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Chorrol Player Estate - My estate at Chorrol 1.0

  1. This mod adds a lovely property in the mountains north of Chorrol to the game. Located on the slope of a mountain in the Colovian high mountains, the property offers an idyllic view of the forests north of Chorrol from the terrace. In the distance, in good weather, you can see the city wall of Chorrol, the white gold tower and two towers of the Skingrad fortress. A small lake and several waterfalls run nearby below the terrace and complete the peaceful picture. The house is right on the road that leads from the north gate Chorrol into the mountains. A "My property" map marker is added to the map and the house can be moved into immediately and without further ado. A quest or a key is not required.

    The features include:
    - 4 closets
    - 1 drawer
    - 3 large chests
    - 3 small chests (jewelry box)
    - 8 boxes
    - 1 secret money deposit
    - 3 showcases
    - various other containers (bags, barrels)
    - Altar of incantation and enchantment
    - healing altar
    - Alchemist barrel (outside area)
    - Light from Xetepei (magical light artifact and story)

    The containers in the house are all * SAFE *, which means they are set as non-spawning and you can store things in them with a clear conscience. The containers outside the home are NOT SAFE.

    The alchemist barrel spawns some ingredients every 3 days, in the following proportions:
    - 3 common ingredients
    - 2 unusual ingredients
    - 1 rare (vegetable) ingredient
    - 1 rare (monster) ingredient

    If these ingredients are not removed before the next spawn, they will be overwritten. In other words, there are no ingredients piling up. As an alchemist, when you come home and pass the bin, it is advisable to always bag the ingredients and deposit them somewhere in the house. So after a while you have a nice collection of ingredients.

    The magical light artifact can be activated or deactivated by "equipping" (clicking) in the inventory. Like all equippable items, it can also be placed on a hotkey. So you get a "flashlight" that can be switched on and off at any time.

    IMPORTANT: This mod changes the color of the magic light. The cloudy green of Oblivion changes to a bright blue and white. Originally I tried to give the magical artifact its own light with the white color. With Morrowind you could still do that, but unfortunately with Oblivion you can only define ONE magical light color globally, that's why this plugin changes the color of ALL light spells.

    Author: Hanrok
    Requirements: Oblivion DV 1.2.0416