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0541 - Area code Osnabrück and the surrounding area

Area codes and telephone numbers for Osnabrück (0541)

The name Osnabrück is derived from an old name of the hare, Germanic Osna, and means "bridge over the hare". If you are looking for a property or insurance in this bridge city of Osnabrück and need a broker for this, take the telephone book to hand and look for the corresponding telephone number with area code for Osnabrück. Of course, you will also find the restaurants and hairdressers that the city of Osnabrück has to offer there. However, before you want to consult a doctor or a lawyer, it can be worthwhile to ask family or friends whether someone knows a good tip in Osnabrück. You can then simply search for the address and telephone number in Das Telefonbuch. The same applies of course to hotels, of which there are plenty in Osnabrück, so that good advice is often expensive. You definitely need one when you stop off in Osnabrück, the city where the Peace of Westphalia was signed in 1648.