When Stahl speaks, people listen

Sam Evans

Samuel Evans


Hair color

brunette (blonde if he bleaches her with lemonade juice)


Director of New Directions
Assistant football coach (formerly)
Model (former)
Pizza delivery boy
Ice cream seller (former)


the full blonde beaver, trout, your new best friend who is blonde, white chocolate, Evan Evans, blonde chameleon (himself)
Trout Mouth (himself]], Santana, Mike, Jacob)
Big Mouth, Biebster (Puck)
Lady Lips (Azimio)
Ken, the new student (Rachel)
Macaulay Culkin stunt double, that girl, bee sting, Kentucky-Fried stripper, pimp, Samgelina Jolie, idiotic homeless prowling teenager, nipples the stripping clown (Sue)
Biebs, Salamander Lips, Sammy Evans, Guppy Lips, Guppy Face, Grouper Mouth, Frog Lips, Lisa Rinna, Lipsy McChapStick (Santana)
the cutest boy in school, my friend, an artist (Quinn)
the epitome of a leader (Mike)
Sammy (Stacy Evans)
Vagrant McBieber, Big Lipped Blond, Vagrant Stripper, Glee Club Celebrity (Jacob)
Mr. Vice President, babe, my baby, the only person that makes me smile (Brittany)
George (Blaine)
Richie poor (kitty)

Family friends

Personal information


Comics, Sports, James Cameron's Avatar, Star Wars


Singing, football, impression, art with macaroni


Dyslexia, Quinn's eyes, self-esteem, Cool Ranch Doritos, self-confidence, body image


2011 High School State Football Championship (along with the rest of the McKinley Titans
2010 Showchor Sectionals (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)
2013 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2013 Showchor Nationals (2nd place)

Series information

Samuel "Sam" Evans is a graduate of William McKinley High School and was a member of New Directions, The God Squad, and McKinley Titans. He was also Vice Student Representative and Head of New Directions for the 2012-2013 school year.

He's been going since season twoNew faces and meanness, to McKinley High School, before that he was at a boys' school in Tennessee. In his first week he showed interest in the Glee Club, but did not join until a few weeks later. InDuets he gets together with Quinn Fabray, but separates in The she-devil comeback from her and starts a relationship with Santana Lopez, which however does not last long. since New York!, he secretly went out with Mercedes Jones, but moved before the third season, which is why the relationship ends. He returns inThe time of your life back again and wants to win back what Mercedes is in Saturday Night Glee-ver also succeeds. But since she is graduating and he still has a year to go, they split up and he comes in the fourth seasonSwan song, together with Brittany Pierce, but the split followed in About finding lovebecause it goes to MIT. In the fifth season,Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, he falls in love with the new school nurse Penny Owen, but apart from two kisses it doesn't turn out to be anything serious. In Departure he and Rachel seem to be fond of each other, but that also disappears quickly. In New New York he moves to New York with Blaine and Artie and tries to advance his modeling career. He initially lives in the Bushwick apartment until, at the end of the episode, he agrees with Mercedes that he and Blaine move in with her. Sam wants to revive his romance with her, which he succeeds after some persuasion, so that she in Bashing get back together. The renewed separation follows in The untitled Rachel Berry projectbecause Mercedes is going on tour and Sam decides to return to Lima. From Loser like me he is now the coach of Beiste's assistant football coach at McKinley. In What the world needs now one learns that he has feelings for Rachel after being hypnotized in Place of torment, part 1 has kissed. In dreams come true the two separated and Sam has a new girlfriend. He is also the new director of New Directions.

Sam is from Chord Overstreet shown.


Season two

In New faces and meannessSam appears for the first time. The New Directions sing "Empire State Of Mind" in the schoolyard and Sam taps the beat of the song with his foot. Finn notices this. Sam is on the football team and after training he sings in the shower Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Finn notices this and speaks to him later in the hallway and can convince Sam to come into the choir room. All the other Glee boys (except Kurt) are gathered there and Sam sings with them Billionaire and says that he will come to audition. Sam doesn't come to the audition, so Finn watches him in the football team's locker room and asks him why he didn't come. Sam says that he's already having a hard time as the newcomer and that if he joins the New Directions, he'll start as an outsider. Finn has been thrown out of the football team by Coach Beiste and asks Sam what position he is playing in and it turns out that Sam is the new quarterback.

In The new toastament Finn is back on the football team, but Sam is still the quarterback. Finn gives Sam the wrong advice, so that Coach Beiste is no longer convinced of Sam as a quarterback and makes him quarterback again. However, Sam injured himself and dislocated his shoulder. However, the player who caused this was already twenty-three years old, weighing over a hundred pounds, and was expelled from his football team as a result.

In Duets introduces Will Sam as the new member of the Glee Club to give them new opportunities to win the Regionals. Will explains to the Glee Kids that they should sing a duet for two and makes it a weekly task that the kids compete against each other in pairs. The winners get a meal at Breadstix. Kurt approaches Sam and introduces himself. He wants to convince himself that Sam is gay, but he doesn't know what Kurt is talking about and wants to flee. Kurt then offers him that Sam should sing the duet with him, but he is not enthusiastic about it, but Kurt does not accept no. Finn tries to talk Sam out of singing with Kurt. He tells him it would make him unpopular, but Sam doesn't want to believe it, other than that, he doesn't mind singing with a boy because he thinks Kurt has a great voice. When he leaves the locker room, he is slushied as it has already been announced that he has joined the Glee Club. Quinn notices this and helps Sam remove the slushie. Sam notices that Quinn has beautiful eyes. Later Kurt sneaks up on Sam, who is currently in the shower. He doesn't want to force Sam to continue singing the duet with him because he knows that his reputation is important to Sam, especially since he is also the "newbie" at the school and he also knows that Sam doesn't want to hurt Kurt . Kurt therefore cancels the duet and wants Sam to find a new partner. Sam then wants to win Quinn as his partner. Before Quinn gets involved in the duet with Sam, he has to convince her of it first. Since he knows that both of them sing well anyway, he wants to go through the choreography with her first.

He tries to kiss her. She recoils and explains to him that that is not possible. She doesn't want to sing with him anymore and storms out of the room. However, the two get along again and sing together Lucky. You win the competition. Quinn and Sam redeem the prize after their victory. Sam tries to impress Quinn and manages to do it by telling her the truth that he dyed his hair blonde just to come to school as a cool surfer boy and impress others. In the end, Quinn pockets the voucher for the meal and says that Sam has to pay because that's what a gentleman usually does on a first date.

In The Rocky Horror Glee Show Sam should take on the role of Rocky. Sam trains in the training room with Finn and Artie. They talk about what the perfect man should look like. Sam explains to Finn that you have to look good to be popular. Finn later trains with dumbbells in the training room. Sam comes to his aid and makes it clear to him that his role is not about looking good. The role of Brad would make him sexy on its own. Unlike Finn, he comes to rehearsals in his costume, consisting only of golden shorts. But even he feels uncomfortable in this. Because Will wants to impress Emma, ​​he finally takes on the role, but when New Directions only perform the musical for themselves, he can be seen again as Rocky.

In Not kissed Finn and Sam are both sitting in a tub. Finn enjoys the hot water while Sam sits in a tub of cold water. They talk about the fact that they both have a girlfriend who doesn't want to sleep with them. Finn gives Sam the tip that he should think of something that will spoil his mood when he is with Quinn so that he doesn't get aroused. When Sam and Quinn make out in front of the fireplace, this coach Beiste imagines herself in a nightgown or how she talks to him in a cheerleader outfit so as not to get in the mood. Quinn immediately realizes that something is wrong when Sam says the word "Beiste". Quinn wants to know why Sam said Coach Beiste's name while the two were kissing. During the discussion, they are interrupted by Coach Beiste, who has no idea what is going on. When Mike goes by and

wants Coach Beiste to keep his hands off Tina, the surprise is big. Will watches the scene and confronts Sam and Mike. He is appalled that the students include Coach Beiste in their thoughts in this way. Will later learns from Sue that Shannon has submitted her resignation out of humiliation over the Glee Kids action. The boys apologize to Coach Beiste and dedicate themselves to her Stop! In the Name of Love / Free Your Mind. In the end, the guys even make her laugh and give her a hug.

In Substitute player it does not play a major role and is present at all New Directions songs and rehearsals.

In Cupid must be crazy gives Sam Quinn a "friendship ring". But Quinn is not sure whether she should wear it and leaves the astronomy room in which they are currently. Later, after Karofsky has dealt with Mike and Artie because they wanted to defend Kurt, he goes after Karofsky and gets a black eye as a result. However, all of the New Directions are proud of Sam that he dared to take action against Karofsky. Like all the other New Directions, he later performed at Burt's and Carole's wedding. A few days later at school, he still has a black eye, but Quinn comes by and gives him ointment for it. She also tells him that she cracked his locker with a nail file and is now wearing his friendship ring.

In New worlds he gets a duet with Quinn at the Sectionals. Shortly before the performance, however, Quinn doesn't know if she will get through this because she went into labor the last time she appeared in public, but Sam encourages her and the two of them have a say