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It is particularly easy to find cheap flights on flight24.de. Enter the destination airport, select the period and place of departure and you can choose from many offers. On the portal you can find flights to the next big city, as well as to distant countries or vacation flights to the most popular and exotic holiday homes. Thanks to the large and permanently updated database offlug24.de, all prices are updated daily. You won't miss a bargain, and your vacation or long-haul trip begins with the good feeling of having saved from the start.

Of course, the search on flight24.de offers many options to find cheap flights according to your personal needs. For example, you can determine the number of adults taking part in the flight, as well as the number of children and babies. The search engine of the portal can also be used to set which class is to be searched. In this way, you can quickly find cheap flights and other offers that you can take advantage of with the whole family or group of friends. Since the search takes place within the offers of over 550 airlines, every cheap flight is found and can also be booked online immediately. There is no need to go to the travel agency and you not only save money, but also time.


Book flights all over the world online

Flug24.de is the portal when it comes to booking flights all over the world online. First of all, the different offers from over 550 airlines are compared and sorted by price. Of course, the price breakers are listed first so that you can strike here particularly quickly. The booking is then made with just a few clicks. To be able to book a flight online, all you have to do is enter the address details. In the next step, payment is made, which is secure thanks to the encrypted payment system. In the last step, you will receive the booking confirmation by e-mail and the e-ticket.

Regardless of your travel destination, you can find the best offers for flights to Mallorca or a flight to Hamburg or flights to Vienna on flight24.de. In addition to major European cities and holiday islands, there are also many other destinations to discover. Long-distance flights can go to Miami in the USA, for example, or to far-off China to Hong Kong. All conceivable destinations can be entered in the portal's search engine and it quickly determines the best and cheapest flights. And if you don't know if and when you will return, you can simply book a one-way flight on the portal. So you can decide for yourself how long you stay.


Reach your destination with the best and cheapest airline

A lot of airlines are represented in the flight24.de database. You can quickly find the cheapest airline with just a few clicks. You can also limit your own search to specific companies such as Lufthansa, Ryanair or Iberia. In this way it is possible to only search for flights from, for example, Airberlin, and then to book them. It is also particularly practical that the search engine only allows direct flights to be displayed. In this way you don't have to reckon with unpleasant detours and stops during the flight.

Of course, it is not only the price of the flights that is important for any airline, but also the service and safety. For this, Flug24.de primarily relies on airlines that have been on the market for a long time. This proves that these airlines work to high standards and get their passengers safely to their destinations. Especially when it comes to low-cost airlines, customers find time and again that cheap does not necessarily have to be cheap in terms of service or security. Many of these inexpensive airlines can easily compete with their more expensive competitors and not only beat them on the point of cost. Particularly inexpensive and safe airlines, that's what the flight24.de portal stands for. Consumers can find more than just bargains.

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Cheap flights - inexpensive and safe

For a long time, cheap flights had the reputation that the service on board was rather poor, or that they would only fly to places that are a bit away from the big metropolises. But times have changed. Low-cost airlines have long been a real competitor to the established airlines. The flight24.de portal helps to find the best cheap flights to London as well as cheap flights to Brussels and many other world metropolises. You can also search for cheap flights to Berlin and of course cheap flights to Munich within Germany.

Inexpensive flights have been offered for some time by airlines such as Ryanair, InterSky and easyJet. There are also airlines in this market segment such as TUIfly or flybe as well as Germanwings. The cheap planes are particularly suitable for people who do not want to invest their money in service offers such as free magazines, but prefer to spend it at their destination or on vacation. To get tickets for low-cost airlines, you can simply search on flight24.de and then book the flight. Tickets are paid for and dispatched online. You can do all the flight preparation steps from the comfort of your own home and then start your vacation relaxed.


Airport - it doesn't work without it

Without an airport there would be no airplane flights. In the modern world, airports are therefore the most important transport hubs. The journey is usually made by train, own car or taxi. The airport is not only important for tourism, it is also irreplaceable for trade and economy. In Germany, Berlin Airport and, of course, Frankfurt am Main Airport are among the most important airports. The airport belonging to Munich must not be forgotten here. In Europe, London Airport, Vienna Airport and Paris and Rome Airport are very busy. Worldwide, for example, the JFK in New York, Beijing Airport and the American city of Atlanta are very important.

At Flug24.de you can choose from which airport you want to take off. Most users choose one in the immediate vicinity. In the case of small airfields, the result of the search is usually moderate. It is therefore advisable to expand the radius, because especially at the large airports you can often book very cheap flights. For the transport to the departure airport, the Rail & Fly offer of the railway is recommended. So you can start your journey relaxed and don't have to deal with traffic jams on the motorway and the like in the car. In addition, the accommodation of the car at the departure airport costs additional money, which can be invested in the holiday budget.

Flight route

The flight route - the alpha and omega of the journey

One thing is certain: no matter how cheap the flight is, if the flight route is not right, it is not much fun to travel. Especially with a flight route that is interrupted by many intermediate stops or that describes long detours, one loses the desire to fly. The destination airport should also be sufficiently close to the actual holiday destination for a pleasant journey. Not too close, of course, because nobody wants to hear aircraft noise during their vacation. To find the best flight route, you can search for direct flights on flight24.de. These ensure that you get to where you want to go quickly.

Important flight routes are, for example, the routes Frankfurt-Berlin, Hamburg-Munich, Berlin-Paris or Frankfurt-New York. Many people fly these every day, which is why there are usually scheduled flights here as well. Other destinations can be reached either with scheduled flights or with charter flights, which usually lead to the well-known holiday homes. In order to reach more remote corners of the world, one usually has to fly to a large airport in the country and from this the smaller airports are served. In Canada, Russia and many other countries there are cities that can only be reached by plane.

Mastercard GOLD

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With the Mastercard GOLD from our partner Travel24.com you can not only save properly when shopping, but also when booking cheap flights on Flug24.de. If the booking is made with a credit card, there are no fees, which makes cheap flights even cheaper. Even the low-cost airlines' fees for paying by credit card will be reimbursed. There are no additional fees. There are no fees for cash withdrawals, annual fees (permanent) or fees for any replacement card, replacement PIN or card blocking.

But that's not good - you can also set an interest-free payment term for all purchases of up to seven weeks and the subsequent invoice can be conveniently transferred from your personal account. Applying for a credit card couldn't be easier. Only a small amount of personal data is required for this, which is then checked by our partner Advanzia. This then sends the credit card. In order to be able to shop with significant savings via credit card in the future and to book inexpensive flights at Flug24.de even more cheaply, you should apply for the GOLD Mastercard from our partner Travel24.com today.