Mknod dev console operation not allowed chown

LibreOffice Online with Nextcloud under Arch Linux with Let's Encrypt certificate - quick guide without Docker (updated October 19, 2016)


Various low-level dependencies are missing, please install them: pkg-config: pkg-config is required to be installed aclocal: aclocal is required autoconf: autoconf is required

And I wonder why you only so seldom write sudo in front of the commands because with many commands you need the root rights.

Since I was logged in as “root”, I only need “sudo” if something should not be explicitly executed as “root”.
In addition, you seem to be missing some packages that are necessary for the installation.

I'm leaving my last installation run from February 17th, 2017 ... because some things have changed a bit ...

Logged in as user “root” ...

Create user for “loolwsd”:

Package dependencies:
(certainly not all necessary and maybe not complete)

poco from the AUR:
(the command line assumes of course that “pacaur” is already installed ...)

Whereby the “PACAURUSER” is of course not “root” but the one with which the AUR packages are usually installed.

Build LibreOffice and prepare for loolwsd:
(for building LibreOffice I misuse the user “http” because I already have it ... because of “apache” and so on ...)

Prepare “ccache” ... helpful if you have to perform several “make runs” ...

... although 32 GB is a bit much ... but I don't care, because I'll undo it in the end anyway ...

Now the "building" of LibreOffice is being prepared:

... and now built:

Time for make + download on the first run of make:
(strongly dependent on the machine and the internet connection)

If everything worked, the following is of course still missing:

Now we turn to the LibreOffice On-Line WebSocketServer (loolwsd):

Yes, I already had it upstairs ... but sometimes you just want to rebuild the “loolwsd” ...
In such cases you should of course also save the “old” and hopefully working “loolwsd” ...

If there is still no “loolwsd”, then continue with “Prepare and build”

to play back in case of mistakes:

“Loolwsd” preparation and building:

Integrate Let’sEnCrypt:

Build client part (loleaflet):

Create system template for jails:

In my test he did not find the “discovery.xml” ... well, I just copied it to where he expected it ...


Now the only thing missing is the “service file”:
(here you should of course no longer use variable paths ...)


And now put everything "into operation":

Clean up (if everything works and the sources are no longer needed):