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Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan



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Karen (sister)

Stacey (sister)

Gwen Kelly (sister)

Frank Kelly (brother-in-law)

unnamed nephew Raymond (paternal cousin)



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Kevin Ryan is a detective with the murder commission of the 12th district of the NYPD, whose investigators also include the detectives Esposito and Beckett and their advisors, Richard Castle and the coroner Lanie Parish. He is portrayed by Seamus Dever.

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Early life[Edit | Edit source]

Ryan grew up in the Bronx with his two older sisters, Karen and Stacey. He was in a Catholic school for 12 years and in adulthood still has great respect for nuns and the Church. He received piano lessons from his parents, as did his sisters.

He began his career with the NYPD's Intoxicants Decanate. In a major case of meth chefs, he and his colleagues recorded the suspects' statements. Ryan made a phone call with tipster Alisha in the presence of the suspects. Unsuspectingly, he mentioned her name and Alisha had to join the witness protection program to protect herself from the meth dealers. Ryan still blames himself for it today.

Ryan was the last to join the 12th District team and is therefore often referred to as "the new one".

biography[Edit | Edit source]

Ryan stands firmly by his friends even in the greatest danger; his sincerity and loyalty are his strongest traits. He and Esposito cover for unauthorized solo attempts by Beckett, and Ryan unreservedly keeps his partner's back free when he is investigating on his own in the case of his former, apparently corrupt partner. He has no problem being in the line of fire himself as long as his friends are safe.

At the same time, however, his personal integrity also means that he would never expose his friends to danger, which for him subsequently leads to a conflict of conscience and a falling out with his colleagues - despite which he sticks to his actions.

Kevin Ryan had a relationship with Jenny O'Malley from the first season, which earned him the nickname "honey milk" for some time. In one episode, he makes her a marriage proposal.

In the sixth season, his daughter Sarah Grace Ryan is born, who should be around 2 years old at the moment. In season 8, Jenny is pregnant again and gives birth to a son named Nicholas Javier Ryan.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Jenny O'Malley

When Ryan meets Jenny, he doesn't want to introduce her to his friends at first and has to take a lot of jokes from Javier, who makes a lot of jokes about his "invisible girlfriend". When Jenny does come to the station, she enchants all of Ryan's colleagues with her sweet and courteous manner.

When Jenny wants to go on a long drive with Ryan, Ryan is visibly nervous. Esposito worries him even more. Javier suspects that she can ask him all the important questions without him evading to examine it as marriage material. On his wedding day, Ryan's joy, pride and love are almost tangible.

Jenny gets pregnant and Ryan gets more tense month by month. So the birth is imminent, he and Javier are locked in a burning house. He and Javier see no way out of the house and he calls Jenny and says goodbye to her. He tells her if she's going to have a girl she should be named Sarah Grace (after Jenny's grandmother), if it's a boy, Javier. Two firefighters can free the two detectives and Ryan goes to Jenny. She is sitting in the ambulance with her daughter.

After Sarah is born, Jenny no longer goes to work and Ryan has to take a second job. When Jenny gets pregnant again, Ryan worries about his earnings, but this quickly evaporates when Jenny gives birth to a boy named Nicholas Javier.

Siobhan O'Doul

When Ryan works undercover as Fenton O'Connell to infiltrate Bobby S's Irish gang, he meets Siobhan and begins a relationship with her.

Ryan's assignment ended and he left the gang without saying goodbye. After 7 years, Siobhan is arrested and meets Ryan. He helps her by being channeled back into the corridors. The two reminisce about their time back then. Ryan still has feelings for her, but he's finished with that part of his life.

Friends [edit | Edit source]

Javier Esposito

In his partnership with Javier, Ryan is more the head and Javier the muscles. The two complement each other wonderfully and are also friendly on the same level. They have their own inside jokes and cover each other up when there is trouble.

Ryan wants to make Javier his best man so as not to step on the feet of his family by marriage, but he makes Jenny's cousin his best man.

When Esposito jeopardizes his job for his former partner Ike Thornton, Ryan supports him, not without asking questions, but nevertheless he trusts him completely. After Ryan reveals a secret to the captain to protect Beckett, Javier feels betrayed. After Kevin takes Javier in a brawl, their relationship improves.

When the two are locked in a burning house, Ryan calls what he thinks, at least, with Jenny for the last time. She is currently in labor and Ryan tells her if her child is a boy, his name should be Javier. Even shortly before death, Javier Kevin still teases that he wants to name his Irish child Javier.

Ryan accidentally shoots Javier in the butt while chasing a suspect. This gives their relationship a bang because Javier thinks he did it on purpose, since Javier passed the sergeant's exam and Ryan didn't, even though it was Ryan's idea to take it. Their argument goes so far that they want to end their partnership. When Ryan catches a bullet for Javier, Javier is touched and their argument is forgotten.

When Jenny has their second child, a son, they name him Nicholas Javier.

Kate Beckett

Kevin and Javier often joke at Beckett's expense, but protect her as lovingly as brothers. Ryan once saved her life and put other friendships at risk.

Richard Castle

When Castle joins the NYPD, Ryan is skeptical at first, but then quickly sees him as part of the team. After a while, Kevin also takes over his habit of creating insane theories. Castle often jokes about Ryan and Esposito, but only means well. Castle becomes an integral part of the team and regards Ryan as family, he even wants to be Castle's best man.

Family Edit source]


Gwen is Ryan's older sister. Becomes close to his family, but does not mention them often. Gwen's husband Frank Kelly was suspected of murder for a short time, but was exonerated.