How to Use Patrician 3 Trainers

Patrician 3 - Rise of the Hanse

Also known as:
  • Patrician 3
  • Patrician 2 - Upswing of the Hanseatic League
Genre: Commerce / Management
Published: 2003

Game note:

"Patrician 3" only appeared in English-speaking countries; it combines "Patrician 2" and the extension "Upswing of the Hanseatic League". So the German title "Patrician 3" never existed.


There are no known cheats.


Trainers are small programs that are started during a game. They supplement it with cheat options, which are usually triggered with a key such as F1. Some coaches have an interface in which values ​​such as gold are entered, which then have an immediate effect on the game.

Trainers intervene directly in the code of the game. This gives them two disadvantages.

1. They usually only work with a certain version; a different language or an update often means that the trainer does not work. In the worst case, the game can crash.

2. Trainers resemble a Trojan horse that spies on other programs. As a result, virus scanners often hit when trainers are downloaded or run.

To avoid a virus alert, we have all trainer downloads with the Password mogelpower which is requested when unpacking the ZIP file. To use the trainer it may be necessary to temporarily deactivate the virus protection or to declare the trainer to be trustworthy ("white list").

  • description: Trainer +2
    author: FFI - size: 3 KB

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