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Twitch Bots - what is allowed and what is not?

When Twitch Bots are mentioned in a stream, it can mean two things: First, there are automated moderators in Twitch Chat, which the broadcaster himself sets up as an aid and which is usually on one of the known Streaming software go back. That's totally legal and is even expressly supported by Twitch.

On the other hand, there are Twitch bots that use Fake accounts artificially push up the numbers of a streamer. Viewbotting The process is called when the audience numbers suddenly shoot up to unimagined heights without the channel being the target of a raid or Hostsis. This type of Twitch bot is strictly prohibited and immediately leads to a Permabann upon proof.

So what's the best way to deal with Twitch bots?

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Twitch bots for your chat - the most popular alternatives

The developers of popular streaming software such as TipeeeStream or StreamElements are always working to make life on Twitch easier. In addition to a smooth live connection, this also includes the Moderation of the chat, about which the main part of the Fan interactions expire. Programs like Streamlabs OBS go one step further and offer their own Twitch bots, which are a great help in many ways.

Therefore, here is a brief overview of the three most popular Twitch bots for your chat:

(1) Nightbot

Nightbot and its predecessors are older than Twitch itself and therefore have an abundance of them practical features. In general, all Twitch bots presented here enable the automation various processes so that streams with thousands of viewers do not get lost in spam. A purely human team of moderators would quickly be overwhelmed. Nightbot is free, has its own dashboard and is hosted in the cloud. You can find out all the details in our Nightbot Guide.

Source: NightDev Community

(2) Moobot

Moobot is considered special among the Twitch bots efficient. Once set up, the software hardly needs any attention. Particular attention is paid here to the extensive Twitch Commandsthat the streamer or their moderators create themselves. A short one command and the Moobot will post a message in the chat. Often the streamer advertises his own Social media channels or proclaim great ones newsthat he doesn't want to address again every minute - your viewers will thank you. Here you get to the Free download.

Source: Twitch User Shiro_Miyano

(3) Streamlabs Chatbot

This Twitch Bot is offered separately from the actual Streamlabs software AnkhBot was known. As you can see on the screenshot above, the interface is equipped with everything a streamer's heart desires. From individual Timers and votes on quotes as well Give aways to song requests and various Mini games: Everyone will find something here. More about the individual functions and everything about Download or the facility is in our Streamlabs Chatbot Guide.

Source: AnkhBot's Twitter account

As mentioned earlier, all of the Twitch mentioned here are bots completely legal. You can quickly tell the difference to the forbidden viewbotting programs from the fact that a chatbot regularly does a Embassy sends out. The fake viewers, on the other hand, usually remain completely silent or all spam the same message at the same time. Your job of pushing the streamer's stats is already through yours mere presence Fulfills.

Remove Twitch Bots - Get rid of fake viewers

The allowed Twitch bots to moderate the chat presented above must be personally received by the owner of the channel set up and confirmed become. In contrast to this, viewbotting or the inflation of the number of followers is usually done by seedy third party providers out. For this reason, it is often not possible to say with certainty that the streamer himself is using these prohibited methods, which is a Pursuing these violations enormously difficult.

Twitch does not require jumping to conclusions and following concrete evidence to seek the dem report attached. The management of Twitch takes such allegations very seriously, as it stands Reputation of the entire platform on the game. If you have the dubious honor of being the target of a lot of Twitch Bots without doing anything yourself, it is advisable to stay calm. Put your show through and don't get distracted.

In the worst case, you can of course suspect accounts banishif the number of bots is still within limits. For Twitch partner this is usually not an option, as we are talking about several hundred accounts. If you have problems, keep an eye on your dashboard and take a look at them regularly Viewer listso that you know who is currently logged into the chat. Then only the Twitch bots remain, which enrich your stream and for which you are responsible.


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