How do you belch a little puppy

Puppy training, the right way

Your puppy has been with you for a few days now. He has made himself familiar with the unfamiliar environment and his new people. In order to be integrated into the family, something very important now has to be done: the Puppy training.

Why does a poodle need to be raised?

Dog training is so important because you want to lead a harmonious life with your poodle. You don't want your dog to be just a dog, but a family member. You want with him go for a relaxed walk or go to a restaurant with him. He shouldn't beg at the table. He shouldn't jump up on people or yap senselessly. You control it through education Your dog's behavior in the right direction. Don't worry, with a lot of fun and a little bit of knowledge, dog training is not that difficult.

Basics of puppy training

Poodles are very lively and intelligent dogs. This is why your puppy will love it when you play with him. Play is the best way to teach your little rascal everything he needs to know for a happy dog ‚Äč‚Äčlife. Make a game out of every exercise.

  1. First of all, please determine who is training the dog. It doesn't make much sense if 2 to 3 people want to work with the puppy. That just confuses him.
  2. Find a place where you and your dog are undisturbed. Just relax. Then your dog will do that too. If you've just been upset or stressed, skip the training session.
  3. Keep the practice sessions very short. It's better to practice several times a day for 2 to 3 minutes each time. This is completely sufficient for the beginning of the puppy training. Later you make the exercises take longer.
  4. Then you play extensively with the little student. Poodles are very agile. Romp around with him.

What does your puppy like best? Toys, treats or cuddles?

  • Find out. Always reward him immediately when he does something right. Everything goes better with motivation, including raising puppies.
  • If an exercise works, you slowly increase the distraction. This can be a second person who is also in the room, later children playing.
  • Change locations and go to the garden to practice.
  • Don't be too fast when exercising. Give yourself and your dog time. Poodles are very bright dogs, but here too there are individual differences.
  • Adapt puppy training to your dog, not the other way around!

House training and staying alone

The first point of dog training is the House training at. Take the puppy outside to loosen at least every 2 hours. Also observe the dog in between. If he gets restless or turns in a circle, then speed is of the essence. Puppies also need to loosen up after waking up, eating, or drinking. Establish a fixed daily rhythm right from the start. This will help your little poodle get clean.

Does your puppy have to stay alone at times? Many dogs have problems with this in the beginning. Start very slowly. Get out of the room for just a few seconds. If your dog stays calm, you reward him. Always leave him alone a little longer over the next few days. If that doesn't work, keep the dog busy while you're away. You can do that with a deliciously filled kong or knot treats in an old sock. That distracts him for quite a while.

Suggestions for further exercises:

  • Leash control
  • Call
  • Kommanado seat
  • send the dog to his place
  • Command off

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And now have fun raising your poodle!