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Funeral Laws - Rights & Duties

Can you keep an urn at home?

Keeping an urn at home, as is permitted in most other European countries, e.g. the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic & Spain, is not permitted by law in Germany (see Aeternitas e.V .:Urn at home). However, there are ways to circumvent the cemetery obligation, e.g. Urn handover for free disposal for EU citizens under natural burials Switzerland. The cost of handing over the urn is around € 350. This means that the relatively high burial costs in Germany for graves, cemetery fees, tombstones and long-term grave maintenance (usually over 10,000 euros in total) can be completely eliminated under certain circumstances.

Funeral Cost Saving Tips:

  • Anyone who has to plan a funeral or is interested in funeral provisions can get help with aOnline funeral planner, quickly and easily, a personal offer for a funeral can be created, free of charge and without obligation, to the exact funeral expenses, according to individual ideas. In most cases this offer will be cheaper than at the undertaker on site.
  • Similar to choosing one Funeral home, it is also advisable when financing a funeral to weigh up the costs of the different financing options, to compare offers and to put them together in the way that makes the most sense for your own situation.
  • If the acceptance of all tasks is paramount, then the choice is one good funeral home, with extensive services, such as installment loans, which also include external services, highly recommended.
  • However, if money and the limitation of the financial burden play a bigger role, then it is more likely to be one non-binding application for a bank loan recommended in order to be able to quickly get a realistic idea of ​​the amount, costs and terms of an individual loan.
  • For those liable to pay the costs with a bad credit rating who do not receive social assistance, a possible credit rejection from a bank (e.g. Online loan comparison) serve as an argument to prove the lack of means / neediness of the applicant to the social welfare office. Thus, the prerequisites are given to a Interest-free funeral loan from the social welfare office to get approved.
  • Hartz IV recipients can apply for one directly Funeral loan contact your responsible job center.
  • If the loan is rejected, the social welfare office is obliged to pay a simple social burial without any right to reimbursement.