What is day 0 in the pharmacovigilance system

Germanic heart

What more can I say ? We live in a madhouse and the patients have the power! - We are ruled by idiots!
It turned out just as I described it beforehand.
Welcome to the Nazi GDR 2.0 dictatorship!
Soon we will also know the labor camp and the rest of it from history. The FRG state dough ticks suffer just as notoriously from forgetfulness as politicians from obsessive lies. And later on they will say they were only carrying out orders. Even then, nobody wanted to listen to the lonely callers. Those who get vaccinated are like those who screamed 33/45 Hura and in the END did not know anything! It's your state plasticine ticks themselves - revolving door Nazis If you have ever wondered whether you would have been a follower in 1933, all you need to do is browse my blog with neutral ideas, then you will know.

Thoughtful "in order to stabilize the world population, we have to eliminate 350,000 people every day" .- Dr. Jacques Cousteau-

The state of our world, or rather our reality, is really difficult or impossible to gloss over. Political correctness, suppression of freedom of expression, political prisoners worldwide, hundreds of billions of living beings who have to die senselessly and painfully year after year,… Continue reading → Dear God, let this film end, it is slowly getting more and more absurd! I'm still waiting for the world's governments to fight hunger as consistently as Corona.

Master of your own senses and manipulation of your thoughts
The main war is taking place in your heads. Television - “tele” or “telum” (Latin, long-range weapon, the projectiles) and “visio” (appearance, image). So long-range weapon appearance. Others say the device is actually called the Elektro-Heim-Synagoge. April 30, 1939 is not a date that is in our history books… Continue reading →


It is your state plasticine ticks themselves - revolving door Nazis
No matter how the macabre game ends, we have to be very careful this time that they don't use the revolving doors again and get away unscathed. After their training, they swear. Guess who they take the oath for and who they get their job paid by. Regardless of the fact that it is the taxpayer. The pay slip is guaranteed not to say that we Miller and Meier paid you. Then 14/18 and 33/45 and 89/90 like today. From Philipp Scheidemann in 1918 to Aniela Kazmierczak Merkel 2020 is based completely, everything on lies, deception and fraud. Anyone who does not recognize the signs here has learned nothing from history, absolutely nothing at all. The real enemies are NOT, the people in and from distant lands. Our enemies… Continue reading → The police will be armed in front of school buildings in 2020/21. Children without a mask! Corona measures every week police violence and arbitrariness.The pumped water head We currently have over 20 million active and retired state kneading ticks, that's the problem. Sprawling state: Germany's government apparatus is getting bigger and bigger. The federal government has under the leadership… Continue reading → The real criminals of our time. Criminal governments sending violent police officers have never been stopped with candles and posters! and finally stop calling them the police - these are Merkel's mercenaries.

Since the beginning of mass vaccinations with the mRNA vaccines from BioNTech / Pfizer as well as Moderna and the vector vaccine from AstraZeneca, reports of deaths and sometimes serious side effects have been increasing in a way that has never been the case with any other vaccine.

AstraZeneca is an offshoot of IG Farben Part I read. And Pfizer wanted to take over Astrazeneca ... All a clan. Moderna is also associated with reading IG Farben Part II ... Sooner or later everything will be related to everything. And misunderstood what Zyklon B was actually used for. A crazy story opens the door to the acceptance of more and more of it. My opinion on Corona: We don't have a pandemic at all - we have a test epidemic. A pandemic only takes place in an invented parallel world of politics and the media. Similar to “The Emperor's New Clothes”, something that doesn't exist is ingeniously marketed. In my opinion, the most important thing in the current situation is that you stay strong as an enlightened person. Saying “No” to what you don't want. This currently includes testing and vaccination in particular. And I say very clearly “No!” I will neither be tested nor vaccinated!

Moderna officially admits: It is an operating system. Human DNA is manipulated or hacked with the operating system, then they are no longer humans, but GMO! “Our Operating System We saw the broad potential of mRNA science and set out to create an mRNA technology platform that is very similar to an operating system on a computer. It is designed in such a way that it can be interchangeably linked to different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug - the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein. We have a dedicated team of several hundred scientists and engineers who focus exclusively on the advancement of Moderna platform technology. (Research: Crisp / Cas9, the so-called gene scissors) read here

Here someone should say again that there is no intention here ..!
The currently worst vaccine Johnson & Johnson, which has been stopped in many countries for the time being, because of the serious side effects, homeless people in North Rhine-Westphalia are now to be vaccinated with it first. In doing so, they turn the homeless into guinea pigs. It hits the weakest, of all people, who simply have it the hardest!
What we can currently see beautifully. They (your state plasticine ticks and the journalists and lawyers) would do it again and again.We've had it all before? How can you be so deluded again? Those who get vaccinated are like those who screamed 33/45 Hura and in the END did not know anything! All tyrannical, white rats "worldwide" must be expropriated and eliminated from management positions and boardrooms. Otherwise, there will be no justice and no peace either. If you don't kill them, they'll kill you. Morgenthau, Kaufman and Co. were right in their statement. The office rooms must be made "white-free". Otherwise you, the thieving, nazed looters, child thieves and well poisoners will not get out again.

It's like living in a madhouse run by patients. And I have to share a planet with fools like that
No, that is not “the best Germany. that we ever had ”, on the contrary. How long do you want to put up with that ???Is it actually a coincidence that the word "G (esel) l (sheep) t" contains "donkey" and "sheep"? The slave ring around our neck is getting tighter and tighter!

He / She / It hunts our children and you ??? You all watch idly.

Children are our future - they are the future of every country.

Here in my blog, I have a lot of posts that deal with the abuses of child welfare and the topic: human capital children. I can see what is being read in the background. Aren't you interested in what happens to the children in this country ??? I didn't just mean the couple of my grandchildren Or can't you see the other posts? The cases are all the same. Children are withdrawn through lies and arbitrariness of YES, deported to the home and the vassals of YES help diligently. No matter who you ask for help in this country, NO ONE helps and NO ONE is responsible. Children count for nothing in this country, except as an economic mass for the human traffickers - goods on which homes, courts, appraisers, lawyers, litigators, the pharmaceutical industry and others are found deserve golden noses. Laws and rights are trampled and disregarded, one is slandered, insulted, discriminated against and criminalized. Are you already so broken that you can't even cry for your children? The perpetrators sit in the parliaments and offices and editorial offices. The youth welfare offices are the enemy of families. The youth welfare office destroys families. If you just look at the number of people being “taken into care” by the German youth authorities, you can see that these are increasing continuously. While there were around 25,000 cases in 2015, there were over 84,000 in 2016 and over 61,000 in 2017. Too many people don't care what happens as long as it doesn't happen to them. It is time to bring the shocking mystery of these child abductions and the global child trafficking network to the wider public to understand the sick “meaning” behind them. Destroying the family is one of the Illuminati’s primary goals.The time will come when the worldview collapses for millions of people !. May the hypocritical brood, the holy lightning strike you down while pooping. Alleluia

Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project about 5G and the dangers of 5G in connection with CovID <
Today's New Manhattan Project (Chemtrails) involves the electromagnetic manipulation of atmospheric particles. A company called Dresser Industries has long been a leader in this field. The company's history goes back to the late 1800s and was a pioneer in this field for a long time. Not only that, but Dresser Industries has… Continue reading →


The Deep State and the New Manhattan Project

DeepState - The deep state The term “deep state” or “deep state” describes a conspiratorial interweaving of politics, justice, administration, the military, secret services and organized crime. So a state within a state that acts independently of democratic principles and not through a… Continue reading →

Are you already looking, or are you still asleep?

* the Geneva Protocol 1925, which prohibits, among other things, the use of toxic or asphyxiating liquids, substances or types of processes.

And when the sky is blue again ... then WE WON

The beast from Revelation
This EU work program is a manifesto of wickedness. This European Union is the loss of all prosperity, all freedom and all democracy! ”The EU - the animal from Revelation“ The red dragon is not dead, it only knew how to dress up skillfully. ”Revelation also says that the fatal wound is healed again, which means that at a point in time… Continue reading → EU allows genetic testing on humans What most of the people don't know: on July 17th, 2020 the EU overturned the ban on experiments with GMOs * on humans! In plain language, this means that medicinal products (including vaccinations) can be placed on the market without prior environmental impact assessment. If you don't believe it, here is the link to document 32020R1043 on the website of the European Union: Regulation 2020/1043

The prophecies of John of Jerusalem

The "Secret Revelation of John", the last chapter of the Bible, is interpreted by many contemporaries as the collapse of our current civilization. The "whore Babylon", who is drunk with the "blood of the saints" and the "blood of the witnesses of Jesus", plays a major role. … Continue reading →

Religious analyzes and a few sacred writings by the religious vernatists

First of all: I'm not a Christian, not a Zionist, not a Muslim, or anything else. I'm not white, green, brown, or black either. No leftist, no rightist and no proponent of an invented direction. Everyone should be respected as a person and no one should be adored. … Continue reading → “Sodom and Gomorrah in the Vatican corruption and child abuse.” Such reports are increasing. It comes to light.

Babylonian creation stories and the Gilgamesh epic
That is the tradition of Sumer and Babylon, the prehistory of the world, at the same time the future history of the world. Because the beginning and the end are the same. Lizard gods, descendants of the dinosaurs, created humans, rebuilt the solar system and destroyed the primordial earth in the great… Continue reading →

Our society is like the Titanic
Over 100 years ago, the Titanic sank. The number of victims was given as around 1,500 dead, mostly passengers of the so-called »3. Class". While men, women and children were already fighting for their lives in the ship's hull, there was still dancing on deck and… Continue reading →

The threatened peace

Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker's forecast Published on April 3, 2011 by totoweise A short report that you should read carefully. It is remarkable what Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, the older brother of our former Federal President, said in 1983 in his last book… Continue reading →


Brainwashed by programmingThe brainwashing through the lying media affects very large parts of the population on a daily basis. And now worldwide. Only a few see through every message and recognize the system's fairy tales behind it. At some point you get tired of the lies and perversions of the… Continue reading → We urgently need a mask requirement for the television. This is the only way the virus seems to spread

Adrenochrome & Anti-Aging: Why so many children are kidnapped and ritually murdered

The first penny drops quickly when you come across articles about injecting the blood of young people under the age of 25 for a rejuvenating effect on the latter. The technical term for this is parabiosis. Anti-aging research does not stop at macabre methods.

An article on Inc. in 2016 caused a real stir and worldwide outrage, in which the PayPal co-founder and billionaire PeterThiel is quoted as a great advocate of blood transfusions for young people. His company turned to the Californian company Ambrosia LLC, which injects blood plasma for 30 to 80 year olds from donors who are "younger than 25". One and a half liters of blood cost: $ 8,000.
Ambrosia founder JesseKarmazin claims that not only does young people's blood contain all sorts of proteins that would improve cellular function, but it would also cause the recipient's body to increase the production of these proteins. According to him, the effects are permanent and the genes are restarted.

Mel Gibson "The Hollywood elites are killing innocent children and drinking their blood". “At the beginning of the millennium, I was initiated into these practices and were threatened with massive problems if I ever said a word about them. By that I mean not only my career but also the life of my family which would then be in real danger. " “They consider the blood of a sexually abused child to be the highest honor and say it is a lasting experience. Babies are the currency with the highest value. Much more valuable than diamonds, drugs and caviar. They trade babies in exchange for fame and special roles in films. "

Ambrosia gets its blood from blood banks that also supply pharmaceutical companies. An article on CNBC mentions that the blood transfusions would be taken from young adults and teenagers. American students do not know where their donated blood would go.
What was often dismissed as “conspiracy theory” in the past has now been presented and confirmed in a mainstream-suitable manner by a company and the public press; namely that young blood is used by older people for the purpose of rejuvenation potential. And here you can quickly add up one and one: the rulers have known this knowledge for a long time and the younger the blood, the stronger the effect. Since too little blood is supposedly being donated, one has to ask oneself what other sources are young blood from? The Inc. article mentions that in order to sell blood transfusions, Ambrosia would have to find other sources. Which one is left open. Adrenochrome - Intoxicants in “elite” circles? It happens every day. Everywhere in Germany. Child robbery and abuse is one of the most terrible crimes because it destroys young people and marks them for life.And it is a lucrative business: UNICEF estimates that with child trafficking and child prostitution worldwide… Continue reading → All white rats "Worldwide" must be expropriated and eliminated from management positions and boardrooms. Otherwise, there will be no justice and no peace either. Morgenthau, kaufman and Co. were right in their statement. The office rooms must be made "white-free". Otherwise, you won't get the thieving, nazed looters, child thieves and well poisoners out again.

Criticism of religion and virtual online exchange of ideas
Those who constantly lie and speak wrong things like to use a strange face. Deal with the Esau blessing. The power of lies has long been all-embracing and can only be broken with this part of its own faith. Germany is EDOM And… Continue reading →

The code for the Gates microchip program is 060606 !!! The zero should make the link to AI possible! Reading NT: Revelation

New world order - 19 points that Karl Marx recommends for the enslavement of peoples

19 points that Karl Marx recommends for the enslavement of peoples
(Catalog No. 3926 in the British Museum, London)
1. Corrupting the youth by wrong principles
2. Destroying the families.
3. Rule people through their own vices….
4. Desecrate art and defile literature.
5. Destroy respect for religion.
6. Involve priests in scandalous stories.
7. Introduce limitless luxury and crazy fashions.
8. Sow distrust between social classes.
9. Poison employer and employee relationships.
10. Incite the people against the "rich".
11. Ruin agriculture with industry.
12. Increase wages with no benefit to workers.
13. Incite hostility between peoples.
14. Let the “uneducated” rule.
15. Blackmail tripped government officials.
16. Create wealth-guzzling monopolies.
17. Prepare for world bankruptcy through economic crises.
18. Concentrate crowds on popular amusement.
19. Harm people's health with vaccine poisons. … Continue reading →

This is how fascism is definedEverything that surrounds us, everything that is forced upon us, is nothing more than a huge LIE! How was that on May 18, 1990? The GDR joined the FRG or was it the other way around? After the fall of the Nazi empire,… Continue reading →

You are a contemporary witness

“The basis of democracy is popular sovereignty and not the rulership of an authoritarian state”. The citizen is not in obedience to the government, but the government is responsible to the citizen for its actions within the framework of the law. The citizen has… Continue reading →

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