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How Much Does A Retaining Wall Cost?

Many homeowners are looking for a low-cost retaining wall that will meet their landscaping needs while having visual appeal. A good retaining wall will both enclose sections of dirt for support and have a pleasing appearance. Retaining wall costs vary depending on the length and height of the retaining wall as well as the materials that are used. However, retaining walls can be easy to assemble and do not require extra materials, such as mortar.

Block Retaining Wall Cost

The most accurate way to determine the entire cost of a retaining wall is to calculate its price per square foot. However, in addition to the cost of materials, it is important to also determine whether the wall will be reinforced, if drainage holes are necessary, and if additional materials will be needed. For simple interlocking blocks, the retaining wall cost would be approximately $ 15 to $ 30 per square foot. Therefore, for a 25-by-4-foot wall, the entire retaining wall’s cost would be anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000.

Cost By Material Used


A good retaining wall for mild-weather environments is a concrete retaining wall. Concrete retaining walls are appropriate both for small structures, such as the front of a yard, or on a larger scale, such as alongside highways. However, cracks can be a problem when poured concrete retaining walls are placed in harsh environments. Because cracks can only be fixed temporarily, it is important that these walls are placed in a milder environment. Additionally, removal of concrete retaining walls may be costly. Concrete retaining walls are of high quality, and retaining wall costs run from $ 15 to $ 20 per square foot. However, this price increases with the designs that may be desired for landscaping needs. These designs can increase retaining wall cost up to $ 30 to $ 40 per square foot.


Brick retaining walls are a popular choice for landscaping because of the reds and browns in their natural colors. They are perfect for containing dirt inside a raised garden. A brick landscaping retaining wall’s cost is often between $ 20 and $ 25 per square foot.


Wood retaining walls are preferred for gardening or for outdoor pavilions or patios. Because wood has a natural appearance, it blends easily into any decor. Wooden retaining wall cost is calculated by the square foot, as with the others. The price can range from $ 20 to $ 25.


Another popular retaining wall involves the use of rock. Boulders can be used in landscaping to create natural-looking, sturdy walls. They are a very sturdy option and are perfect for creating gravity retaining walls, which can eliminate steep patches of land. Boulder retaining wall costs range from $ 25 to $ 40, depending on the cost of the rocks. Because the boulders will have natural spaces for water to escape, they prevent any hydraulic pressure on the land.

Cost by Brand

Versa Lok Retaining Walls Cost

Versa Lok creates bricks for retaining walls for both commercial and home landscaping. When Versa Lok walls are paired with geogrid reinforcements, their walls can be sturdy even when built over 50 feet high. Versa Lok stones are solid concrete pieces with interlocking pins and pin holes to allow a stable design. The Versa Lok retaining wall price ranges from $ 10 to $ 15 or higher, depending on whether a geogrid reinforcement is needed.

Gabion Retaining Wall Cost

Gabion retaining wall designs include reinforcement with geogrids known as baskets. Gabion produces the products for stone walls. This increases the retaining wall cost for Gabion walls. The cost of a retaining wall from Gabion is $ 45 to $ 60 per square foot.

Keystone Retaining Wall Cost

Keystone retaining walls are ideal for landscaping needs for small- to medium-sized walls. They are stackable up to three feet, making them the perfect size for gardens. Keystone blocks are easily stackable and are used for gravity retaining walls. The retaining wall cost per square foot of Keystone retaining walls includes only the price for the stackable blocks. They are available in a variety of colors, and the retaining wall price varies from $ 15 to $ 25 per square foot.