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Transport PIN¶

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Before you can identify yourself online with your identification document, you must set a personal 6-digit PIN and activate the identification document. This can be done in two ways:

  1. When the identity document is issued by the authority responsible for your identity document.
  2. With the help of the 5-digit transport PIN. You can find this in the PIN letter from Bundesdruckerei (see below for more information).


Difference between the ID card PIN and the transport PIN

  • Transport PIN:
    The transport PIN has 5 digits. It is a backup with which you activate the identification document.
    The ID PIN has 6 digits. You will need it for authentication and for changing the PIN.

Setting the personal 6-digit PIN with the transport PIN¶

  1. Open the PIN management in the AusweisApp2 Settings dialog.

Dialog PIN management of AusweisApp2

  1. Now enter in the top field the 5-digit transport PIN a. You can find this in the PIN letter from Bundesdruckerei.

Step 2: Enter the 5-digit transport PIN

  1. Enter your new one in the field below personal 6-digit PIN.

Step 3: Enter a new 6-digit PIN

  1. Repeat your new one personal 6-digit PIN in the lowest field.

Step 4: Repeat the 6-digit PIN

  1. Finally, click the button in the lower right corner change PIN.

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