him. When I told them that I was booked because I can do all of this, of course I had to do it. In the evening I noticed that someone had filmed my dance performance and uploaded it to Youtube. This made even more hype about my person. Since my name was now known, my wall was also spam. Now they were actually flowing properly. The thing that hit me the most was, “Guys, don't you guys see it. This bitch is only taking advantage of you to become famous. Can jam his foot behind his head but nothing in the pear. Somebody like that doesn't deserve to be famous. " My difficulty was eased when I found out the hater's name. “ParisHiltonFanNr.1”.

In the evening I presented my new things to the boys, but didn't get any constructive criticism. "Hot, damn hot, how can you walk in shoes like that, there aren't any stripes on them, you can't show yourself like that." I think we all know who made which comment. I was really looking forward to training the next morning. I set the alarm for five on Monday and started warming up. When the boys got up between 7 and 11:30, I explained the situation to them. At first they thought it was supposed to be a joke. When they had phoned their manager and he confirmed it was no joke, they didn't laugh so loudly anymore. After the next news, namely that in three weeks' time they were going to present a dance, that is, a real dance, at their concert, they had completely lost their laughter. You start at me in disbelief.

"Steven doesn't want you to do something like you?"

“If Steven is the manager, then no. He wants me to teach you a proper choreography. Music and how demanding it is is up to me. " I smiled at the boys. "But no fear. We start slowly. First we go to perseverance. " They keep starting like fish. "Come on! Don't worry you will run! "

When they left I told them to follow me. When I arrived in the lobby, someone nudged my shoulder uncertainly. It was Harry.

"You know that there are a million fans in front of the door who can't wait for one of us to come out."

"That's exactly what I'm building on!" I had a little smile on my face and after the stories of the band they don't like it. "Let's go!"

I opened the door, put my headphones in my ears, and left the hotel. Despite my music on my ears, the noise the girls made was once again deafening. I turned around one last time.

"What are you waiting for?" The boys slowly followed me. As if I were now throwing them to the lions of the Fras. "Just one lap around the block."

They started walking slowly. When I whistled, the barrier tapes that were supposed to keep the Fäns in the fence came off. As if the devil was after them, all of them were running after their idols. “Come on guys! Those behind you will definitely not slow down! " At my jogging pace, I passed them laughing. The screeching was incredibly loud. The route was not even a kilometer long. But back in the hotel, the boys were really broken.

The next two weeks went as planned. I didn't pull the reins so tight during training if they behaved and if they did not behave I smelled them qwelling, so stretching. To make that clear, they were allowed to try to stretch me all of a sudden.

It was Louis' birthday the day before Christmas. He turned 22. I didn't know that and then stood there in the mornings because I had no present for him. It said it's okay, we've only known each other a few days, but I still felt uncomfortable. So I went straight after breakfast to get a present. I took James with me, as I said I didn't really know Louis very well. He said Louis would like to take piano lessons, but that really didn't help me at the moment. I knew he loved carrots, but a bunch of carrots is a bit poor. After more than three hours of shopping and sore feet, I was really desperate. I had bought thousands of things for myself, but since I simply had no interest in Louis, so of course I was already in love affairs, I didn't bring me any nice clothes either. I was really desperate. In the end I decided to bake a carrot cake for him. I was really running out of ideas. I had thought about flying in Eleanor. But she didn't have time. When we got back to the hotel after more than 5 hours, I really just decided to bake a cake. I wasn't particularly talented for it, but I hoped he would like the cake. So I banned everyone from the kitchen and started. Constantly someone knocked on the door and wanted to know what I was doing. After 2 hours of work, my cake was finally ready. The cake, or rather the cake, really looked good. The ground was loose and completely orange. The frosting I used as the icing was grass green. At the end I put marzipan carrots on top. When I served them my cake, they were really impressed. Before there was the cake we serenaded Louis.

We celebrate Christmas quite unspackaged. So we were guessing, otherwise it's not funny. I drew Zayn. I had no idea what to give him, that I knew him the least of the others, if after 4 days you can already say that you know each other. So I thought of something special. I had his girlfriend Perrie flown in and organized a nice evening for the two of them.

I got my present from Naill. All Star Wars films as special and limited editions. I also got a present for James. Because that's how you do it in the family. I gave him a spoon. It was a beautiful sight until I got his present. A goat, not a real goat, but a goat is a goat. So we traded back and gave each other our real gifts. I gave him a toy story play set and he gave me hand-signed pointe shoes from Katja Wünsche. Also a video message from her. For the ignorant among you. Katja Wünsche is the first soloist of the Stuttgart Ballet. I was overjoyed and hit a few flick-flacks to the living room.

I was really excited about the gift from Emily. I hadn't seen Perri in so long. The evening she had organized just had to be perfect. I picked her up from the airport and brought her to our hotel. She changed and then we left. We ate in a fancy restaurant and talked about this and that. Perri suddenly started crying.

"Sweetheart? Is everything OK?" I asked worried.

“Sorry, but I can't do this anymore. I have to confess it to you. "

"Confess something to me?" I know it was flawless. I blame myself.

She looked at her plate and started talking. She betrayed me. A tear ran down my cheek. I quickly wiped them away. I have no idea what the guy's name was, I just heard a noise. She said she was so sorry and could never forgive herself. She broke up, Exte her glass of wine and left. Before that, she said I should let the media know that we broke up. I haven't heard from her since.

We didn't celebrate New Year's Eve so comfortably. After just 2 beers, I was in a good mood and sang Irish folk songs the whole time. But most of the time I sang from Macklemore - Irish Celebration. It's not a folk song, but it's very fun to rap when you're drunk.

In order for the choreography to work, I made a lot of fire under their bums. I got on really well with James, when we were alone we didn't have to cry anymore. The rest of the group had grown dear to my heart too. Every evening they showed me a new part of town. I didn't know if James minded that I got on so well with his friends, in any case he said nothing.

One afternoon I was completely absorbed in my training again. None of the boys was there. Zayn said they had some important meeting or interview. When I turned on the TV for a moment, I saw that it was an interview. The questions were always the same and of course the most important question could not be left out. "Are you single?" Which was always asked last. So somehow I am amazed that the crazy fans don't get that into their heads. The answers were always the same. Zayn is Perrie with me - so actually not anymore, as I found out, but to keep the media calm, they still pretend to be together. Certainly not easy. - Louis with Eleanor and Liam with Danielle. Naill waits for the right one, so long he is happy for his buddies and concentrates on his career. Usually Harry just says, "Same." And the interviewer says goodbye. But this time it was different. Harry didn't look into the camera, he just looked at the floor and said, “There's a girl that I think is really great. But I don't think she's interested in me too. I only met her recently. I know that sounds stupid but I just find her funny, clever and although she always pretends to be, I don't think these idiots would not get along with her real personality. And if it does. What are these idiots then. ”The interviewer interrupted him. "Sounds like someone has a crush on them." Harry smiled, "Yeah, I think I really am." I felt a pain in my chest. At first I thought that I had pinched my dwarf skin. But when Harry continued to tell about her, I knew that I felt more than friendship for Harry. A tear ran down my cheek. That's stupid. I have a crush on Harry. He wasn't even my type. But it was Harry. Harry Styles. Yes OK. I didn't know One Direction three weeks ago. Sure, I had a bunch of fans in my class, but somehow that never met my taste in music. When they talked about how cute that one looks, I turned up Macklemore or Kings of Leon, depending on what mood I was in, and then the subject was over for me. But now that I know her. So know privately. I still have nothing for music, I can't believe that someone like him would fall in love with someone like me. I turned off the TV, threw away the remote, and turned the music back on.I was just about to do the dance for the boys when I saw them standing in the doorway.

"How long have you been standing there?" I was completely out of breath. Before that I had worked on a private choreography. Harry looked pleadingly at the boys. I don't know what that meant. I just ignored it.

"Maybe a minute," said Naill after a short silence. "OK". I nodded. "Do you want to see the choreography that I have been thinking about for Saturday?" "Was that what you just did?" Asked Zayn uncertainly. "That was just my part. I built myself into the dance if that's okay." Everyone nodded. "Ok then, pay attention. It's on "Little Things". (Author: Yes, I know, Little Things is only on the second album and the story is set before that. I don't care. I take the liberty. So now calmly and read on) Even if this is a slow song, I thought that at the beginning a dance is easiest. It's not perfect yet, but first see, “I turned on the music and started dancing. I made the moves I made up when I finished everyone clapped. “WOW, this is amazing. But I don't think any of us can get that high of a leg or stand on pointe shoes, ”said Louis. "As I said, that was my part. I thought that if someone was singing, the rest of you would dance in the back and I would dance with the singer. So like a pas de deux just holding one foot up from me. ”They looked at me puzzled. "Get changed first and I'll think of another explanation." When they were gone I did my own choreography again. Olly Murs - This Song Is About You. This song also goes to the 1,000,000. Sometimes you can still hear under your skin. After five minutes everyone had moved. "So who's going to sing first?" I took notes as they said their names in order. First Zayn, then James, then James and Zayn both sing the chorus together. Louis was next. Then Harry came. The chorus came from Harry and Naill together. Then it was Naill's turn alone. Then Harry came again and in the end everyone came together.

"Ok" I said as I looked at the list. "I'll start with the background first." I showed them the steps and then taught Zayn his. At the beginning he was standing right at the curtain. "So when you sing," Your hand fits in mine. Like it's made just for me “I give you my hand and you pull me onto the stage,” I explained to him. And so it continues.

"We only have one problem." Came from me when I wanted to practice the second part with Harry. "I thought that the last part would be sung by James." Immediately there was great laughter. "My voice and Harry's voice don't sound the same," said James. “I know I notice now too. But I don't want that certain person you mentioned in the interview to get jealous. ”I saw Harry. "You, did you see the interview?" Suddenly he was gone from laughing. He looked pleadingly at James and Louis. Apparently they knew something that I didn't know. "And what about our friends?" Asked the two from one mouth. “First of all: I called them and they gave me their blessing. Second, just touch my ankles and my arms. And third: Eww! Do you think I would want to do something with my brother? That's disgusting! And now please don't play the offended liver sausage. I don't care about forgiven men. I'm not a bitch who gets excited about women relaxing men! ”Everyone looked at me confused. “What is an insulted liver sausage?” Naill wanted to know. “Don't you know that here? That's when you're offended and writhing like a liver sausage or something like that. I can't explain that well. ”I explained to him. "So Harry, who is your crush." The manager said I should make a little fuss about myself after that with Taylor Swift, ”he explained, looking at the floor. Yet again. "Ok then all is well. When you sing "And I've just let these little things" you put your arm around me and I lift your leg. "I stood in front of him, he put his arm around me and I lifted my leg. "We just have to stand sideways, your management said, otherwise it would not be appropriate for the young audience." Everyone laughed and I showed them the next steps. In the end we danced it twice more. "That wasn't too bad after all," I said for encouragement. In reality, I wasn't sure if we should make it by Saturday. “Can we go out to eat now? I'm starving. ”I have to start laughing like the others. Naill and his little needs. "Tacos?" Asked Harry. "Well, logo!" I said. "Can you also order it? I don't have any more to go outside." The boys nodded in agreement. Louis wrote down what we wanted and ordered the food. When the food was delivered the boys were in the shower, so I had no choice but to go myself. Afterwards I came back to the apartment with a mountain full of food. Naill was already waiting for me expectantly. I took a seat on the sofa and put my food on a plate. Since Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis weren't out of the shower yet, Naill and I decided what to watch tonight. Since I didn't like Taken and Grease, much to Naill's regret, I decided that we should watch Star Wars and the whole series. I fell asleep after episode III. I didn't know who carried me to bed, but I hoped it was James, as I woke up in my pajamas and couldn't remember getting changed.

I was already expected at the breakfast table. "Tomorrow" I could hardly get a sound out. When I sat down they told me that a shoot was scheduled for today and that we can only train in the evening. I just nodded silently. They said goodbye and I was alone. Since I didn't feel like exercising at first, I just put on something comfortable and sat in front of the TV. Nothing good went. So I decided to watch the video recordings of the increased training again. When the video was over for me, I saw that it was still recording for over an hour. I watched the rest of the tape as well. We just sat on the sofa and talked. When I wasn't in the picture, the guys had a completely different topic. Me. "Liam I know that she is your little sister, but what should I do about my feelings. Do you know how fast my heart beat when we were just dancing together. Especially with the piece where I stroke my leg. I wonder she didn't hear it. ”It was from Harry. “He was in love with me. That's not possible. ”It shot through my head. I didn't hear part of the conversation because I was in my mind. “Harry listen. I think you can do whatever you want with my sister. But if you hurt her, I'll hurt you! Do you understand? ”James is such a good brother. A small smile was on my face as Harry nodded. Then I came back into the picture and then I knew the rest. Completely perplexed, I sat in front of the camera when the video was over. That was impossible. I had to clear my head first. I went jogging for an hour and then worked on my Olly Murs choreography. This time, the song hit me completely, even though it didn't fit my situation at all, and I started crying. When I watched the video afterwards, I knew that the dance is now perfect. I dragged the video onto my laptop and decided to relax first. I filled the tub with ice cubes as I always did when fighting my sore muscles. I shouldn't show any weakness for the next week. I definitely didn't want her to embarrass herself on Saturday. After 15 minutes I exchanged the ice cubes for hot water, turned the music up loud and relaxed completely. It had become a habit for me to shower or bathe in a bikini, so I didn't take it off now even though I was alone and the boys would be back in 2 hours in the earliest. I know it's stupid I had my own bathroom and why should you come in. When I heard someone call my name I was totally frightened and knocked my glass over. Now the water had a slightly orange touch. I turned the music down and answered the voice that I was in the bathtub. There was a short silence, then there was a knock on the door. It was Harry. "Can I come in?" Since I didn't know what to be ashamed of, I replied: "Sure." I was wearing a bikini and the water was full of foam. I couldn't even see my navel anymore. "What are you doing here already?" I asked him when he sat down next to me. “I was kicked out. The photographer said I would not have been with it. ”“ What distracted you so much? ”Was my next question. I didn't expect an honest answer but when I got it I was blown away. "You." That was all he said. He took my chin between his soft fingers and kissed me very gently. It was only a short kiss, but it was completely unexpected. "Sorry, I ... I didn't mean to. It's only since you've been here I can't think of anyone else. The management went crazy when I said in the interview that I think someone is great. When we danced together yesterday my heart was beating so fast that I thought it was about to explode. ”He speaks incredibly quickly. I just looked at him in silence. "I, I think I should go now." He looked pretty sad, probably because I didn't say anything and just didn't react. When the door was almost closed again, I mustered up all my courage. "Kiss me again!" It was nothing more than a whisper. A whisper that wants to be heard at all costs. Harry stood in the door. I couldn't believe what I'd just said about myself, but I didn't have time to think about it either, as Harry turned in the doorway. Without another word, he came up to me. He sat down on the stool again and kissed me again. Only carefully but when he noticed that I was returning the kiss, his kisses became more demanding. Completely out of breath we broke away from each other again. I smiled at him. We didn't say anything until we heard the others come through the door. When the rest of the shoot came back, Harry and I were far from finished. But he just got up and left. I heard him say that I had run out of towels and that he just wanted to bring some over to me.

We only trained briefly that evening. I was just about to try something new when I suddenly felt an incredible pain in my right arm. I broke down and began to cry uncontrollably. Zayn wanted an ambulance right away, but Naill convinced him that a taxi would be quicker. Everyone accompanied me to the hospital. On the way from the hotel exit to the taxi, there were probably 50 paparazzi waiting for the band. From behind, I suspect it was Louis, someone put a jacket over my head so that the paparazzi couldn't see me. James put his arm around my shoulder and transported me to the hospital. The boys' bodyguards were around us, so that no one could take a usable photo. When I finally got to the hospital, I had to wait forever. It was hard to keep the boys in the fence. Paparazzi kept coming by and wanted to take pictures of me and the boys in flagranti as possible, but that didn't work out for many reasons. First, I pulled the jacket low over my face so that no one could recognize me, second, the boys were all wearing hooded sweaters, third, we had turned our backs on the exit and fourth, the bodyguards had also stood in front of us to protect them. When I finally got my turn after waiting 3 hours, the doctor found that I had a splinter in my elbow joint that had to be removed immediately. I agreed. It wasn't a major operation. I wouldn't even call it an OP anymore. My arm was numbed, the splinter was removed, and then my arm was splinted so that I could no longer move my elbow. I shouldn't put any weight on my arm for the next 4 weeks. But I could do the performance on Saturday without any problems as long as I move my arm slowly and don't put any weight on it. When I came out I was already expected with open arms. Harry was so happy that he kissed me in front of the assembled crew. I couldn't have described that moment, it was just perfect. When our lips parted again, the boys start us up. "Man I want a girlfriend too," said Naill sadly after a short silence. Zayn patted his shoulder. "It's not that great either!" The separation from Perri had hit him hard. Especially since the management found out that they had split up and of course published it immediately. Now it was in the media all the time.

The new gossip papers came out one day before the gig. And on the front cover, of course, me and Harry and me and James. Steven even comes by personally to convey the good news to us. The headline was: “Who is this young stranger who not only destroyed the relationship between Liam and Danielle, but also destroyed the relationship between Zayn and Perri. Now she has Harry on the hook. The friendship of the Superboys just like One Direction is inevitably pending. ”For my taste that was a very long headline, about a topic that has not a bit of truth. I hadn't ruined a relationship. Ok, I felt a little guilty about Zayn and Perri, but in the end I just organized the date and nothing more. The fact that Perri cheated on him and had to confess that evening of all times has nothing to do with me. It's true that Harry and I are together, but that with Zayn and me or James and me. Grrr. Just disgusting. The pictures they used misrepresented it all. That of me and James was on the way to the hospital, the one of me and Harry on the way home. There was no picture of Zayn and me, but why is there the fantasy of jealous celebrity magazine readers. Both times, the pictures of James, Harry and, I remembered, it was exactly the same situation. I run next to Harry, on the left, James, on my right to the taxi. Only one time is James and the other time Harry's arm is around me. Thank goodness you don't recognize me in the pictures. Before he starts reading, we have to explain the whole situation to him. Only then does he read the article out: “Who is this young stranger? Her name is Grace O'Brain. She is 16 years old and comes from Germany. Many have probably already seen it in the commercial for the new Rexona sport deodorant. The young lady is a promising dancer. At least she was. It is questionable whether she will be allowed to go on stage after this scandal. On Thursday January 3rd she was spotted with the Superboys. First leave the hotel with Liam Payne and enter it several hours later with Harry Styles. Before that, she and Laim had often been spotted jogging together in the park. The two are very familiar with each other. The relationship must have been going on for a few weeks. How terrible it must be for Danielle to see her ex-lover so in love. The thing between Liam and Danielle has been known for a long time. Now Grace has caught the next 1D boy. The affair she had with Zayn Malik has not been forgotten for a long time. Especially because Zayn and Perri Edwards have officially split up. The next victim is Harry. How the friendship has to suffer from this stressful relationship is hard to imagine. We hope that the relationship between Louis Tomlinsen and Eleanor Calder doesn't break up in the same way as that of the bandmates. Eleanor take care of your Louis. We'll keep you up to date, of course! ”When Steven finished reading, there was a great silence. “Once again not a word from me! I think even if I were to visit three Victoria Secret Angels at once, not a word would be printed about me. As always the Irish don't care. ”We laughed. Steven told us not to let the news bother us. This is PR. It's always good. He would have already spoken to Danielle on the phone. We should just get it right on Saturday and then we would have a clear conscience. We nodded. In the evening we had no other topic than this report. How stupid it would be and what the editors would have smoked so that they could pull such a lie out of their hands. Zayn laughed too. But inside he could have cried. I could well understand how bad he felt. I would have liked to talk to him but didn't know how to do it. I was happy and then talking to a person who is totally sad mostly backfires.

Today the dress rehearsal is on the plan. This is my first time on stage. So not for the first time. But for the first time with my brother from screaming teens and annoyed parents. Of course I pack my pointe shoes and my costume.The stage floor was very slippery, but after I dipped my shoes in wax, dancing is no longer a problem. Although I had to change the dance at short notice because of my arm, it is now sitting. We go through the steps one last time. I can hardly sleep in the evening. I was never nervous when I had to go on stage.

Tonight is the concert. Totally nervous, I walk up and down to our apartment the whole time. So as not to forget anything, I write myself thousands of lists. At four o'clock we drive to the concert hall. We go through the dance one last time. When the concert starts I wait in the locker room for my performance. All screeches enter the stage as One Direction. In the locker room I can follow what is going on on a small screen. Before I have to go on stage, I warm up in the hallway as best I can. People walking around give me angry looks all the time. I don't care about my arm. It hurts like hell before I hit the stage.

Then let's go. Zayn starts singing and I take the stage. Everything is going perfectly. Harry forgets his text briefly when we dance together for the second time, but remembers it after his given respite and continues to sing. At the end I bow and James asks me to stay on stage for a moment. I sat on the sofa that is on the stage, put my feet up and enjoy the show.

"So who read everything yesterday that I and Danielle had been apart for ages?" Asks James. Really everyone answers. "Honey, can you come on stage, please?" Danielle comes, James wraps his arm around her and then they pause in the movie kiss pose. A deep kiss, then they say into the microphone that they love each other and she's gone again. James looks after her longingly.

“The rumor is wrong! I love them more than I am afraid of spoons! Also wrong is the rumor that our little dancer is here. ”He points to me and I go to him. “You here, Danielle, didn't take me out. So please guys, this is gross. Who does what with his little sister? The rumor that Harry and Grace, “He used my first name just to protect me. As good as it can be after this uproar. “There is nothing in it to be together. Can't you be friends with just one boy these days? Besides, he's too old for her! The rumor that Zayn and Perri broke up because of her is also false. I would now like to ask each of these gossip press people to stop listening to children, I would like to ask everyone to stop writing and publishing this bullshit! Seriously this is just sick. You don't want someone to publish something so nonsensical about you either. You will hear from our lawyers about the damage you did to Grace. In their world, bad PR is more damaging to a career than it is beneficial. ”He took a short break. "Thank you sister you can go now." I hugged him and the boys and left. When the concert was over, we all went to eat tacos again. I really wonder why they don't exist in Germany. We talked the whole time about the speeches and what else we would have said.

Today was my last day in England, London, with the boys, with my brother, with Harry. James, Zayn, Naill and Louis went out to look for a girlfriend for Naill too, so Harry and I had the apartment all to ourselves. We snuggled on the sofa and watched the next three Star Wars films. Episode IV - VI. I know that doesn't sound particularly spectacular, but the rest of the work we did is not entirely youthful. He persuaded me to include it in my Olly Murs choreography. So we spent the day, in the evening he helped me pack my suitcase.

Everyone brought me to the airport. Although paparazzi were always floating around us, it was nice to be said goodbye. I have already made good friends with Danielle and we promised to keep in touch. When I was at my proper check-in. I gave all of the guys another squeeze. James gave me a kiss on the forehead and you can imagine how I kissed Harry. When I was on the plane I missed her terribly. When I was at home I noticed a lot that I had forgotten my camera with my Olly Murs Choreo, but I didn't care. I had finished the dance and in my head that was the main thing. At school I could hardly wait for the weekends. I hadn't told anyone that I was with Harry now, nor that James was my brother, and thank god the media coverage wasn't that fast for bullshit like that. I couldn't have endured the theater. Harry said in interviews that he was single, that always hurt me a lot. Although I phoned everyone with him and he assured me that he missed me, it was still only a long-distance relationship! I now had the courage to show the real me in school. You should have seen the looks when I suddenly opened my mouth every hour and said the correct answer. Physical education was fun again. We just had the topic of gymnastics. So do gymnastics or rather dance with balls. So pretty much my specialty. At school I always practiced my exercises without hope. I couldn't get my leg up and I couldn't even make a turn. I wasn't there on the day the sheet music was made. So my teacher and I decided that I would show him the choreo the next time we are in the hall. That was on the day there was a class tournament.

"Could you all be quiet for a moment?" He began. "You know that Grace" - Grrr. How I hated it when people use my first name - "still have to demonstrate their short choreography." There was a great laugh in the hall. I didn't understand exactly what they were saying, but I could well imagine. “Eh, don't even get your leg up. She can't bounce a ball either, and now she's trying to do something here. It's going to be so embarrassing! ”Or something like that. I didn't care because I knew I was going to knock her off her socks now. “Can you be quiet now! So we can hear the music. ”The laughter only got louder! When the first guitar sounds came they were quiet. The drums started and I waited for the singer to start singing. But instead of Caleb Followill, James' voice rang out. A screeching started. The boys were pushed in one by one. First Naill on guitar, then Louis on drums, James and Zayn on microphones, and last of all Harry came in. He was wearing a leather jacket with black sunglasses. A red ball was in his right hand. The screeching grew louder. Only when I had the ball in my hand did I start. First a few turns and slow jumps. With the line “YEAH! This sex is one fire! ”I made the big leaps. A somersault here, a rondat there. When the chorus started the second time, Harry and I dance together. At the long "Yeah!" We kissed. After that it was a pas de deux as a Küre with the ball. When the song was finished we hugged. Me and Harry kissed briefly, I gave the rest a quick hug, James gave me a quick kiss on the forehead, and then they quickly disappeared again. Rebecca's face was indescribable. Anger, fear, jealousy? It was a bit of everything. Every girl, whether an outed fan or not, ran after them. I stood in the sports hall completely relaxed and overjoyed. When I asked my PE teacher what grade I got, he first looked at me puzzled. When I asked a second time, he gave me, how could it be otherwise, a 1+. Of course, the screaming mob didn't catch the boys anymore because they got straight into a car and drove off. The rest of the people who were still in the hall couldn't do much with the situation. It took over half an hour until everyone had gathered again in the sports hall. Paparazzi were besieging me everywhere on the way home, but I didn't mind. I just turned the music up loud. When I got home, the band and Steven sat with me in the living room and drank tea. Everyone was in a good mood. Steven said it was a good PR move and he wanted me to keep training the guys. I would have said yes right away, but the problem was that I was still a student and couldn't travel whenever I wanted. So we agreed that I would make a plan of what had to be done and that I would practice with them on Skype once a week. For the first time in 12 years I skipped ballet training today. Instead, I spent time with the guys. We went to the movies for ice cream and talked. So we celebrated Zayn and Harry's birthday. In the evening I said goodbye to them, only Harry stayed with me. I was able to persuade my grandparents that he can stay with me tonight and that it doesn't mean that if I want him to sleep with me, that I sleep with him directly! I admit we crossed the blue line halfway but still everything stayed above the belt. When my alarm clock rang at five the next morning, I didn't feel like getting up at all. I was snuggled up against him and his muscular arm was around me. Half an hour later I was kissed awake by him. It smelled of pancakes, bacon and eggs and it tasted wonderfully sweet of blueberries. After breakfast I had to say goodbye to him with a heavy heart as they were going to the USA for four months today. He drove me to school with the others. There I gave them all one more squeeze. It had rubbed off on the others by now. I was kissed goodbye by everyone except Steven. They sat back in the car and gave me and Harry a little time for us. Everyone could understand what it is like to leave your girlfriend for such a long time. The only advantage of the other relationship was that Danielle and Eleanor were already of legal age and no longer had to go to school. Harry hugged me tight, the kiss goodbye lasted so long that Naill already said we should take a room. How gladly I would have accepted this offer. One last hug, one last kiss, then he was gone and I stood at the bus stop with tears in my eyes. Now I wouldn't see her again until mid-June at the earliest. It wasn't the same on Skype.

When we arrived in class, everyone was dressed incredibly chic today. Many wore short dresses and high heels. I felt completely out of place with my gray sweatpants, my worn out Sneekers and my favorite sweater. The sweater I was wearing was the one I was wearing in the hospital. I don't know why I didn't give it back to Harry, but it smelled so good of him. Which may also be due to the fact that I spray him with his perfume at least once a week. Even if that's crazy. The next few weeks were weird. I was still good at school, ballet one way or another, to be honest, I skyped with the boys every day. So just like before. Only now everyone just wanted to be friends with me. Which I honestly found pretty scary. Always someone greeted me with kisses and hugs. Rebecca was suddenly my best friend. I thought that was pretty scary to be honest. According to my information, she was into this short Canadian. Kevin Bieber or whatever was his name. They all laughed at my jokes no matter how stupid they were. If I insulted someone on purpose, such as how ugly their hairstyle looked, they wore a hat the rest of the day and then the next day they came to school with the same one as me. It was just awful. If I ever wanted to be alone with Zoë, my really best friend, it was only possible if we locked ourselves in the caretaker's room. And in it it stank to heaven.

She came over one evening while I was skyping with the boys. Unlike me, she was a huge One Direction fan. Most of all, she liked Naill. So I introduced the two of them to each other. They got along well straight away. They liked the same movies, the same food ... It was just great between them. Unlike me and Harry. When I came to school one morning after they were gone for about two and a half months, totally weeping, Zoë knew immediately what was going on. I broke up with Harry. I told him I couldn't cope with the distance and all the paparazzi. But that wasn't true. I honestly didn't know why I broke up. I explained the situation to Zoë. About our quarrel and how sorry I am for everything. Now none of them responded to my calls, texts and emails. From Zoë I found out that I must have broken Harry's heart. I started crying again. It was just awful.

Summer holidays at last! Now I'm finally getting out of Scotland. It goes to Ameri-ka. For four weeks I'm in the sun and can lie on the beach in California. I had to wait that long. And now my whole family is coming with me. Logan is looking forward to it too. She asks me a thousand things all the time. “What is the stand like there? There is also a lot of rain there. When are we going to see the fairy tale princesses? ”Of course I try to answer every question, but sometimes I just don't know what to answer. My parents saved up for a long time so that we could afford the vacation with all the luxury. I know it's strange when you're 18 to go on vacation with your family, but hello? California. Our holiday home is right on the beach. A small private beach all to ourselves - OK. It wasn't a private beach but there weren't any houses or bars around it, so it was like a private beach. I couldn't be happier. We always spent the last few summers with my grandparents. I mean with my maternal grandparents in Sweden, where it was often even colder than in Scotland. You live in Stockholm today, but three years ago it was different. They lived in the far north. That we only visit them during the autumn break this year makes them sad, but they are still happy that we will see the world one day.
Today was my last week of school, the last week before I fly. I walked through school every day in short clothes to show everyone how white I am now and how tanned I will be after my vacation. I always had a big smile on my face. Even in the French work, which I definitely spanked, I couldn't stop smiling. All of my friends were jealous. They wanted me to take lots of photos and do lots of poses on the beach. With Logan, of course. Almost every day I was asked why my brother wore pink, had long blonde hair and the cutest smile imaginable. I just love them. When I asked my classmates or whoever else I would tell them that my little sister was stopping Logan and then I would make fun of their names.
On my last day, I was completely crazy and sang good mood songs all day. Even if my singing voice was anything but beautiful. Back home, I picked Logan up from kindergarten, packed the last of my things and called my best friends again. Yes, best friend, there will be an explanation later. My parents forbade me to call him once we left the UK. It would be too expensive, if I can somehow understand how to make phone calls across the entire Atlantic, and our phone calls are way too long, so I could hardly spend time at the booth and with Logan.
I just put on our travel outfits for myself and Logan and then we could start. I picked up our mom at work. It was such a relief when I was finally able to drive myself. Now I didn't have to be until someone was home to drive me somewhere. Before my mom went to work, we drove to the airport. We'd meet my father there. One last time we checked whether we had packed everything and then we started. From baggage claim, to the correct terminal, to check-in and then just onto the plane. Now we had a flight of over 7 hours ahead of us. Thanks to the time difference, our flight only took 1 hour. Logan slept the whole flight. I listened to music, watched films, read and most importantly I kept writing. Up here I had such great ideas that I could hardly keep up with typing. When we arrived in L.A. we went to the car rental company. Of course, I also registered myself, otherwise I would not be allowed to make any twists and turns. The car we got was typically American. Huge big and just as you imagine it to be.
When I finally got to the house, I couldn't wait to see the beach. But first I had to help bring our luggage into the house. From the inside it knocked me out even more. Classic and modern, with huge rooms and each with its own bathroom. Me and Logan's room was right next to each other. My parents’s one above. The kitchen and living room were just as amazing. Logan was just as excited.After we changed and put on cream - gag! - We could finally get out to the beach. It was wonderful. The water is pleasantly warm and clear. The sand is incredibly white. It was like imagining paradise. Since it was now 3 a.m. in Scotland my parents persuade me to finally go to sleep. The next morning I first drove bread rolls. There were a surprising number of people in the little shop. There weren't that many houses around here. I couldn't understand a lot what people were saying because they had a terrible accent on the one hand and were talking too quickly and indistinctly on the other. I think it was about a beach. I was expected back home. Lo-gan a lot around my neck and wonder when they would meet the fairy tale princesses. Under no circumstances did I want to make her wish burst, but I wasn't sure that we could still afford Disneyland in this house. So I just said soon. When having breakfast, I was told that someone who looked kind of strange ran across the beach all the time. Since we didn't have a program for today and were pretty jetlaked, we decided to go to the beach first. Bikini on, apply lotion and go. Logan couldn't wait to start running, so that she doesn't drown, we put the armbands on her before she runs into the water. And then she was gone. I took towels with me and ran after them. Logan was offended when I wasn't in the water three seconds after her. After a short time, however, the water turned cold. It was by far the worst in my whole life when I had to get her out of the cold water. In order for her to get out, I had to promise her that we would still go to Prince Charming's senses. Thank god not today but on this vacation. My parents didn't come down to the beach with me. You have ever wanted to scout the area. I took my laptop and kept writing. I gave Logan her toy. Completely in her mind she suddenly said something and I was so frightened that I beat around myself.
"Iona, I have to pee."
"Uh, sure." I took her hand and our stuff and went upstairs with her. The route was not even 200 long, but with a child who whines, each route is too long. By the time she was finally in the toilet, it was already too late. So I wiped the floor, changed it, and we went back to the beach. Of course I took her toys with me. There were loads of people there now. Cameras, tapes, pavilions. I had no idea that the beach was so popular. I looked down at myself for a moment. Ok, at least I have a bikini that fits together. Not that I'm interested in the opinion of others, but that just increases my self-confidence. I wanted to tell Logan again that we should rather go to the beach later, she was gone by then. I cursed softly. "Bloody Hell!" I didn't want to draw any attention from myself because this was very important. I was looking for what felt like an eternity. My watch told me it was over an hour. I was almost crying when I heard her laugh. I startled up, looked around briefly and was then pretty sure that her laugh must have come from the pavilion next to me. But how do you get into something like that. You can't knock. I stood undecided in front of the entrance, then I decided that "knocking" is the best method. I hit the pavilion wall with the palm of my hand several times. Then I said aloud. "Sorry. Is anyone there? ”Nobody reacted at first. Then I heard Logan laugh again. "This is sure to be your mom, who's already looking for you." I didn't know the voice. But the man couldn't be much older than me. When the zipper opened, I saw a young man in his early 20s. As I looked past him, I saw four more who were also about my age.
"You have a pretty young mom," said one of those who were further back.
"That's not my mom!" Said Logan. But nobody heard it.
“Logan, what are you doing here. I told you that we wouldn't go back to the beach until later because it is so full now. God you know what I was worried about. That you drowned or something worse. ”I was in full swing. Only after a few moments do I notice that the guys start me up and examine me from top to bottom. Yes, I looked pretty hot in the bikini, but not that they had to stare at me all the time.
“So you are Logan's mother. They were definitely only 16 when they were really young when they were born. “I didn't know who said that, but I had the urgent need to give a snippy answer.
"I was 13." You start at me with your mouth open. "And to be precise, Lo-gan is my sister and therefore a girl." When we talked she fell asleep.
"Oh, sorry, we didn't know." Ashamed, they looked at the floor. I just smiled. “That happens more often. Now if one of you could have the kindness and help me carry it. ”I smiled at her. I know it was ridiculous to ask so much after they took care of her, but at least they thought I was a slut who had kids with 13 so I had something good with them. The boys exchanged glances. “Sure,” said the one who opened the “door” for me. He piggybacked Logan and I took her toys.
We talked on the way.
“How rude of me! I am Iona. Iona Graham. "
“Nice to meet you Iona Graham. I'm Zayn Malik. "
I shook hands with him.
“So Zayn Malik. What are you doing here on the beach besides catching the non-children of strangers and placing them in the capable hands of your companions. ”We both had to laugh.
“We shoot a music video. I don't know Does One Direction tell you anything? "
"What direction?" We laughed again.
“Not one direction, but one direction. This is the band in which I sing along. "
"No, never heard of it." He looked at me in disbelief.
"Oh ok. We're not that well known either. "
"Here we are." I pointed to the huge house behind me.
"Really you live right on the beach is cool."
"Yes, but only for four weeks then we'll go home again."
"Where is your home?"
I didn't know why I was telling him, but he had been taking care of my sister, so I decided he could ask me something. "Scotland." I replied briefly. He nodded. “I've always wanted to go to Scotland. How is it there?” “At first glance, not as nice as here.” We were silent for a moment. A loud roar could be heard from below from the beach. "I have to go back then." "Ok." I said. Somehow I didn't want him to go, but I didn't even know. It was only from England to judge his name and his accent. He put Logan on a sofa. "So maybe I'll see you again." I heard that he didn't want to leave either. "Yes, maybe." Now I was sure. I didn't want him to go for some reason. I waved after him. Then I did what was by far the stupidest thing in my entire life. At least that's what I thought. "Hey Zayn. Wait a minute! ”He turns around. “Don't we want to swap cell phone numbers? This increases the chance that we will see each other again. ”I realized that he was laughing and he came running back. "Sure why not." We exchanged cell phones and gave our numbers. "So see you." He smiled. I smiled back. I looked after him all the way back to the beach. I was just so overflowing with ideas that I had to start writing again right away. I covered Logan and sat on the terrace. "Iona where are they all?" They had slept late, I noticed with a look at the clock. Almost 3 hours. So I explained the situation to her. I also told her that we had swapped cell phone numbers. "Can we go to Disneyland with him?" It was 100% clear to me that this question would come up. "I don't know, we have to ask him?" "But the others should come too!" Then I remembered that there had been other people than Zayn in the pavilion. Then the doorbell rang. I looked reflexively at the beach. But there was no longer any. That must be our parents then. They were out all day. Logan was already shooting for the door. But it was too small to open it. "I'm coming." I called happily. When I opened the door a young man was standing in front of the door. It was Zayn. My heart was beating faster. Logan hugged him and seemed overjoyed. He picked her up. "Are you going to Disneyland with me?" I was uncomfortable that she had asked that. "Sure!" It was about her. She was very happy. "You don't want to play Logan a bit on my cell phone," I said and pushed her into the house. When she was gone, I left the door ajar.
"Say are you crazy? You can't just promise her to go there with her. You don't even know her. You also know how expensive that is? "
“Don't worry about that. We'll have a gig on Wednesday, then we'll come in there plus escort for free. ”He smiled.
"So a date?"
"If you want to call it that. I would see him as a reparation. That we labeled you the mother of a four year old son. ”He laughed again
"I don't know if I like it?"
"Just say yes. Or do you want Logan to cry? ”It was terrible that two gap I was in. Under no circumstances did I want Logan to miss the princesses fairy tales and all the other Disney heroes that she is looking forward to so much. But going out with anyone I don't know ten meters.
"Ok." I said after a moment when I thought thousands of thoughts.
"Great then we picked you up here on Wednesday at 5 am." Before I realized that he really meant 5 o'clock in the morning, I agreed again. He gave me a tiny kiss on the cheek. "See you on Wednesday." "Yes, see you on Wednesday!" I felt a pleasant tingling sensation on my cheek and in my stomach. Halfway through, he turned and thrust the shovel into my hand. "Here, that's why I came." We laughed again. "But I'll give you the tip that you wear something suitable for Disneyland." I looked down at myself. I was still wearing the bikini. "Even if I have to admit that you look really hot in there." I blushed. In retrospect, I noticed that our conversation went as if I had known him for ages. "Now you're putting me in a bind, do you know that?" We laughed again. "Then I'll let myself be surprised. Again he gave me a tiny kiss on the cheek.