What does uninterrupted person mean

trans *

For trans * people, it can sometimes be difficult to adopt their gender in the process of identifying themselves. But even if you may initially unsettle other people - daring to take the step and present yourself to the outside world in a way that corresponds to your own gender identity can be a lot easier. And do not be unsettled by supposedly serious offers, so-called conversion treatments, which are sometimes also called conversion therapies or reparative therapies - they want to unnecessarily change or suppress gender identity and have harmful effects, which is why they are now banned for young people in Germany. On the other hand, dare to be and enjoy being the way you feel! Because when it comes to gender, it's about you and your well-being, not a first name or other externalities.

"Trans * is different from other genders?"

No! Flirting, relationships, and sex is not primarily about gender. This applies to trans * people as well as to everyone else. And whether or not you, as a trans * person, opt for medical gender reassignment measures is not important. Because love is all about people, feelings and passion.

For some it is unfortunately not always easy to accept. You may need more time to get used to it. Respectful interaction with one another helps here - open-ended and honestly meant questions can also help. However, personal limits should always be observed! And if you don't want to answer a question, for example, that should be respected.