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Just like zip, a rar file is an archive file that can contain one or more files and can achieve a smaller file size using a compression algorithm. Rar, named after its inventor Yevgeny Roschal, stands for Roshal ARchive. The Rar compression algorithm is not free of license fees, so rar can only be created by the commercial products of the manufacturer Rarlab except for a few commercial alternatives.

However, the algorithm for unpacking a rar archive is license-free, which is why unpacking a rar archive is supported by almost every multi-format packer and on a large number of operating systems. To create you need depending on

Operating system the programs WinRAR (for Windows), RAR for DOS, RAR for Linux, UnRarX for Macintosh.

In addition to archive encryption with AES (up to 256Bit), the Rar format also offers file name encryption.

So it is neither possible for an unauthorized person to unzip the content nor to see what the content is based on the file names. Rar also offers the division of large amounts of data into several files, which then have the endings r00, r01, r02

or rar.part1, rar.part2, etc. received. It also offers additional security mechanisms for split archives.

Since there are different versions of the rar formats, it may happen that a rar archive does not appear to be unpackable. In this case you simply need a newer version of the unpacking program. If in doubt, you should always try the latest version of the manufacturer's products, of which there are also test versions.

Despite a mostly much higher compression rate than Zip, the rare format has only experienced medium distribution on the Internet, mainly because of the commercial algorithm. On the other hand, through the 7-Zip format, Rar learns which is similarly good and better

Compression rates offers, from free side competition.