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Possible reactions to excessive consumption of ginger

By Christian Glass | November 08, 2020, 5:56 am

Ginger is delicious and can help with gastrointestinal complaints. But can you overdose on the root? FITBOOK spoke to an expert about whether too much ginger could be harmful.

Ginger is a tried and tested home remedy for some ailments. In this country, the root is particularly popular as tea, for example in combination with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. If you want even more oomph, add a pinch of pepper - this is how “Adrak Chai”, as ginger tea is called in Indian cuisine, is prepared. In addition to tea, the root is also often used in the kitchen, for example in soups or curries. But as healing and delicious as ginger is - can too much of it be harmful?

“The dose makes the poison,” says nutrition expert Sven-David Müller. It is hardly conceivable, but 20 cucumbers are not healthy either - “why should that be any different with ginger?” Asks Müller.

So-called ginger shots are being offered more and more frequently. In small doses, the slightly spicy drinks can stimulate the circulation. But here too, too much of it can have the opposite effect. Müller explains: “All foods can pose a risk because of their volume and possible toxins. If you think you have to drink 50 ginger shots because it's good for your health, you throw up. In addition, the taste is almost unbearable. "

However, nutrition expert Müller limits the fact that with a normal consumption, it is practically impossible that ginger could cause damage to health.

What sharpness does in the body

While sweet things are generally perceived as a pleasant taste, spiciness triggers a painful stimulus. Sven-David Müller: “With spicy dishes or drinks, such as with ginger, sweats quickly break out. The circulation and blood pressure increase, as does the heart rate. ”A side effect that many find pleasant: You wake up.

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Consumed Too Much Ginger? Possible consequences

If you consume too much ginger, you could possibly feel unwell. In addition, the pulse rate could increase extremely. As a result, the cardiovascular system is sometimes stressed and the blood can sink into the gastrointestinal track. If things go really bad, it would even be possible to pass out.

Above all, previously damaged people with heart problems would have to expect an increase in heartbeat if there was too much ginger. "The body reacts to the pain stimulus," explains the nutrition expert. Müller advises those who notice that they are reacting extremely better without ginger products.

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Can too much ginger be dangerous?

That is rather unlikely. A completely healthy and trained person will not experience any health problems even if they work up a sweat after a ginger shot or a spicy curry.

“You don't get a stroke from ginger and drop dead. The body only reacts to the heat with defensive stimuli, ”says Sven-David Müller. And the body's natural defensive stimulus also determines what tastes good. Whether a food such as ginger is good for you or rather harmful is usually controlled intuitively.

Sven-David Müller on FITBOOK: “We are well protected. Because we perceive very well how food and drink get us through smell, taste - but also temperature. ”In general, however, pregnant women should be careful with ginger. "Ten shots would definitely be too much."

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