How to plot lratc

Beginner's Guide to Plotter - First Steps / Free Tutorial / Silhouette

You need:

  • Plotter for example Silhouette Cameo
  • Adhesive film (either special plotter film or kitchen / car film ...)
  • then also transfer film
  • For clothing: Flock / Flex film


Get to know Silhouette Cameo

Depending on which foil you use, you have to adjust your knife manually. For adhesive foil on approx. 1 - 2 (depending on the thickness of the foil) for flock on 3-4. to make sure that your setting is correct, you can test plot a small line.

Adjust knife

Turn the knife out on the blue wheel, and then you can easily pull it out:

In the left notch of the plotter, you can set the cutting thickness by inserting and turning the knife:

You need the MAT for foil not (if it is big enough, i.e. full width). However, you will have to use them for paper or smaller pieces. You can set the width & length of your foil here, so your plotter won't stop cutting even with extremely long pieces. And you can, for example, plot wall stickers 😉

Insert files into the program

First you open your Silhouette program:

And go to this folder. This brings you to your computer, your archive, where you saved your plot file:

I chose the file from us, which you can get here for free .:

You can see that the lines are black, but unfortunately your plotter cannot recognize that cutting has to be carried out there. So you have to put it on here:

And trace the area you want to plot:

To do this, simply right-click with your mouse and drag a box. When you have marked everything, go to the high filter and set it to 300:

I will show you why this is important here:

The line (yellow) is very brittle, ie. your plotter cuts the same way. And you'll be annoyed if you don't get it weed because it isn't cut through. With letters you would then also have 2 lines (inside and outside) instead of just outside.

With Hochfilter 300 the line is thicker and cleaner, which your plotter can recognize better:

Now you have to click on Trace:

It will look like this: yellow is gone, that's why red is there. Red is what your plotter cuts.


For some files and motifs, you will need your picture Group.

So make one out of many individual images. Here you can see, for example, that every drop has a box around it,

after grouping it looks like this:

The black can then (now) also go away, because that is now useless. But if you want to reduce this picture BEFORE, you have to group it BEFORE, otherwise you will move all parts.

I'm downsizing NOW:

Simply click on the red hearts and use the mouse to move to the size you want. The nice thing is, you can see directly what size it would be. (I only left the black ones for comparison)

When you're done, click on it. Your design will now be sent to the plotter:

But wait! You have set your knife manually on the plotter, but you should also check here which cutting setting you need:

All right? Then press START. Don't be frightened, very loud.

continue with

Letters & lettering

Again in the starting menu on the left A. walk:

A window with your fonts will now open on the right. If you have downloaded free fonts for Word, you will also find them here. 😉

If you've written your BLA, now is your time to think. Sticker or iron-on film? With iron-on film, you have to turn vertically otherwise your BLA is mirror-inverted when ironed on. With stickers you can leave it that way 😉

After the correct cut setting, you can start plotting:

Now weed, ie. the excess film has to go:

For stickers, you need transfer foil. This is foil that sticks like a sticker, but not quite as great:

You have to stick your plotted picture on it:

Cut to size:

and as soon as you know where to peel off the back film, stick it on and peel off the transfer film.

It's easy, isn't it?

Have fun beautifying, the days I'll show you some great gift ideas that you can make with a plotter <3

Due to the demand:

here * there is flock film

here * transfer film

here * sticker film

and here * the cameo

I can recommend the Cameo because it has a cutting area of ​​30 cm, in contrast to the portrait, with 20, still something cm.






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