How do I register a second Facebook account

Second profile on Facebook: is a fake profile legal?

Facebook's terms of use stipulate that each user may only create one profile at a time. But there are several reasons why you would still like to open a second account and then the question arises whether you are taking any risks with it. This article provides clarification and also deals with the question of how best to deal with it when you discover that someone with a fake account is posing as you.

There are several reasons to think about whether a second profile on Facebook would be a sensible thing: You have interests that you don't want to share with your regular circle of friends, you have fun thinking up a new identity, you want to spy on other profiles without being recognized - to name just a few.

Second profile on Facebook: This is the legal page

It is now known that Facebook is allergic to such activities and tries very hard to delete fake profiles or to force people to use their real names, but do you commit a criminally relevant act if you set up a second profile on Facebook?

  • IT specialists say: only to a limited extent. In principle, it is of no legal relevance if someone acts under a false name on the Internet and social networks. However, if contracts are concluded under this name or similar legally binding obligations are entered into, this can be assessed as fraud or forgery of documents and is punishable by law.
  • One can say: the fake profile becomes criminally important if, through the suggestion that you are someone else, you receive benefits that you would not have received if the communication partner had known about your true identity.
  • Due to its terms of use, Facebook has the right to delete your profile if it is a fake profile. Usually you will receive a message beforehand asking you to enter your real name in your profile. If you do not follow this, the profile can be deleted.

Create a second profile on Facebook: This is how it's done!

  1. The most important thing in the whole undertaking: a new email address. You can create it with any freemail provider, it is crucial that your address is as neutral as possible and does not give any clues to your true identity.
  2. With this new address you can now create a new Facebook account. Set the privacy settings so that your e-mail address is not publicly visible.
  3. If you intend to make friends with friends on your first account again, the easiest way is to make friends with your old profile and add the subsequent friend suggestions from Facebook.

Fake profile on Facebook: someone stole your identity

It is not uncommon for people to steal someone else's identity and use their personal data to open a fake profile on Facebook. Often this is only discovered by chance or by friends and acquaintances. This affects both people who have their own Facebook profile, but also those who are not on Facebook themselves.

You can prevent this if you make your privacy settings as restrictive as possible. If the identity theft has already happened, you have to report the case to Facebook immediately, as your friends are also at risk of being ripped off by shady characters under your name.

  • You are a Facebook user: You will then find instructions on how to report the incident on the Facebook internal help page.
  • For everyone who does not have an FB profile, Facebook offers an extra help portal for private individuals and companies on which fraudulent accounts can be reported.

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