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Use green film remover correctly: this is how cleaning works

Over the winter or after long rainy seasons, terraces and balconies quickly become mossy. Green plaque remover helps against this. We'll show you how to use it properly to avoid harm. You can also read here what alternatives are available for cleaning your terrace, paved surfaces and garden paths.

Use green film remover correctly: this is how cleaning works
Use green film remover correctly: this is how cleaning works

Green cover remover: the most important points in brief

  • Green cover remover helps with mossy terraces, balconies and flower pots.
  • It must be used correctly to avoid damage and injury.
  • Warning: Chemical green film removers are poisonous for pets.
  • Always wear gloves, safety glasses and a face mask.

Which green film removers are there?

Green film removers are available as chemical cleaners or based on nonanoic acid. They act as a disinfectant against algae, green deposits and mold.

Chemical remover for green deposits

The Federal Environment Agency categorizes the ingredients of chemical green coating removers as "dangerous for the environment" and "very toxic to aquatic organisms". You should therefore be very careful when applying green film remover. Always wear rubber gloves, protective goggles and a face mask and strictly adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. Chemical green film removers are mostly available in highly concentrated form. You need to dilute this before use. The cost of chemical green scale remover is around 20 euros per liter. Better not to use them if there are lawns or beds next to the area to be cleaned.

More environmentally friendly green film remover

Green deposit removers based on nonanoic acid are somewhat more environmentally friendly than chemical cleaners. It is also known as pelargonic acid. The products contain biodegradable fatty acids and are not immediately hazardous to water. However, if used incorrectly, they can irritate the skin, mucous membranes and eyes. They are corrosive at high concentrations. Here, too, you should always wear suitable protective equipment.

Alternatives to green residue remover

The high-pressure cleaner is without chemicals and better for the environment. There are also special electric brushes for patios to remove moss and green deposits. But you can also clean surfaces with a little effort. To do this, simply scrub the terrace and rinse it off with a garden hose. Home remedies such as soda or soft soap are also good alternatives. Just make sure to run the soft soap solution down a drain and not wash it onto the lawn.

Is green pavement remover toxic to plants, dogs and cats?

Yes, foliage remover is toxic to plants and pets such as dogs and cats. Only when the cleaner is completely dry is it harmless to the animals. So make sure to keep your dog or cat away from the treated surface while using the remover. If your pet has come into contact with green pavement remover, see the vet. Remove the product from the skin and fur with plenty of water. If plants come into contact with the cleaner, rinse them off with plenty of water as well. Leaves usually turn yellow as a result of the agent.

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This is how you use green film remover correctly

Only use green residue remover on dry days and on completely dry surfaces. It shouldn't rain for the next 24 hours. Some green growth removers must first be diluted with water - usually in a ratio of 1:20. Pay attention to the manufacturer's packaging information.

We will show you step by step what to look out for when cleaning with green scale remover:

  1. First remove coarse soiling.
  2. Apply the diluted cleaner evenly. Brush in the liquid lightly and leave it on for at least 24 hours. The surface should be well soaked.
  3. Brush the surface. Make sure that the green film remover does not dry out. Add diluted cleaner if necessary.
  4. Use a mop or water vacuum to remove the loosened dirt.
  5. Rinse with clear water to remove any cleaner and dirt residues.

In the case of particularly heavy soiling, leave the green film remover to work for several days. Keep children and pets away from the treated area during this time. Once it is dry, it can be safely entered again.