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Structure of an e-cigarette

08/19/19 - reading time 3:51 minutes

Are you interested in what exactly is in your e-cigarette and how it works? Then you are exactly right here! In the following you will find all the important information about the structure and function of e-cigarettes.

Structure of e-cigarettes

As a rule, an e-cigarette consists of the following components:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Liquid tank (myblu Liquidpod)
  • Evaporator
  • Microprocessor (controls the power supply)
  • Battery mod
  • Connection for the charging cable

Although all e-cigarettes are constructed in the same way, there are still numerous variants and special features. For example, a distinction is made between open and closed systems.

Open vs. closed e-cigarette systems

In the closed systems, the capsules or liquid pods to be attached are closed and the manufacturer has already filled them with e-liquid. The Liquidpods are each tailored to the corresponding e-cigarette and are exchanged after consumption - or to change the aroma in between. This makes the use of the closed systems very convenient, especially for e-cigarette beginners. Refilling by hand is neither necessary nor possible here. The myblu is also an e-cigarette with a closed system, where exchanging the liquid pods is child's play.

Important: The Liquidpods must be compatible with the device used!

E-cigarettes with an open system have an open tank that consumers fill themselves with a finished or self-mixed e-liquid. The open system thus offers an even more individual selection of e-liquids with a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. Access to individual components also enables the device to be modified. B. the steam output can also be individually regulated. The device must be filled and cleaned manually.

There are also significant differences in the batteries. Do you want to generate a lot of vapor with your e-cigarette or do you prefer good performance and a long running time? All of these factors depend largely on the battery performance of your chosen e-cigarette. You can find more information about the mod here.

Function of e-cigarettes

The individual components of an e-cigarette basically work like a hot pan into which cold water is poured - it steams. However, the vapor from an e-cigarette does not (only) consist of water. A nicotine-containing or optionally nicotine-free liquid, which also consists of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and aromas, is heated.

As soon as you draw on the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette, the battery is activated and the vaporizer is supplied with a certain voltage. The so-called heating coils are now heated by the current and the liquid liquid evaporates from the liquid tank at temperatures between 80 and 120 ° Celsius.

This vapor is then transported through an air flow channel and can now be inhaled or vaporized by you.

Secondhand smoke? Not with the e-cigarette!

This fact will surely please you and your fellow human beings: Since your e-cigarette does not burn tobacco, there is no conventional cigarette smoke. E-cigarettes do not contain any tobacco and - depending on your individual wishes - possibly also no nicotine. According to a study from 2018, the vapor from an e-cigarette evaporates in seconds and does not pollute the room air.