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What kind of mommy are you, dear Bachelorette?

© Thomas Buchwalder Dina Rossi is a single parent.

She is currently looking for love on TV. But if you want to get to the heart of the Bachelorette, you have to pass your daughter. In an interview with schweizer-illustrierte.ch, Dina Rossi explains how the Mami-Meitli team works.

She was just 24 years old and had been with her then partner for five months when Dina Rossi, 29, became pregnant. Today the current Bachelorette is the single mother of a daughter who will soon be five years old. But how do you agree on your daughter, Trash TV, your ex and maybe a new love? We asked the Bernese woman.

Hand on heart, is your daughter a desired child, dear Dina?

Yes, actually. We let it depend on it back then. We just never thought in life that I would get pregnant after just two cycles.

What was your first thought when you saw the positive pregnancy test?

I fell from the clouds. I went to the doctor because I was sure that I was terminally ill. I felt sick all the time, I was tired, I just wasn't feeling well. In practice we did a blood test. It was only then that I found out that I was pregnant. Then it happened very quickly: I was overjoyed. At the same time, however, I also asked myself whether we could pack and manage all of this. The same thing happened to the child's father.

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What kind of pregnancy did you have?

The first three months were bad. I felt sick all the time and was tired all the time. After that, the baby was always a little too light. Back then, my doctor forbade me to eat anything I wanted so as not to gain too much weight. It was only when I broke away from their advice and ate and drank everyone what I wanted that everything turned out fine.

What memories do you have of the birth?

I was lucky. I transferred the baby for two weeks and didn't like anymore. Then it was started at 1 a.m., and the little one was there at 8 a.m. It was overwhelming. We stayed in the hospital for a week. My daughter was already very chilled and relaxed back then. A real beginner baby. At home, too, it was uncomplicated and relatively easy.

However, your relationship failed when the little one was around 1.5 years old.

Yes that's true. But that has nothing to do with the child. We just did everything in quick succession. Get to know, fall in love, get pregnant, move in together. And only then did we realize that we are not compatible. He is Portuguese, from the south. Always want to be right. I myself am stubborn and stubborn. That just didn't work out. We argued a lot. Now that we're no longer together, we get along a lot better.

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How was the separation phase?

That was the most difficult time ever. I felt very alone. When my ex moved out, I was lucky that my mother, sister and brother moved in with me and were able to help so much. Later the little one and I moved to Basel to see my new boyfriend at the time. But I wouldn't do it that fast anymore. When this relationship also failed, my daughter had downright heartache.

So has the winner, your "Bachelorette" season has already been shot, not yet met the little one?

No, and it won't be for a long time. First of all, I have to be sure whether it works with both of us away from the cameras and only then, maybe in 6 to 12 months, would I introduce my child to him.

You don't reveal the name of your daughter and you don't show her from the front. Why?

Her father and I decided even before we were born that we didn't want her to be found on the internet. There are a lot of pedophiles out there. Experience has proven me right. When I sold their children's furniture online a year ago, terrible men offered me a lot of money if they could get my daughter's bed with the unwashed sheets.

The little one will soon be celebrating her fifth birthday. What kind of child is she?

She is very emphatic, strong-willed, creative and loving. But it can also offend you because it has a strong character. She got that from her father as well as from me.

And what kind of mommy are you?

I am very diplomatic. It is important to me that we always come to a common denominator. I take a lot of time to explain things to my daughter so that she can understand them. Although then she sometimes finds that adults are very complicated. I'm only strict about table manners and when she wants to hit one of our dogs on the head.

As a "Bachelorette" you were separated from your daughter for six weeks. How was it?

I've already suffered. Much more than her. She was doing great. My mother stayed with us during my absence. So the little one was in the familiar environment and she has a very close relationship with my mother anyway. You can almost say that the grosi is the second mommy.

Don't you worry about your daughter getting teased later because her mommy used to be a bachelorette?

I am already clear and aware that the format is considered trash TV. But I went on this journey with a different intention. I took it very seriously and took part because I was really looking for love.

And? Did you find her?

Yes, it is now time to find out. I'll put it this way: I've already found something. What will become of it remains to be seen.

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