What is the definition of EETC funding

Accessibility - what does that mean?

Accessibility benefits everyone: People with and without disabilities, senior citizens, children, parents and people who are only temporarily restricted in their mobility. So one helps Elevator Parents with prams, old people and people with walking difficulties alike. And what people with learning difficulties need - namely Texts in easy language or with Illustrations - also benefits many others: people who speak little German, who cannot or can hardly read or who do not know their way around a place.

Accessibility also concerns people without disabilities because they may eventually open up themselves Easily accessible buildings, easy language or communication via computers are instructed. Because the fact is: only four percent of all disabilities are congenital. In the vast majority of cases, an illness triggers the disability, and accidents can also be a cause. And so age and disability often go hand in hand: a good quarter of people with severe disabilities are 75 years of age or older, half are between 55 and 75 years old. The average age is increasing - for each of us. One more reason to stand up for a life without barriers to make strong.