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Green olive paste

An olive paste can be used in all sorts of recipes. Either as a spread on bread or as a dip for crackers or vegetable sticks. Apart from the fact that the olive paste should ideally soak overnight, it is also made really quickly and for all figure-conscious people it does not need any additional olive oil.

Preparation: olive paste

  1. First we cut the garlic cloves roughly and halve the olives.
  2. Now we wash the organic lemon and rub the peel a little over it. However, you should be careful not to catch the white under the bowl, as this tastes bitter.
  3. After that, it depends a little on personal taste. Either you mix everything into an olive cream with the hand blender, which also makes the previous cutting unnecessary. However, if you are into bits and pieces, you can also press the olive paste into small pieces with a fork or pestle.
  4. Finally we add a little lemon juice, mix in the agave syrup and season with a little salt and pepper.
  5. Since the olive paste should ideally soak for a few hours or, better still, overnight, it is advisable to only taste very gently at first. If in doubt, you can add a little seasoning just before serving.

In order to anticipate one or the other question. Of course, you can also prepare the olive paste with black olives. Goes just as well with it.

The olive paste is ideal for any barbecue party. Instead of ketchup and mayo, you can use it to conjure up something healthy. With us it is now always part of the standard when grilling.

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