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Trophies are a measure of a brawler's or player's progress. They are awarded or taken away based on the results of a brawl. Each Brawler has its own Trophy count, and this determines the Brawler's Rank. All of a player's Brawlers' individual Trophies added together gives them their total Trophy count. If their Brawler has a high rank, they lose more Trophies when losing a match and gain fewer Trophies when winning a match. Each time a Brawler Ranks up, 10 Tokens are awarded.


Trophies are obtained by playing events. If a Brawler's team wins or they survive long enough playing Showdown, they will receive Trophies. However, they can also lose Trophies if their team loses or they are defeated early playing Showdown.

When players earn or lose trophies, they are awarded to or taken away from the brawler used during that match. Each of a player's Brawlers has its own individual Trophy count. One cannot earn Trophies for one Brawler if playing as another Brawler. The number of Trophies lost or earned from a match changes based on a Brawler's individual Trophy count.

Solo showdown
Trophy Range 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Duo showdown
Trophy Range 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
3v3 modes
Trophy Range Victory Defeat

Underdog system

Sometimes you may gain more or lose fewer trophies after certain matches. This is caused by the Underdog System, which is only applied to 3v3 modes. The Underdog System is in effect for the match if either of the two following conditions is met:

  1. You are matched with two other players who are playing together in a team and have a 200+ Trophy difference between them in their individual Brawler Trophies.
  2. You are matched against an enemy team whose average Brawler Trophies is 200+ Trophies higher than the player's team.

You will get 4 extra Trophies for a victory and lose 3 fewer Trophies for a loss.

You will be notified if Underdog is activated by the yellow banner displaying "Underdog" at the very start and at the very end of a match. If you use the Play Again button, the Underdog System will be deactivated.


A Brawler's individual Trophy count determines its rank. Each time your Brawler reaches the next Rank, 10 Tokens are awarded. Once a rank is reached, the Brawler cannot be demoted to a lower Rank, so each Brawler can only reach a Rank once and get the Token reward once. However, if you drop below the Rank's Trophy range, the Trophy changes will change to the previous Trophy range.

As players reach higher ranks, you lose more Trophies when you lose a match and gain fewer Trophies from a win. At lower ranks, a Brawler will receive more Trophies for victory than the amount that would be lost for defeat. As the Brawler reaches higher ranks, this reverses; the Brawler will receive fewer Trophies for victory than the amount that would be lost for defeat. Thus, gaining a higher trophy count becomes increasingly harder as more trophies are accumulated. In addition, more Trophies are required to move from Rank to Rank at higher Ranks, so ranking up becomes more difficult at higher Ranks as well. Rank 35 is the highest rank. Every time a Brawler ranks up 5 ranks, the rank symbol will change color:

  • Ranks 1-4: bronze
  • Ranks 5-9: Silver
  • Ranks 10-14: gold
  • Ranks 15-19: Diamond
  • Ranks 20-24: amethyst
  • Ranks 25-29: Emerald
  • Ranks 30-34: Ruby
  • Rank 35: Obsidian

When players obtain a Rank 10 Brawler, they gain 100 Star Points and obtain additional Star Points every 5 ranks after (15, 20, 25, 30, 35). The reward scales up by 100 Star Points for every 5 ranks.

Trophy Road

Rewards can only be earned for reaching certain total Trophy milestones for the first time. These rewards include Brawlers, New Events to play, Brawl Boxes, Power Points, Coins, and Quests.

Trophy Road Rewards
Trophy Milestone Reward
5Brawl box
10Unlock: Nita
20Brawl box
30New event: Showdown
40Brawl box
60Unlock: Colt
100Token Doubler (Doubles next 200 tokens you get from battles)
150New event: Brawl Ball
20025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
250Unlock: Bull
350Special Events (Big Game, Robo Rumble, Boss Fight and Super City Rampage)
40025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
450Brawl box
500Unlock: Jessie
55050 coins
60025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
650Big box
70050 coins
750Brawl box
800Team Events (Heist, Bounty, Siege and Hot Zone)
85025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
90050 coins
950Big box
1000Unlock: Brock
110050 coins
1200Brawl box
130075 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
1400100 coins
150050 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
1600Big box
170050 coins
1800Big box
190050 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
2000Unlock: Dynamike
210050 coins
2200Brawl box
2300150 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
240050 coins
2500Brawl box
2600150 coins
2700Brawl box
280025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
290050 coins
3000Unlock: Bo
310050 coins
320025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
3300300 coins
3400Brawl box
350050 coins
3600Token Doubler (doubles next 600 tokens you get from battles)
3700Brawl box
380025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
390050 coins
4000Unlock: Tick
4150150 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
4300200 coins
4500New event: Power League
475025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
5000Mega box
515025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
5300Brawl box
5500150 coins
575025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
6000Unlock: 8-BIT
6150200 coins
6300Big box
6500150 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
6750200 coins
7000Mega box
715050 coins
730025 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
7500Big box
775050 coins
8000Unlock: Emz
8150Big box
8300150 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
8500Big box
8750200 coins
9000Mega box
9150150 coins
930050 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
9500150 coins
9750Big box
10000Unlock: Stu
10500500 coins
11000Mega box
11500200 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
12000Mega box
12500500 coins
13000Mega box
13500200 Power Points (for a brawler of your choosing)
14000Mega box
145001000 coins
15000Mega box
15500Big box
16000Mega box
16500Big box
17000Mega box
17500Big box
18000Mega box
18500Big box
19000Mega box
19500Big box
20000Mega box
20500Big box
21000Mega box
21500Big box
22000Mega box
22500Big box
23000Mega box
23500Big box
24000Mega box
24500Big box
25000Mega box
25500Big box
26000Mega box
26500Big box
27000Mega box
27500Big box
28000Mega box
28500Big box
29000Mega box
29500Big box
30000Mega box
30500Big box
31000Mega box
31500Big box
32000Mega box
32500Big box
33000Mega box
33500Big box
34000Mega box
34500Big box
35000Mega box
35500Big box
36000Mega box
36500Big box
37000Mega box
37500Big box
38000Mega box
38500Big box
39000Mega box
39500Big box
40000Mega box
40500Big box
41000Mega box
41500Big box
42000Mega box
42500Big box
43000Mega box
43500Big box
44000Mega box
44500Big box
45000Mega box
45500Big box
46000Mega box
46500Big box
47000Mega box
47500Big box
48000Mega box
48500Big box
49000Mega box
49500Big box
50000Mega box
Total12 brawl boxes
45 big boxes
44 mega boxes
4650 coins
1500 power points
2 token doublers
11 new events
10 brawlers


Every four weeks on a Monday, the trophy season ends and the next one begins. At the end of every season, each Brawler that holds more than 500 Trophies will lose some of their Trophies above 500. In addition, players receive Star Points based on their total Trophy amount, so more Trophies results in bigger rewards.


Each Brawler has its own individual leaderboard where players are ranked nationally and globally based on how many trophies they hold with that Brawler. There are also overall leaderboards where players are ranked globally and nationally by the total sum of all of their Brawlers' Trophy counts. These leaderboards are accessed by tapping the menu bottom in the top right of the main screen and selecting "Leaderboards".


  • It is important to learn which Brawlers excel at each mode, as often times the results of a match might be due to which Brawlers each team has. The right brawler in the right event might result in a massive trophy gain after a few matches, while a brawler on the weaker side might result in a losing streak even when played well.
  • When struggling with a new Brawler, camping within bushes in a Showdown match will rack up Trophies quickly. Avoid all conflict and wait until there are a few brawlers remaining. The main downsides of this method is that it can be slow and less entertaining than continuously fighting.
  • When trying to increase total Trophy count, remember it is much easier to gain Trophies with lower rank Brawlers.
  • Playing with a team can increase the chances of winning matches, as this allows players to plan out and try out multiple strategies with friends / clubmates.