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Christine Kaufmann († 72) Brother Hans-Günther: "We couldn't say goodbye"

March 28th will mark the second anniversary of the death of the acting legend Christine Kaufmann. In 2017, the ex-wife of Hollywood star Tony Curtis († 85) lost the battle against cancer at the age of 72. You can find out the circumstances surrounding Christine Kaufmann's death in the video above.

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Her family suffered so much

While the actress had long known she had leukemia, the news came as a shock to her family. About a week before her death, the 72-year-old was hospitalized after a collapse and put into an artificial coma. Only then did her relatives find out about the devastating diagnosis.

Her brother Hans-Günther Kaufmann (75) no longer even had the opportunity to say goodbye to her. “We didn't know anything about the disease, we couldn't prepare for it. In the hospital, she was no longer available. We couldn't say goodbye, ”the photographer told the“ BILD ”newspaper.

How hard the loss hit daughter Allegra Curtis, she explained in an interview with

With the death of his famous sister, the 75-year-old had a difficult time struggling with depression. “I was pushed to the abyss. There was nothing more behind it. I thought: my little sister is dead, now there is no more future. Prepare to die. "

Hans-Günther Kaufmann was treated in a clinic, but is now feeling better again. He still misses his sister painfully, but one thought helps him: “She longed for peace and quiet. And she has both now. "

Christine Kaufmann's granddaughter Dido remembered her grandmother in her own way. We'll show you in the video.