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1. Takeover of DAISY productions from other audio libraries


Ambesser, Axel from:
Take a name with A.
Berlin: Ullstein, 1985.
Memories of the actor and director Axel von Ambesser (1910 to 1988).
Speaker: Barbara Torwegge (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (14:24 h) H024956

Arrupe, Pedro:
As a missionary in Japan.
Munich: Hueber, 1967.
Translated from the Spanish by Maria González-Haba and Kuno Küster.
The theologian and Jesuit Pedro Arrupe (born on November 14th, 1907 in Bilbao, Spain, died on February 5th, 1991 in Rome) was a Spanish religious, the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He was sent by the Order as a missionary to Japan on October 15th, 1938. From 1940 to 1942 he was pastor in Yamaguchi, after which he worked as a novice master in Hiroshima.
Speaker: Gretl Tomann (Vienna).
1 CD DAISY (11:59 h) H025283

Asbury, Herbert:
The gangs of New York:
a story of the underworld.
Munich: Heyne, 2001.
Translated from the English by Anja Schünemann.
The book - a classic from 1928 - is the chronicle of New York gangs from the mid-19th century to the 1920s, the time of the prohibition of organized crime.
Speaker: Martin Pfisterer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (11:19 h) H024680

Asimov, Isaac:
The return of Halley's Comet:
the enigmatic story of the comet.
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 1985.
An understandable overview of the most noticeable comets.
Speaker: Jörg Hustiak (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (3:00 h) H024963

From the depths of space:
Pre-Astronautics Manual; Scientists on the trail of extraterrestrial interventions.
Zurich: Hohenrain, 1985.
The collection of essays deals with the possibilities and forms of interference by extraterrestrial "god astronauts" in human development, whereby the authors known through relevant publications are benevolent to convinced of the idea.
Speaker: Christl M. Foertsch (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (16:45 h) H025116

Beckmann, Mathilde Q .:
My life with Max Beckmann.
Munich: Piper, 1983.
From the American by Doris Schmidt.
The memories of the wife of the great painter in the period of Expressionism, of their life together from 1925 to 1950, which simultaneously document the situation of art and artists in the Third Reich. Mathilde Beckmann lived from 1904 to 1986.
Speaker: Hanna Hegarth (Stuttgart / Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:49 h) H024976

Bedford, Sybille:
Hunt for a bon vivant - the trial of Dr. Ward:
a court report.
Munich: SchirmerMosel, 2011.
Translated from English by Matthias Fienbork.
John Profumo, British Minister of War, fell over an affair with the call girl Christine Keeler, who also had a relationship with a Soviet naval attaché. The shimmering man behind this revolver story was the society osteopath, portrait painter and occasional reporter Dr. Stephen Ward (1912-1963). In the course of the Profumo affair, Ward was charged with pimping in a controversial sensational trial in 1963 and died of a sleeping pill overdose on the eve of the last day of the trial. In her committed report, the author describes how politics, justice and the press bring down a man who has become unpopular.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (2:12 h) H024684

Benedictus :
Salt of the earth:
Christianity and the Catholic Church at the turn of the millennium; a conversation with Peter Seewald.
Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1996.
Cardinal Ratzinger provides information about himself as well as fundamental and current questions of the church.
Speaker: Gerd Albrecht (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (10:41 h) H024716

Berger, Klaus:
Split faith is betrayal of God:
Ways out of torn Christianity.
Munich: Pattloch, 2006.
The author takes the church ecumenical hinderers into judgment in a radical way, unmasking their excuses and demanding absolute loyalty to the will of Jesus. In doing so, he does not avoid any of the controversial questions: neither the primacy of the Pope in doctrinal questions, which is apparently unacceptable for Protestants and Orthodox, nor the allegedly irreconcilable traditions and theological differences.
Speaker: Walter Bachmann (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (17:09 h) H025305

Berger, Klaus:
Who was Jesus really?
Stuttgart: Quell-Verlag, 1996.
Klaus Berger, professor of New Testament theology, tries to trace the contours of the real Jesus. He asks: What do Judaism, the Gospel of John and the little-known Gospels outside of the Bible contribute to an image of Jesus? - A kind of anti-Jesus books-Jesus book.
Speaker: Günter Rohkämper (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (7:28 h) H025313

Boehncke, Heiner:
Life and writing; from musketeer to world author.
Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 2011.
Detailed description of the life story of the Baroque poet Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen (1622 to 1676). who was he? A baker's son who was sent to the Thirty Years War and went from musketeer to world author, to the author of what is probably the most important German novel "Simplicius Simplicissimus".
Speaker: Günter Rohkämper (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (2:30 p.m.) H024985

Bohlmann-Modersohn, Marina:
a city in biographies.
Munich: Travel-House-Media, 2012.
The history of the English metropolis, told in 20 biographies from Henry VIII to the Rolling Stones.
Speaker: Andreas Ladwig (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:12 h) H024987

Bohlmann-Modersohn, Marina:
a city in biographies.
Munich: Travel-House-Media, 2012.
20 selected biographies provide a multifaceted insight into the past and present, culture and lifestyle in the city. From Henri IV, Voltaire, Napoleon to Balzac, Monet, Rodin to Coco Chanel and others.
Speaker: Jutta Seifert (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:29 h) H024988

Borgolte, Michael:
Christians, Jews, Muslims:
the heirs of antiquity and the rise of the west 300 to 1400 AD
Munich: Siedler, 2006.
In the Middle Ages, Europe grew out of the ancient world. What first gave birth to Europe was the victory of monotheism over the polytheism of antiquity. Christians, Jews and Muslims live side by side in multi-religious societies. The author shows how the rise of the Christian West has come about since the twelfth century.
Speaker: Daniela Kuhn; Eva Neumann (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (38:33 h) H025063

Brandt, Willy:
Organized madness:
Arms race and world hunger.
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 1985.
From a very personal point of view, beyond official or party-political considerations, Willy Brandt represents the sum of his experiences in the North-South dialogue.
Speaker: Hanna Liss (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:57 h) H024994

Burke, William Hastings:
Hermann's brother:
Who was Albert Goering?
Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag, 2012.
Translated from the English by Gesine Schröder.
The Australian author follows in the footsteps of Albert Göring (1900 to 1966), who left a list with the names of people he saved the lives of during the Nazi regime, and thus meets the unknown brother Hermann Göring.
Speaker: Andreas Ladwig (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:32 h) H025007

Cadeggianini, Georg:
For the love of madness:
into the world with six children.
Frankfurt am Main: Fischer-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2012.
The author, columnist and father of 6 children aged 3 to 12 tells about his family: about life between moving boxes and memories, about the wild boar hunt with the blind Italian uncle and laughing gas in the delivery room. An entertaining help in life and at the same time a loving plea to the child in us.
Speaker: Jerzy Kosin (Hamburg).
1 CD DAISY (8:25 h) H025327

Caeyers, Jan:
the lonely revolutionary; a biography.
Munich: Beck, 2012.
From the Dutch by Andreas Ecke.
The conductor and musicologist Caeyers tells the remarkable life of Beethoven (1770 to 1827), which was marked by many ups and downs, guides through his incomparable artistic work and explains its reception and significance for music history.
Speaker: Marion Bertling (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (23:46 h) H025010

Chanel, Coco:
The art of being Chanel:
Coco Chanel tells her life.
Munich: SchirmerGraf, 2009.
Translated from the French by Annette Lallemand.
Gabrielle Chanel, called Coco (1883 to 1971), created a world empire with style, elegance and iron discipline. She invented the "little black dress", cut off old braids and demonstrated that it is great fun to make money yourself. The conversations in this volume were recorded by the writer Paul Morand during a stay in Switzerland in 1946 and first appeared in Paris in 1976.
Speaker: Mona Perfler (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (6:01 h) H024693

Clark, Ronald William:
Albert Einstein :
Life and work.
Munich: Heyne, 1979.
Translated from the English by Monika Raeithel-Thaler.
Biography of the extraordinary scientist (1879 to 1955).
Speaker: Hans F. Blaschke (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (10:12 pm) H025258

Clegg, Brian:
Why tea doesn't taste good on a plane and why clouds don't fall from the sky:
a flight into the world of knowledge.
Munich: Hanser, 2012.
Translated from the English by Birgit Brandau.
Flying has become something everyday. It is a miracle. Between check-in and safe landing, we put ourselves in the hands of science. Brian Clegg explains why we would fall into the ocean without the theory of relativity, why frequent flies are a makeover and a great-tasting cup of tea on the plane is an impossibility.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (6:33 h) H024696

Crott, Randi:
Don't tell anyone! :
my parents' love story.
Cologne: DuMont, 2012.
The Norwegian Lillian was 19 years old when she fell in love with the German occupation soldier Helmut at Easter 1942. When a Jewish family is picked up in the neighborhood, they confront the young Germans. Then she learns that his mother is also Jewish. From this love Randi Crott emerged, who only learns of her own Jewish roots when she is an adult. Here she reconstructs the life of her parents.
Speaker: Gesa Zumegen (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:12 h) H025028

Dambmann, Gerhard:
25 times Japan:
World power as a loner.
Munich: Piper, 1979.
With the help of numerous examples, the author succeeds in showing the problems of the modern Japanese state against the background of its religious and cultural traditions, which are still effective.
Speaker: Gerd Kuhlmann (Hamburg).
1 CD DAISY (11:29 h) H025266

Deschner, Karlheinz:
Again the rooster crowed:
a critical church history.
Düsseldorf: Econ-Verlag, 1987.
Anyone who is not looking for an act of edification in religion, but who struggles for their faith and wants to deal with the Christian religion objectively and scientifically, should use this book.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (30:34 h) H024706

Deschner, Karlheinz:
A century of salvation history:
the politics of the popes in the age of the world wars.
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch.
Volume 2. By Leo XIII. 1878 up to Pius XI. 1939-1982.
With this book, Karlheinz Deschner continues the critical history of the Catholic Church. He uses many examples to show that the history of the papacy over the past hundred years has been a history of power, opportunism, and entanglement less with the powers on the other side than with those of this world.
Speaker: Fred W. Winkels (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (24:15 h) H024709

Deschner, Karlheinz:
Criminal history of Christianity:
Reinbek: Rowohlt.
Deschner is a modern enlightener who still trusts reason and does not see the need for a new myth in the disenchantment of the myth of blessed and blessed Christianity. This differentiates well from some modern criticism of the church, which then relies on a kind of Christianity. Deschner leaves no way out here. (Frankfurter Rundschau)
Volume 1. The early days. - 1989.
Volume 2. Late Antiquity. - 1989.
Speaker: Wolfgang Busch (Münster).
2 CDs DAISY (31:23 h) / (23:16 h) H024710

Deschner, Karlheinz:
The Moloch:
"Speak softly and always carry a club with you!"; to Americanize the world.
Stuttgart: Weitbrecht, 1992.
The committed church critic now presents a "criminal history" of the United States. The Gulf War gave the impetus. He considers the Indian extermination and Hiroshima to be even worse than the Nazi crimes.
Speaker: Dagmar Bürger (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (18:37 h) H024712

Didion, Joan:
Blue hours.
Berlin: Ullstein, 2012.
From the American by Antje Rávic Strubel.
The author describes how she tries to get over her daughter's death. It's not just about grief, but also about getting older, the power of memory and the power and powerlessness of love.
Speaker: Sarah Giese (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:50 h) H025038

Dobelli, Rolf:
The art of wise action:
52 Wrong paths that you better leave to others.
Munich: Hanser, 2012.
In 52 chapters, Dobelli shows in an entertaining way how to avoid the pitfalls of imprudent behavior. He explains vividly and practically why, for example, too much information can be harmful, why money is often spent uselessly and why New Year's resolutions do not work ...
Speaker: Monika Steffens (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (5:29 h) H025312

Dörner, Klaus:
To err is human :
Textbook of psychiatry, psychotherapy.
Bonn: Psychiatrie-Verlag, 1992.
“To err is human” has been the standard social-psychiatric work for decades. It has shaped the modern care of mentally ill people like no other textbook.
Speaker: Doris Keller (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (40:28 h) H025328

Engelmann, Bernt:
As German as possible - as German as possible:
(Profound in our language).
Munich: Goldmann, 1984.
Bernt Engelmann, the radical democrat and contentious publicist, in a different way: as an expert lover of the German language who targets language sloppiness and sins in humorous, cheerful verses. Smile reading, dedicated to all bright minds.
Speaker: Sabine Zacharias (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (1:26 h) H025046

Ensikat, Peter:
From now on I won't admit anything more:
News from the new eastern provinces.
Munich: Kindler, 1993.
The most performed theater and cabaret author in the GDR of the 1980s presents autobiographical sketches that reflect the history of the GDR with a high level of humor and at a high linguistic level and at the same time offer insights into the work of a cabaret author. They show what language a satirist uses to speak plain text through the flower.
Speaker: Martin M. Schwarz (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (9:15 h) H025290

Feuerstein-Praßer, Karin:
The German Empresses:
1871 - 1918.
Munich: Piper, 2008.
They did not become a legend like the beautiful Empress Sisi of Austria, but the three wives of the German Hohenzollern Emperors took an active part in the history of their era and were highly educated women who campaigned for a liberal Germany: Augusta von Sachsen-Weimar (1811 to 1890), Victoria (1840 to 1901), Royal Princess of Great Britain, and Auguste Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein (1858 to 1921).
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (10:07 h) H024722

Fölsing, Albrecht:
Albert Einstein :
a biography; [SEPARATED BOOK].
Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, ​​1993.
Comprehensive monograph on the great physicist (1879 to 1955), which not only deals with Einstein's scientific achievements, but also with his political, cultural and social interests and activities.
Speaker: Annelie O. Schönfelder (Zurich).
2 CDs DAISY (26:45 h) / (26:57 h) H025289

Freimann, Anne:
Ways out of bladder weakness:
[Goodbye bladder problems and bladder weakness; Pelvic floor training: active against bladder weakness; Help from nature; with many tips for mastering everyday life].
Hanover: Schlütersche, 2007.
Around 5 million Germans suffer from bladder weakness and incontinence, around a third of those affected are men. This book encourages those affected to actively take action against it. It presents specific therapies and shows practical everyday aids. With pelvic floor exercises and recipes from herbal remedies.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (3:27 h) H024726

Friedman, Thomas L .:
What to do :
an agenda for the 21st century.
Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, ​​2009.
From the American by Michael Bischoff.
In his book, the star journalist for the New York Times talks about the new “age of energy and climate”, which is shaped by global warming and the enormous growth in the world's population. Impending crises can arise from armed conflicts due to the scarcity of raw materials, difficult survival conditions for large population groups due to climate change or huge migration flows due to the emergence of new poverty. He names a green revolution as the first task to be tackled, in which the USA should play the main and pioneering role.
Speaker: Martin Pfisterer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (17:46 h) H024727

Geldner, Andreas:
He who seeks finds :
biblical idioms rediscovered; [emerged from the series »Bibelfest« of the Stuttgarter Zeitung].
Stuttgart: Belser, 2011.
Many expressions, such as "throwing pearls at pigs" or "stumbling block", come from the Bible. The authors have put together the 50 most famous ones that have become an integral part of the German language, their original origins and meanings.
Speaker: Ulrike Duinmeyer-Bolik (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (2:50 h) H024942

History of Music:
[in 3 volumes].
Munich: Prestel.
Translated from the English by Erik Maschat and Alfons Ott.
Volume 3. Classical and Romantic. - 1968.
It deals with the history of music from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as the beginning of the 20th century. Not a comprehensive appraisal of composers and works, but rather a treatise on music as it presents itself against the respective background - in historical, religious, aesthetic terms.
Speaker: Matthias Hirth (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (10:32 h) H024884

Gordon, Thomas:
Family conference:
the resolution of conflicts between parents and child.
Munich: Heyne, 1997.
From the English.
From group-related educational programs, the author has developed the theory and practice of a method that overcomes conflict situations in the parent-child relationship according to modern principles of human coexistence.
Speaker: Rico Beeler (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (14:40 h) H025154

Grandin, Temple:
I see the world like a happy animal:
an autistic woman discovers the language of animals.
Berlin: Ullstein, 2007.
Translated from the English by Christiane Burkhardt.
Temple Grandin can see the world the way animals do. As an autistic woman, she is blessed with the extraordinary gift of being able to empathize with animals and perceiving the environment in a similar way to them. "Animals are similar to us - much more than we previously thought," she says. In her impressive book, Grandin describes how she can use her knowledge to help animals - and make it easier for people to deal with them.
Speaker: Dagmar Gabriel (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (18:04 h) H025295

Günzel, Klaus:
"I wish many guests at my table today!":
Goethe's visitors in the house on Frauenplan.
Weimar: Böhlau, 1999.
Goethe's numerous guests shed light on many facets of the great German poet and the Weimar court.
Speaker: Karin Vanis (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (9:50 h) H024944

Günzel, Klaus:
The Weimar Princely House:
a dynasty writes cultural history.
Cologne: Böhlau, 2001.
Duchess Anna Amalia turned the insignificant small state into one of the most important intellectual centers of the 18th century. When her son Carl August brought the young Goethe to the Weimar court, the principality began to rise to become the radiant center of German classical music.
Speaker: Nicole Meru (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (10:04 h) H024946

Härtling, Peter:
And hear from each other:
Talking out of anger and confidence.
Stuttgart: Radius-Verlag, 1984.
Contributions that the author has prepared on various occasions.
Speaker: Hanna Liss (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (2:36 h) H025101

Hardering, Klaus:
Beyond the vault:
a guide over the roofs of Cologne Cathedral.
Cologne: Verlag Kölner Dom, 2000.
Architecture and building history of the roof structure of Cologne Cathedral.
Speaker: Marion Schmidt (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (1:58 h) H024947

Hartmann, Heinrich:
Luise :
Prussia's great queen.
Berg / Starnberger See: Türmer-Verlag, 1985.
The life of the Prussian Queen Luise (1776 ibs 1810), wife of King Friedrich Wilhelm III.
Speaker: Ute Nagen (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (22:24 h) H025102

Haschek, Paul:
Help - heal - pray with flowers:
Impulses for morning and evening prayers.
Wallern: Paul Haschek, 1999.
Speaker: Richard Stanke (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (4:53 h) H024948

Pike, ben:
From Chicago to Hollywood:
Memories of the american dream.
Berlin: Berenberg, 2009.
Translated from the English by Helga Herborth.
As a young photo reporter, Ben Hecht (1893 to 1964) explored the metropolis of Chicago before and after the First World War, before he gained the reputation of being one of the best screenwriters in Hollywood between 1925 and 1950. He worked for Howard Hawks, Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock.
Speaker: Martin Pfisterer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (3:23 h) H024820

Herdan-Zuckmayer, Alice:
The farm in the green mountains.
Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Library, 1958.
The wife of the writer Carl Zuckmayer tells of her life in America (1901 to 1991).
Speaker: Gabriele Lehner-Kumbrink (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (8:37 h) H025251

Heresch, Elisabeth:
Tragedy and the end of the last tsarina.
Munich: Langen Müller, 1993.
Biography of the last Tsarina of Russia (1872-1918). The life path of the native Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt, whose shyness, strict piety and mystical disposition led to the alienation of relatives, the court and the Russian population.
Speaker: Lilly Friedrich (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (1:11 pm) H024802

Heym, Stefan:
Talk to the enemy.
Munich: Bertelsmann, 1986.
Original manuscripts from late 1944 / early 1945. As a soldier in the American Army, the author deals with psychological warfare. Mission: To get German soldiers to surrender.
Speaker: Günter Rohkämper (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (11:29 h) H025113

Hildenbrandt, Fred:
the tragedy in the Arctic Circle.
Hamburg: Nannen, 1955.
The Italian general and polar explorer flew over the North Pole in an airship in 1926. A second attempt in 1928 failed. Amundsen was killed while rescuing Nobile.
Speaker: Günter Mack (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (8:39 h) H024822

Hobsbawm, Eric J .:
Dangerous times:
a life in the 20th century.
Munich: Hanser, 2003.
Translated from the English by Udo Rennert.
The autobiography of the historian living in Great Britain is at the same time a powerful chronicle of the 20th century.
Speaker: Andreas Ladwig (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (20:42 h) H025181

Hobsbawm, Eric J .:
Nations and Nationalism:
Myth and reality since 1780.
Frankfurt am Main: Campus-Verlag, 1991.
Translated from the English by Udo Rennert.
The investigation of the relatively young phenomenon of nation states and nationalism leads the British historian to the currently quite astonishing result that the phenomenon had already passed its historical climax in the middle of the 20th century.
Speaker: Venus Madrid (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (10:54 h) H025182

Hobsbawm, Eric J .:
Unusual people:
about resistance, rebellion and jazz.
Munich: Hanser, 2001.
From the English by Thorsten Schmidt.
The essays by the British historian compiled in this book were written between the early 1950s and the mid-1990s and deal with the life of "ordinary" people and their potential for resistance in contexts as diverse in time and space as 19th century Manchester capitalism or the phenomenon of jazz.
Speaker: Martin Hamburger (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (26:14 h) H025183

Hoffmann, Gabriele:
Sunken Worlds:
Ships and cities on the seabed; underwater archeology.
Bergisch Gladbach: Lübbe, 1985.
Using numerous examples - such as the recovery of the "Wasa" and the "Mary Rose" - the author describes the history and working methods of underwater archeology.
Speaker: Hannes Andersen (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (3:36 pm) H025120

Holman, James:
I see the world feeling:
the notes of the blind world traveler James Holman.
Munich: Malik-Verlag, 2010.
Translated from the English by Susann Urban.
An annotated selection of the reports of the Englishman James Holman (1786 to 1857), who went blind as a young man, who on three extended trips between 1819 and 1832 visited not only Western Europe but also Russia, Siberia, Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania. It conveys vivid and lively impressions that are interesting in terms of culture and natural history, tells of adventures, difficulties and dangers, but also of comic scenes, and proves "what can be achieved with cheerful persistence despite severe ailments".
Speaker: Matthias Hirth (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (10:18 h) H024824

Hosch, Harald:
Healthy through deacidification:
restore and maintain the acid-base balance.
Wiesbaden: Jopp, 1994.
If the balance of acids and bases in our organism is lost, the body becomes "acidic" and reacts with various diseases. Heilpraktiker Harald Hosch provides information on how the acid balance can be rebalanced with the help of a regeneration cure, simple basic nutritional rules, relaxation exercises and a conscious attitude to life.
Speaker: Rosmarie Lott (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (5:23 h) H025288

Hosfeld, Rolf:
a German life.
Berlin: Settlers, 2012.
Kurt Tucholsky (1890 to 1935) was among other things the author and co-editor of the legendary Berlin weekly newspaper "Die Weltbühne". In the tension between tradition and modernity, his work was dedicated to the fight against militarism. He wrote under many pseudonyms as a satirist, songwriter, poet and novelist against the dictatorship.
Speaker: Andrea Schunck (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (9:28 h) H025124

Hummel, Manfred:
Around Lake Starnberg:
an unusual journey of discovery; ... by bike.
Munich: Verlag Berg-und-Tal, 2011.
The Starnberger See is one of the most attractive lakes in Bavaria. This book leads to hidden corners and secluded bathing areas that can only be reached by bike, to magnificent villas and Ambach writers.
Speaker: Klaus Haderer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (5:24 h) H024826

Hummel, Manfred:
Paths to the fairy tale king:
[the somewhat different hiking guide to his mountain residences and castles].
Munich: Verlag Berg-und-Tal, 2011.
This hiking guide follows the paths that the monarch once trod. It begins in the royal seat of Munich and leads via Herrenchiemsee to Berchtesgaden. In the sublime mountains around the Watzmann, the Crown Prince went on numerous excursions with his mountain-loving mother and his brother Otto.
Speaker: Klaus Haderer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (9:19 h) H024825

Hunt, Tristram:
Friedrich Engels :
the man who invented Marxism.
Berlin: Propylaen-Verlag, 2012.
Translated from the English by Klaus-Dieter Schmidt.
Marxism cannot be imagined without Friedrich Engels (1820 to 1895). Still, he was mostly in the shadow of his friend. This extensive biography shows the co-author of the "Communist Manifesto" as an independent thinker, great supporter of the Marx family and as a man whose life was riddled with exciting ups and downs.
Speaker: Marion Bertling (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (16:43 h) H025127

Always cheated like this:
Memories of our school days.
Munich: Knaus, 1986.
Walter Kempowski (born 1929) asked around a thousand German citizens of his generation "completely undemoscopically" about their school memories.
Speaker: Michael Schacht (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (4:43 h) H025298

Kandel, Eric R .:
In search of memory:
the emergence of a new science of the mind.
Munich: Siedler, 2006.
From the American by Hainer Kober.
Eric Kandel, the most important memory researcher of our time, remembers his life. As a child, he fled the Nazis from Vienna to New York in 1939. With great narrative momentum, Kandel describes how his personal search for memory led him to turn first to history, then to psychoanalysis and finally to neurobiological research in order to found a new science of human thinking and feeling.
Speaker: Rüdiger Meier (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (8:03 pm) H025249

King, Martin Luther:
My dream of the end of hatred:
Texts for today.
Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 1994.
From the American.
In this book the most important texts (mainly sermons and speeches) of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who has become a symbol of nonviolent resistance, are compiled.
Speaker: Martin Pfisterer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (4:30 h) H024667

Kirst, Hans Hellmut:
The sheep in wolf's clothing:
a German life; biographical temptations 1945 to 1957.
Herford: Busse and Seewald, 1985.
Hans Hellmut Kirst lived from 1914 to 1989.
Speaker: Lioba Reddeker (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (11:13 h) H025144

Cook, Marianne:
The heart book.
Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2011.
This understandable guide is dedicated to the central organ of the human body: the heart. Whether all other organs survive, whether we think, feel, breathe, walk or reproduce depends on its functionality, its energy. Diagnosis and therapy procedures are explained as well as the relationships between soul and heart. In a holistic way, the book points to one's own physical self-healing powers, which, supported by relaxation, meditation and stress reduction, can significantly contribute to healing.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:05 h) H024836

Koch, Peter:
Konrad Adenauer :
a political biography.
Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1985.
Konrad Adenauer lived from 1876 to 1967.
Speaker: Michael Göcking (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (19:29 h) H025147

Kolbe, Christoph:
Cure or Obstacle:
Religion in Freud, Adler, Fromm, Jung and Frankl.
Stuttgart: Kreuz-Verlag, 1986.
An introduction to the world of thought in depth psychology, with the question of religion becoming the core question of the meaning and goal of human existence. The aim is to promote the dialogue between theology and depth psychology.
Speaker: Lilly Friedrich (Landschlacht).
1 CD DAISY (3:43 pm) H025095

Küng, Hans:
Munich: Piper, 2012.
The insights and knowledge of the rebellious Catholic theologian from his book "Being a Christian" appear here in a revised edition.
Speaker: Fabio Eiselin (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (10:46 h) H024801

Copper, Kristin:
China - what's true? :
the most important answers.
Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 2007.
The author introduces the history of the country, but concentrates on the essential issues of the present day on politics, society and the economy of the People's Republic of China.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (3:33 h) H024839

Lahnstein, Peter:
Eduard Mörike:
Life and milieu of a poet.
Munich: List, 1986.
This book describes the life of Eduard Mörike (1804 to 1875) and at the same time provides a mental anatomy of the Biedermeier period.
Speaker: Angelika Hofmann (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:35 h) H025157

Liberti, Stefano:
Land grab:
Travel to the realm of the new colonialism.
Berlin: Rotbuch-Verlag, 2012.
Translated from the Italian by Alex Knaak.
In order to secure the need for food or the production of biofuels, major international investors buy large areas of land in poor countries (such as Ethiopia), which leads to the displacement of poor smallholders from their land and tends to exacerbate the poverty and hunger balance of the respective countries.
Speaker: Andreas Ladwig (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (7:36 h) H025164

Man, Golo:
German history of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Stuttgart: German Book Association, 1969.
Extensive, brilliant presentation of German history from the French Revolution to Adenauer.
Speaker: Lilo Barth (Stuttgart / Münster).
1 CD DAISY (41:21 h) H025187

Matheny, Ray T .:
The Fire Riders:
trapped in "flying fortresses".
Munich: Knaus, 1988.
From the American by Werner Peterich.
It tells the story of the author's experiences as a young American aircraft mechanic during World War II. Initial enthusiasm for technology and aviation gradually gave way to reflection on the reality of the war.
Speaker: Christian Prüßner (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:03 h) H024708

Medicus, Thomas:
Melitta von Stauffenberg:
a German life.
Berlin: Rowohlt Berlin, 2012.
The life of Melitta von Stauffenberg (1903 to 1945), granddaughter of a Jewish textile merchant from Odessa, sister-in-law of the Hitler assassin, aviation pioneer, is a unique fate for women and a dramatic chapter in German history.
Speaker: Gisela Scherner (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (12:13 h) H025200

Moorehead, Alan:
The sources of the Nile:
Adventure and discovery.
Stuttgart: Steingrüben, 1962.
Translated from the English by Leonie Brockman and Werner Neumann-Nieschlag.
For centuries, the Nile has been a geographic mystery. Where did it come from, where were its sources? At the end of the world, some said, or even beyond. In the middle of the 19th century, English explorers set out on large expeditions to Africa to uncover the secret of the Nile springs. An exhausting undertaking that not least cost many locals their lives as they acted as porters.
Speaker: Erich Gabriel (Vienna).
1 CD DAISY (16:41 h) H025280

Müller-Münch, Ingrid:
The battered generation:
Wooden spoon, cane and the consequences.
Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 2012.
A large number of post-war German children have been beaten into life. Why was that normal in the 1950s and 60s? What became of these children? As adults, have the beaten children forgiven their parents and how do they deal with their own children?
Speaker: Lisa Bistrick (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:41 h) H025215

Murakami, Haruki:
Underground War:
the Tokyo attack.
Cologne: DuMont, 2002.
Translated from the Japanese by Ursula Gräfe.
In 34 interviews with surviving victims and 8 with the members of the infamous Aum sect, the author documents the aftermath of the poison gas attack on the Tokyo subway on March 20, 1995, which is attributed to the association. In these statements the individual experience and processing of this new apocalyptic terror culture becomes clear.
Speaker: Horst Müller (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (3:41 pm) H025002

Neumann, Bernd:
Cough, runny nose, hoarseness:
get well again quickly; Colds and sick respiratory tract - this is how you can also cure chronic diseases.
Munich: Knaur, 2005.
The authors devote themselves intensively to the symptoms and help with colds of the respiratory tract. They also deal with chronic diseases such as pollen allergy, pharynx, tonsillitis and larynx infections and bronchitis.
Speaker: Elisabeth Regenhard (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (4:10 h) H024865

Nottelmann, Nicole:
I love you. Forever :
Greta Garbo and Salka district.
Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag, 2011.
In 1930, the 24-year-old Greta Garbo, at the height of her popularity, and the 40-year-old, lively Salka Viertel, the gifted networker, get to know each other. An intimate friendship emerges that is about appearance and being, love and betrayal, submission and self-realization.
Speaker: Andrea Schunck (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:03 h) H025224

Usefulel, Nikolaus:
First aid for patients - and other victims of health reform.
Munich: Knaur-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2009.
Practical, up-to-date guide through the jungle of the healthcare system. Around 55 terms - from A as in acupuncture, I as in IGeL list, R as in discount regulations for drugs to Z as in two-tier medicine - are always explained according to the same system: What is it about? What does that mean for me? What can I do?
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (6:11 h) H024866

Papcke, Sven:
Reason and Chaos:
Essays on the history of social ideas.
Frankfurt am Main: Fischer-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 1985.
From Machiavelli to post-war Germany approaches to a history of sociology are tracked down.
Speaker: Peter Schubmann (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:21 h) H025238

Portraits from eight centuries.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1958.
Pictures of the lives of great men who have achieved significant things for Munich.
Speaker: Name unknown (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (2:37 h) H024671

Powys, John Cowper:
The art of happiness.
Frankfurt am Main: Two thousand and one, 2002.
Translated from the English by Waltraud Götting.
Happiness is not a matter of external circumstances, but of state of mind. We have to struggle for happiness all our lives. Here are some tricks explained, with which our feeling of happiness can be increased.
Speaker: Beate Reker (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (7:21 h) H025275

Reid, Shauna:
Diet Girl's Incredible Adventures:
How I took up the fight against the pounds and cut myself in half.
Munich: Knaur-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2009.
Translated from the English by Ruth May.
The Australian Shauna Reid is 23 years old and already weighs 160 kilos. Over the course of 6 years, she lost 80 kilos and gained a new zest for life. She moves to Scotland with her sister and even finds her great love there. A relentlessly honest, funny and warm-hearted report.
Speaker: Mona Perfler (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (12:23 h) H024805

Rheinsberg, Anna:
How colorfully my otherness unfolds:
Female poets of the twenties; Poems and portraits.
Mannheim: Persona-Verlag, 1994.
The poets Emmy Ball-Hennings, Claire Goll, Henriette Hardenberg, Sylvia von Harden, Gertrud Kolmar, Else Rüthel, Paula Ludwig, Ruth Landshoff, Mascha Kaleko and Hertha Kräftner are presented in poetic portraits and selected poems.
Speaker: Anina Polasek (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (2:53 h) H024881

Riermeier, Marianne:
The philosophical cookbook:
at table with great thinkers.
Darmstadt: Primus-Verlag, 2010.
In a foray into the history of Western philosophy, seven chapters deal with what selected philosophers such as Plato, Epicurus, Nietzsche, Peter Singer and others thought about the culture of eating and drinking and the connection between thinking and nutrition. 60 cooking recipes are given as an example of the type of table that was common in the respective epoch.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (8:07 h) H024882

Rohwer, Jörn Jacob:
my life.
Cologne: DuMont, 2011.
The super model "Veruschka", actually Vera Countess von Lehndorff (born 1939), whose father was executed by the Nazis in 1944, tells of the light and dark sides of the modeling world. At 33, she was the highest paid model in the world. She developed her body art, eccentric paintwork and actions that made her successful in New York. In 2005 she returned to Germany (Berlin).
Speaker: Jutta Seifert (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:46 h) H025352

Novels from yesterday - read today.
Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer.
Volume 3. 1933 - 1945. - 1990.
43 novels published during the time of Hitler's Germany and exile and at that time (more or less) successful are being "reread" by well-known authors, critics and literary scholars and critically questioned about their current relevance and literary quality. With very personal access, the texts are released from their anchoring in the history of literature and made accessible to today's readers in a new way.
Speaker: Angelika Hofmann-Vaßmers (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:46 h) H025349

Rubatscher, Maria Veronika:
Genius of love:
Cologne: Greven, 1954.
Life and work of the evangelical clergyman and founder of the Bethel institutions (1831 to 1910).
Speaker: Wolfgang Hartmann (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (4:31 h) H024887

Samir, Samir Halil:
100 questions about Islam:
why we don't have to fear the Muslims.
Augsburg: Sankt-Ulrich-Verlag, 2009.
Translated from the Italian by Gabriele Stein.
The author, Jesuit and theology professor, provides competent and understandable information about Islam from its origins to the present. The Koran and the five pillars of faith are discussed as well as human rights and the position of women, mosques and minarets, fundamentalism and terrorism. He particularly goes into the relationship between Islam and Christianity and emphasizes the opportunities for dialogue.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (8:32 h) H024889

Harmful, Karlheinz:
The Mitford sisters.
Düsseldorf: Claassen, 1990.
The story of the six daughters of an English aristocratic family, combined with the depiction of the involvement of English aristocratic circles in National Socialism.
Speaker: Roswitha Guizetti (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:32 h) H025362

Schell, Maximilian:
I'm flying over dark valleys or something is always missing:
Hamburg: Hoffmann and Campe, 2012.
The Oscar winner provides insights into various stations and fields of activity in his eventful life. We meet Marlon Brando, Marlene Dietrich and Friedrich Dürrenmatt, learn about his encounters with conductors, painters and many more.
Speaker: Andreas Ladwig (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (5:58 h) H025363

Schiff, Peter D .:
How an economy grows ... and why it's crashing.
Kulmbach: Börsenbuchverlag, 2011.
From the American by Egbert Neumüller.
Fable-like picture story, in parallel with explanations of economic principles, facts and mistakes that led to the 2007 crisis in the USA.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (4:37 h) H024892

Schlingensief, Christoph:
I know it was me
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 2010.
The touching and cheerful self-portrait by one of the country's greatest artists (1960 to 2010) and a fiery plea against ignorance and indifference. Who have you been Have you become who you wanted to be? What else do you have to do? And what happens when you've lost heaven? Questions about questions that probably move everyone who encounters their own death.
Speaker: Jerzy Kosin (Hamburg).
1 CD DAISY (7:35 h) H025338

Schopenhauer, Arthur:
Parerga and Paralipomena.
Wiesbaden: Brockhaus, 1950.
Five chapters from Parerga and Paralipomena: About women. On legal theory and politics. On the doctrine of the indestructibility of our true being through death. About religion. About reading and books.
Speaker: Irene Laett (Stuttgart / Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:51 h) H025365

Schramm, Hilde:
My teacher, Dr. Dora Lux:
1882-1959; Research.
Reinbek: Rowohlt, 2012.
The author is the daughter of Nazi architect Speer and she writes admiringly about her German-Jewish teacher and feminist Dr. Dora Lux (1882 to 1959). In this academic biography, she succeeds in depicting the peculiarities of the fate of a Jewish woman between 1880 and 1950 and in doing so also treats general questions such as emancipation, the bureaucracy of the Nazi era and history lessons after 1945 in a highly knowledgeable and exciting manner.
Speaker: Gisela Scherner (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (13:37 h) H025367

Schutting, Julian [as Jutta Schutting]:
A lion's heart:
Salzburg: Residenz-Verlag, 1985.
Texts that have to do with art and art contemplation. A very personal introduction to aesthetics.
Speaker: Barbara M. Henke (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:18 h) H025370

Schutting, Jutta:
see under Schutting, Julian

Schweiggert, Alfons:
Karl Valentin and politics or meddling in non-meddling.
Munich: Verlag Sankt Michaelsbund, 2011.
A subversive comedian in a deadly time. Karl Valentin's life - that is a typically German biography that is meticulously retraced and politically illuminated in this book. Valentin was neither an avowed supporter of the Nazi regime, nor a resistance fighter, more of a fear-obsessed comedian who shut his mouth with horror (1882 to 1948).
Speaker: Klaus Haderer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (6:54 h) H024905

Segev, Tom:
Simon Wiesenthal:
the biography.
Munich: Siedler, 2010.
From the Hebrew by Markus Lemke.
From the day he was liberated from the Mauthausen concentration camp, Simon Wiesenthal made it his life's work to track down Nazi criminals and bring them to justice. Five years after his death, the well-known historian and journalist Tom Segev is now presenting the first biography of this figure of the century compiled from original sources, revealing numerous previously unknown facts and telling the life of the "Nazi hunter", who himself remained a persecuted throughout his life (1908 to 2005).
Speaker: Matthias Hirth; Wolfgang Hartmann (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (22:09 h) H024907

Shepherd, Arthur P .:
A scientist of the invisible:
Life and work of Rudolf Steiner.
Stuttgart: Mellinger, 1977.
From the English.
A description of how Rudolf Steiner developed his knowledge of the spiritual out of his own consciousness and how the content of his teaching relates to modern scientific and logical thinking (1861 to 1925).
Speaker: Lilo von Plüskow (Stuttgart / Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (9:40 h) H025279

Simon, David:
a year on murderous roads; [SEPARATED BOOK].
Munich: Kunstmann, 2011.
From the American by Gabriele Gockel, Barbara Steckhan and Thomas Wollermann.
Baltimore crime scene: In the city on the east coast of the United States, 234 murders occurred within one year. At the center of this hurricane of crime is the Homicide Squad, led by Lieutenant Gary D'Addario. David Simon, also known in this country through the TV police series "The Wire", was the first reporter in America to have unlimited access to a homicide squad. He followed the investigators for a year (1988) and wrote what he had experienced in this literary report.
Speaker: Raphael Burri (Zurich).
2 CDs DAISY (23:40 h) / (9:54 h) H025311

Smullyan, Raymond:
Alice in Riddle Land:
Fantastic puzzle stories, adventurous trick questions and logical dream trips.
Frankfurt am Main: Fischer-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 1988.
From the American by Thea Brandt.
Entertaining and fun puzzles.
Speaker: Ulrike Turek (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:33 h) H025379

Solèr, Pia:
Feel the vastness:
Shepherdess Notes.
Frankfurt am Main: Weissbooks.w, 2011.
Pia Solèr is 40 years old and a shepherdess in Graubünden. Your records are authentic, commonplace and unique. No dropout speaks here, no esoteric seeker, here a woman talks about hard work and lonely hours, about the progress and decay of our days, but above all about life at 2000 meters above sea level - in which one can feel vastness.
Speaker: Irmtraut Kruse-Lötters (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (2:36 h) H025380

Speer, Albert:
Berlin: Propylaen-Verlag, 1970.
"Memories" is the autobiography of the architect and later armaments minister of Nazi Germany, Albert Speer. On the one hand it is valued by the public and parts of the research as one of the most detailed descriptions of what happened in the leadership circle of the Third Reich, but on the other hand it is judged very controversially because Speer withholds many crimes and his involvement in them.
Speaker: Walter Benn (Vienna).
1 CD DAISY (27:57 h) H024897

Cities that mean the world.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, without a year.
Audio images about the cities of Athens, Berlin, Geneva, London, Hamburg, Beijing, Tokyo, Venice and New York.
Speaker: Name unknown (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:39 h) H024672

Steinbrück, Peer:
Bottom line.
Hamburg: Hoffmann and Campe, 2010.
The former federal finance minister of the grand coalition describes from his point of view how the global financial and economic crisis came about. His view ranges from the world economy with the financial crises of the last few years to the resulting distortions, countermeasures by the government and the fundamental weaknesses of our economic and social system.
Speaker: Matthias Hirth (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (16:25 h) H025308

Stenebo, Johan:
The truth about IKEA:
a manager unpacks.
Frankfurt am Main: Campus-Verlag, 2010.
Translated from the Swedish by Swantje Marschhäuser.
The Swedish furniture giant stands for an open, friendly attitude towards life, its founder Ingvar Kamprad (born 1926) is considered an entrepreneurial genius of great personal modesty. Here a long-time personal employee scratches the lovable image, speaks of illegally exploited resources (IKEA lets 200 million euros in the year.Cutting down trees) and a sect-like company hierarchy and calls Kamprad's self-portrayal with alcohol problems and dyslexia a professionally staged emotional facade. An entertaining look into the inner workings of a corporation.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (10:17 h) H024912

Stern, Carola:
In the webs of memory:
Life stories of two people.
Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1986.
Carola Stern (1925 to 2006) and Heinz Zöger (1915 to 2000), who grew up in the midst of the totalitarian movements of the 20th century, believing in Hitler and he in Stalin, remember their stations and ask themselves in constant self-criticism: “How could that happen? "
Speaker: Ulrich Kulp (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:44 h) H025391

Tames, Richard:
London for 5 shillings a day:
a city in the Renaissance.
Munich: Sanssouci-Verlag, 2009.
Translated from the English by Karin Schuler.
In this amusing travel guide, the author tells us about everyday life in London in the 16th century at the time of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I. He provides information about sights and cuisine as well as background information from culture and history. In addition to Shakespeare, there are other famous personalities, and tips for trips help you to relax from the hustle and bustle of the Thames city.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (5:28 h) H024916

Politburo crime scene:
the Honecker file.
Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1991.
The author, former press spokesman for the Secretary General of the GDR, has compiled files, documents and testimony.
Speaker: Wolfgang Busch (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (13:54 h) H024966

Venzke, Bernhard:
Lots of sea ... than a cruise:
the diary of a dream ship chaplain.
Leipzig: Benno-Verlag, 2011.
Father Bernhard is hired as a clergyman for a world tour lasting several months, which takes him to Cape Town, Tierra del Fuego and Egypt. He not only gets to know distant countries, but also, as a pastor, the needs and weaknesses of the passengers.
Speaker: Uwe Schüller (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (5:37 h) H024952

Verolme, Hetty Esther:
We children from Bergen-Belsen.
Weinheim: Beltz, 2005.
Translated from the English by Mirjam Pressler.
At the end of 1943, Hetty, her two brothers and her parents were deported from Amsterdam to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Separated from their parents, around 40 children between the ages of ten months and sixteen years remain in the camp. The author tells the story of the »Children's Home in Bergen-Belsen« in a powerful and direct manner and of how she and the other children maintain their humanity and dignity by supporting each other and encouraging one another to survive the barbarism.
Speaker: Antje Tietz (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (11:21 h) H025246

The displaced.
Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1985.
Various authors comment on the displaced persons problem and the political significance of the displaced persons associations in the Federal Republic after 1945. A document section is attached to the book.
Speaker: Cornelia Köhler (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:58 h) H025148

Wallraff, Günter:
Sermon from below.
Göttingen: Steidl, 1986.
Wallraff gave a sermon in Hanover with the slogan "The Church must meet its demands!" The book also contains his speech "No Farewell to Heinrich Böll".
Speaker: Peter Schubmann (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (1:21 h) H025407

Wapnick, Kenneth:
Glossary of A Course in Miracles.
Gutach im Breisgau: Greuthof, 1995.
Translated from the English by Franchita Cattani.
The Daisy book only contains the text from pages 7 to 172.
Speaker: Christl M. Foertsch (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (2:06 h) H025196

Weiner, Tim:
the whole story.
Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer, 2008.
From the American by Elke Enderwitz.
This well-researched title of the correspondent of the New York Times (2 Pulitzer Awards), which won the National Book Award, promises a complete presentation and lists chronologically from 1945 (CIA under Truman) to 2007 (CIA under George W. Bush) from the American secret service caused errors and catastrophes, whereby he goes into the foreword to the German edition on the connections to the BND.
Speaker: Marion Bertling (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (25:30 h) H025410

Weiner, Tim:
the true story of a legendary organization.
Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer, 2012.
From the American by Christa Prummer-Lehmaier.
History of the legendary US police agency from its founding in 1920 by J. Edgar Hoover (1895 to 1972) to the present day. On the basis of numerous recently released documents, the journalist Weiner focuses primarily on the secret service side of the organization.
Speaker: Marion Bertling (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (20:50 h) H025409

Weischedel, Wilhelm:
The philosophical back stairs:
34 great philosophers in everyday life and thinking.
Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag, 1991.
You try the back stairs where you know you are at home. For Weischedel it is the access to the directly human. In this book we get to know 34 great philosophers over the back stairs, about their humanity. From there the reader is introduced to the great thoughts and systems of the philosophers.
Speaker: Wolfgang Hartmann (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:47 pm) H025259

Wess, Susanne:
Rome :
a city in biographies.
Munich: Travel-House-Media, 2012.
Rome, the Eternal City, is presented through 20 biographies of famous people closely related to the city, from Caesar, Michelangelo, Goethe, Fellini to Cecilia Bartoli.
Speaker: Sarah Giese (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:55 h) H025411

How Dracula lost her head and Sissi lost her lust:
21 unheard of stories from history; 40 years of time sign.
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 2012.
21 stories from the daily radio program »Zeitzeichen«, which has been conveying history to millions of listeners every day for 40 years. Each century is represented with a story. It tells of the witches of Paris, the Hofmohr of Vienna and the hottest love story of the Middle Ages.
Speaker: Friederike Krumme (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:17 h) H025049

Winter, Rolf:
Who the hell is the state? :
Confessions, questions and outrages from a pacifist.
Hamburg: Rasch and Röhring, 1992.
This book is a passionate plea for pacifism, the radical rejection of war and any armed force. At the same time it is a sensitive document of humanity. After 47 years, a man returns to the place where he shot an Englishman when he was a 17-year-old soldier.
Speaker: Martin M. Schwarz (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (6:16 h) H024927

Winterfeld, Bettina:
New York :
a city in biographies.
Munich: Travel-House-Media, 2012.
This city guide describes New York based on the biographies of its most famous residents. From Peter Styvesant to Louis Armstrong, Woody Allen and Barbara Streisand to Sarah Jessica Parker.
Speaker: Marion Bertling (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:09 h) H025416

Wynne, Barry:
He defied death:
2000 miles involuntarily through the great ocean.
Stuttgart: Engelhorn, 1967.
Translated from the English by Christa Wegen.
In a severe storm, the pearl fisherman Teehu Makimare is driven out into the open ocean with six comrades. For 64 days they fight against death in the form of storms, scorching sun, hunger, thirst and despair.
Speaker: Klaus Robra (Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (4:31 h) H025247

Yadin, Yigael:
the last battle for Herod's fortress.
Hamburg: Hoffmann and Campe, 1969.
A report on the excavations in Herod's rock fortress, which revealed evidence of the dramatic fall of the Jewish freedom fighters in the 1st century AD.
Speaker: Günter Freund (Stuttgart / Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:48 h) H025424

Zweig, Stefan:
Three masters:
Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky.
Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer, 1958.
Speaker: Fritz Spaeder (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (6:25 h) H024938

Zweig, Stefan:
Frankfurt am Main: Fischer, 1984.
Diary 1912/13; 1914-1918; 1931; 1935; 1936; September 1 - December 17, 1939. May 22 - June 19, 1940.
Speaker: Günter Rohkämper (Münster). 1 CD DAISY (21:55 h) H025430

Children's and youth literature

Ani, Friedrich:
My totally true and not at all embarrassing memoirs with exactly eleven and a half.
Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2010.
In this exciting children's novel, the award-winning crime writer Friedrich Ani writes about the first love of eleven and a half year old Simon Kesselbeck. Nothing has been the same since he saw Annalena. Maybe the "Nümphe" Echo Rat knows what boys can do when they're in love? - From 10.
Speaker: Wolfgang Becker (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (2:31 h) H024676

Asscher-Pinkhof, Clara:
Star children.
Berlin: Dressler, 1962.
From the Dutch by Wilhelm Niemeyer.
Experiences of Jewish children and their parents in Holland during the persecution of the Jews in the last days of the war.
Speaker: Ingrid Fernolt (Stuttgart / Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:45 h) H024964

Blazon, Nina:
Double light.
Munich: cbt-Verlag, 2011.
17-year-old Jay is allowed to spend a year as an exchange student in New York. Right at the beginning he falls in love with the mysterious Madison with the Indian eyes. But what he dares not tell anyone: Again and again another girl appears that nobody else seems to see. Dark, romantic end-time fantasy. From 13.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (11:43 h) H024686

Blundell, Judy:
The lies we told
Ravensburg: Ravensburger Buchverlag, 2010.
From the American by Mirjam Pressler.
USA, 1947: The war is over. Cinema, consumption and advertising shape everyday life. The promises made in the advertising make a big impression on 15-year-old Evie. She wants to be just like the women on the posters and cinema screens: irresistible and quick-witted. When the mysterious Peter, a former war comrade of her stepfather Joe, enters her life, she falls madly in love with him. But Peter and Joe share a dark secret.
Speaker: Danielle Gaubatz (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:44 h) H024687

Boyne, John:
The boy with the wooden heart.
Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer, 2012.
Translated from the English by Adelheid Zöfel.
Of someone who set out to find courage. One morning Noah runs away from home. A lonely forest path leads him to a toy shop full of magic and magic. Here Noah meets a very unusual toy maker. The old man has a lot to tell. His story is about adventure, miracles and broken promises. So he takes Noah on a journey. A journey that will change Noah's life. And that could also change our lives. A fairytale parable about the comfort of storytelling.
Speaker: Andrea Schunck (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (5:39 h) H024993

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de:
The ingenious Junker Don Quixote of the Mancha:
Düsseldorf: Artemis and Winkler, 1997.
Translated from the Spanish by Ludwig Braunfels.
The famous tragicomic novel from 16th century Spain. The life and adventures of an imaginative knight. An ingenious satire that aptly mocks false heroism and many human weaknesses.
Speaker: Günter Mack (Munich).
2 CDs DAISY (23:51 h) / (26:02 h) H025054

Corbo, Margarete Sigl:
Arnie, our little star.
Zurich: Benziger, 1984.
From the American by Ursi Kollert.
A helpless bird goes into Margaret's care and withstands all efforts to set it free. For this he develops wonderful skills.
Speaker: Elisabeth Opitz (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (7:27 h) H025021

David, Janina:
A piece of earth:
the end of a childhood.
Volume 2.
Continuation of: A piece of heaven / Continuation: A piece of stranger
Munich: Hanser, 1986.
Translated from the English by Hannelore Neves.
The 13-year-old Janina tells: About her escape from the Warsaw ghetto to a monastery, about monastery life, about her return home and the confrontation with the death of her parents.
Speaker: Caren Disselkamp (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (9:12 h) H025031

David, Janina:
A piece of stranger:
Memories of a youth.
Volume 3.
Continuation of: A piece of earth
Munich: Hanser, 1986.
Translated from the English by Gertrud Baruch.
Shattering testimony to the life of the countless homeless children and young people in post-war Europe.
Speaker: Michael Göcking (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:38 h) H025032

Dowd, Siobhan:
On the other side of the sea.
Hamburg: Carlsen, 2011.
Translated from the English by Salah Naoura.
14-year-old Holly lives in the home until she is placed in a new foster family, in which, however, she cannot stand for long. She decides to hitchhike to her mother in Ireland, packs the essentials, puts on a blonde wig and transforms into Solace - the self-confident and popular glamor girl who always knows what she wants. An exciting and dangerous journey begins. - From 14.
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:06 h) H024704

Enquist, Per Olov:
Grandfather and the smugglers.
Volume 2.
Continued from: Grandfather and the Wolves
Munich: Hanser, 2011.
Translated from the Swedish by Wolfgang Butt.
Grandfather sets off again with his 4 grandchildren and the dog Pelle to get to the third, not yet explored cave. On the way, they discover a map of the area drawn by grandfather in a tent and some drug residues. You get into threatening situations and even need police protection! - An exciting story told with humor and warmth. From 10.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (4:14 h) H024719

Hello, Mister God, this is Anna.
Part 1.
Continuation: Anna writes to Mister Gott
Bern: Joke, 1975.
Translated from the English by Helga Heller-Neumann.
“The difference between a man and an angel is easy. Most of an angel is inside and most of a person is outside. «Anna knows what it really is: God and the world, people and love, laughter, fear, joy and sadness.
Speaker: Günter Rohkämper (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:03 h) H025074

George, Elizabeth:
Whisper Island.
Volume 1. Storm warning.
Cologne: Egmont-Verlagsgesellschaft, 2011.
Becca can hear other people's thoughts. When she learns that her stepfather is a murderer, she and her mother have to flee. Becca stays with the helpful Diana on an island until her mother has found a safe place. There she falls in love with Derric ... An exciting and imaginative story with an open ending.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:11 pm) H024729

Gestel, Peter van:
Felix Wonder:
Weinheim: Beltz and Gelberg, 2010.
From the Dutch by Mirjam Pressler.
Amsterdam in the 1950s. Felix is ​​10 when his beloved cousin emigrates to Australia, his parents hire on a ship and he has to go to a children's home. When he can no longer stand it there, he flees with the rebellious Gerda. After an adventurous journey, he comes back to Amsterdam. - From 10.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (4:00 h) H024730

dark stories.
Weinheim: Beltz and Gelberg, 2009.
In 18 short stories about vampires, love and death, bloodthirsty zombies and mysterious incidents, the listener is kidnapped into a comfortably gruesome world.
Speaker: Mona Perfler (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (6:52 h) H024835

Green, John:
Destiny is a lousy traitor.
Munich: Hanser, 2012.
Translated from the English by Sophie Zeitz.
"Cancer books are stupid," says 16-year-old Hazel, who has cancer herself. She definitely doesn't want to be pityed and has no use for self-help groups. Until she meets the intelligent, good-looking and gorgeous quick-witted Gus in a group. He deals aggressively with his illness. Hazel and Gus discuss books, listen to music, watch films and fall in love - despite their handicaps and inexperience. Gus makes Hazel's big dream come true: Together they fly to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten, the author of Hazel's absolute favorite book. A profound, emotional and at the same time cheeky book for young people about illness, love and death.
Speaker: Verena Wolfien (Hamburg).
1 CD DAISY (8:39 h) H025332

Han, Jenny:
The summer when I became beautiful:
Part 1.
Continuation: No summer without you
Munich: Hanser, 2011.
Translated from the English by Birgitt Kollmann.
Every year Belly goes with her brother and her mother to see Susannah with her two sons Conrad and Jeremiah in the summer house. Belly has been secretly in love with Conrad for a long time. And this summer, the almost 16-year-old hopes, they could finally get closer.- From 13.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:01 h) H024817

Han, Jenny:
No summer without you:
Volume 2.
Continuation of: The summer when I became beautiful / Continuation: The summer that was only ours
Munich: Hanser, 2012.
Translated from the English by Birgitt Kollmann.
During all the summers with the brothers Conrad and Jeremiah, Belly was always drawn to the withdrawn Conrad. But as soon as the 16-year-old has conquered his heart, a shadow falls on her first love. Conrad's mother Susannah dies, and his father also wants to sell the beach house. In order to prevent this, Conrad sets out there immediately.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:04 h) H024818

Marc, Pierre:
Marco Polo's wonderful travels.
Zurich: Bohem-Press, 1992.
Translated from the French by Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel.
Alternating between adventure narration and factual information, this book describes the life of the Venetian (1254 to 1324), who spent many years at the court of Kublai Khan.
Speaker: Christl M. Foertsch (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (5:57 h) H024945

Marsden, John:
Dear Tracey, dear Mandy:
Weinheim: Beltz and Gelberg, 2006.
Translated from the English by Heike Brandt.
Tracey and Mandy start pen pals, writing about things like school, family, and friendships. Mandy also writes about her abusive brother. But it soon becomes clear that Tracey is hiding something from her, avoiding her. Finally Mandy learns the truth: Tracey is in Garrett, one of the safest custody facilities in Australia. But the letter contact does not break off, it becomes even more intense. But one day Tracey doesn't get any more answers to her letters.
Speaker: Ria Dietz-Rödiger (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (4:23 h) H024854

Pressler, Mirjam:
A book for Hanna:
Weinheim: Beltz and Gelberg, 2011.
In 1939, 14-year-old Hanna emigrated with a Zionist youth group from Germany to Denmark, where they believed they were safe from the Nazi persecution of Jews. The long-term goal is Palestine. But she and her friends are deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Here Hanna experiences immeasurable suffering, terror and fear. Shortly before the end of the war, Hanna was freed along with the Danish Jews, and the community dissolved. Hanna and Samuel were the only ones to continue their way via Sweden and Cyprus and finally reached Palestine in 1948. Moving, poetic and told in a way that is seldom found in literature. - From 14.
Speaker: Mona Perfler (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (9:44 h) H024876

Rosoff, Meg:
Back then, the sea.
Hamburg: Carlsen, 2009.
Translated from the English by Brigitte Jakobeit.
16-year-old Hilary is considered difficult and has just been sent back to a new English boarding school. He meets Finn, who lives alone in a fishing hut on an island off the coast. Finn is everything he wants to be: beautiful and strong, self-reliant and independent. Hilary soon tries to spend as much time as possible with Finn because he loves him, but his affection is not returned. When Finn falls ill, Hilary has to make a decision.
Speaker: Robert Valentin Hofmann (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (6:37 h) H024885

Rozenblum, Amalyah:
The most beautiful dog summer in the world.
Weinheim: Beltz and Gelberg, 2010.
From the Hebrew by Mirjam Pressler and Philip Waechter.
A new dog in the village! Chocolate is the name of the Labrador - how ridiculous! The wolfhound hybrid Johnny and Schoko cannot smell each other at first. But then the two dogs are embroiled in a joint adventure and with cunning and bravery put two poachers at bay. - From 8.
Speaker: Robert Valentin Hofmann (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (3:34 h) H024886

Schnabel, Ernst:
Anne Frank - trace of a child.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1990.
In this radio production, which has become a classic, the author traces Anne Frank's (1929 to 1945) path through the camps up to her murder.
Speaker: Name unknown (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:31 h) H024899

Schorn, Anita:
Animal boarding in our garden.
Reutlingen: Ensslin and Laiblin, 1985.
Four friends would like to do something useful during their school holidays and, with the active support of their grandfather, protect some dogs, hamsters and birds from possible exposure during the holiday period.
Speaker: Hildegard Sondermann (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (3:24 h) H025366

Sedgwick, Marcus:
Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2011.
Translated from the English by Renate Weitbrecht.
In a lonely hut high in the north of Sweden, 15-year-old Sig is watching over the body of his father, which had broken through the ice of the lake a few hours earlier and frozen to death when suddenly Gunther Wolff appears. He demands from the unsuspecting Sig the gold that Einar allegedly stole from him years ago. When he presses Sig's sister Anna, Sig remembers his father's revolver.
Speaker: Martin Pfisterer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (3:13 h) H024906

Stoffels, Karlijn:
1-0 for the idiots:
Weinheim: Beltz and Gelberg, 2010.
From the Dutch by Rolf Erdorf.
Luisa tried to kill herself. In the youth psychiatry "Villa Strandlust" she should find herself and her life again. She observes herself and the other patients sharply, self-deprecatingly and relentlessly: Zebbie, who is not allowed to get a knife in her hand, Hassan, who always wraps herself in the blanket, or Barjte, who knows the Amsterdam course book by heart. And slowly, little by little, Luisa regains trust in people and in herself. But she knows that she still has a long way to go.
Speaker: Danielle Gaubatz (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (3:45 h) H024913

Vlautin, Willy:
Lean on Pete:
Berlin: Berliner Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2010.
From the American by Robin Detje.
So now Portland. New town, new luck, Charley's father had thought, but Portland only brings the old problems. And then he dies, and 15-year-old Charley is all on his own. He gets a job at the racetrack and there it is the stallion Lean on Pete who especially grows in his heart. When the horse is about to be sold to a butcher, Charley runs away with him.
Speaker: Ria Dietz-Rödiger (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (8:19 h) H024925

Zitelmann, Arnulf:
Adventure novel from ancient times.
Weinheim: Beltz and Gelberg, 2006.
The girl Alica is destined from birth to serve the goddess Artemis as a priestess on the island of Lemnos. When Alica tries to water the old juniper tree in which the goddess is supposed to live, it goes up in flames. Two old priestesses set out with Alica to Delphi to ask the oracle there for advice. His saying takes Alica further into the land of the Etruscans, where she finally meets her mother.
Speaker: Meriam Pstross (Munich). 1 CD DAISY (6:29 h) H024935


Achebe, Chinua:
Okonkwo or The Old Falls.
Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, ​​1994.
Translated from the English by Dagmar Heusler and Evelin Petzold.
Okonkwo is an advocate of the traditional life and customs of an Ibo tribe in Nigeraia at the end of the 19th century. An event forces him to leave his home village. When he returned, he had to determine to what extent the British had influenced the village community. With desperate strength he tries to revive the already divided community and to call for resistance. = Title "Everything falls apart".
Speaker: Cornelia Bernoulli (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (5:52 h) H024669

Achebe, Chinua:
The arrow of God:
Wuppertal: Hammer, 1994.
Translated from the English by M. von Schweinitz.
The British colonial power is breaking into the old culture of the Ibo village community. The high priest Ezeulu initially successfully resists. But he is deeply shaken when not only a British ruse defeats him, but his own people also abandon him.
Speaker: Martin Harbauer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (12:52 h) H024668

Adcock, Thomas:
Fire and brimstone:
Detective novel.
Zurich: Haffmans, 1994.
From the American by Jürgen Bürger.
Artists suffer, die for art. Charlie Furman - aka Picasso - makes others suffer and die, it seems. And he sends Detective Neil Hockaday invitations to each of his grueling vernissages. »Hock« follows the bloody brushstroke to Coney Island, to a shabby amusement park and Picasso's ingenious, demonic masterpiece.
Speaker: Manfred Spitzer (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:24 h) H024855

Advent stories and Christmas legends.
Vienna: Austrian Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, 2006.
Speaker: Alice Zlatnik (Vienna).
1 CD DAISY (1:57 h) H024711

Agejew, M .:
Novel with cocaine.
Reinbek: Rowohlt, 1986.
Translated from the Russian by Daniel Dubbe.
Autobiographical novel, Moscow, approx. 1918/19. After a disappointing love story, the first-person narrator escapes into the intoxication of cocaine and fails because of it.
Speaker: Manfred Spitzer (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (5:38 h) H024953

Ahlsen, Leopold:
The poor man Luther.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1983.
In this radio play, the author uses a sequence of scenes to depict important stages in Luther's development from the obedient Augustinian monk to the reformer. Luther looks back at his life as he dies.
Speaker: Wolfgang Reichmann (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:30 h) H024673

Ahlsen, Leopold:
The imaginary sick man.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1987.
Bavarian radio play. Ahlsen translates Moliere's famous piece into the Bavarian environment and language.
Speaker: Fritz Strassner (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:11 h) H024674

Akunin, Boris:
Pelagia and the black monk:
Munich: Goldmann, 2004.
Translated from the Russian by Dorothea Trottenberg.
Towards the end of the 19th century, a ghostly apparition of a monk spread fear and terror in the Russian monastery of Ararat. Bishop Mistrofani sends three confidants one after the other to Ararat to clarify what has happened. But one of them pays for his research with his life, two more go mad. Finally, the criminalist nun Pelagia steps in.
Speaker: Helmut Schmid (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (3:31 pm) H025118

Alakoski, Susanna:
Better days :
Graefelfing: Edition Five, 2011.
Translated from the Swedish by Sabine Neumann.
When Leena and her family find a new apartment, everything seems to work out fine. Three rooms with balcony, parquet and color TV, a playground right outside the door. But the Swedes call the new quarter derogatory to the Finnish guest workers »pig houses«. The parents are poor. And they drink. Where is Leena's place in this world? The bestseller debut sensitively describes child poverty in the affluent society in the middle of Ystad in southern Sweden, where Wallander usually solves his cases. The explosiveness extends far beyond the 1960s and 1970s.
Speaker: Gisela Scherner (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (7:25 h) H024954

Albert, Marvin H .:
The Corsican:
Bayreuth: Hestia, 1984.
From the American by Helmut Kossodo.
The story of the two Falcone brothers from Corsica, who knew how to build up a gang empire on the Riviera that reached government offices as far as Paris.
Speaker: Fred W. Winkels (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (12:12 h) H024955

Allende, Isabel:
Maya's Diary:
Berlin: Suhrkamp, ​​2012.
Translated from the Spanish by Svenja Becker.
Maya is a life-scarred young woman on the run from drugs, the police and a brutal gang of criminals. Her grandmother hides her with Manuel, an old family friend, on a remote island. Little by little she uncovered the disturbing secrets of her family, which are closely linked to the history of Chile. And again she is in danger.
Speaker: Sylvia Gräber (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (13:59 h) H025314

A nightmare for five dollars:
incredible stories.
Munich: Nymphenburger, 1988.
Translated from the French by France Brifaut.
Pierre Bellemare and his team went in search of unbelievable but true facts, rummaged through police and press archives, visited witnesses and those affected, researched around the world and wrote these 31 incredible stories based on the facts obtained.
Speaker: Henning Freiberg (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (10:52 h) H024965

Ambjörnsen, Ingvar:
Up the Oridongo:
Hamburg: Edition Nautilus, 2012.
Translated from the Norwegian by Gabriele Haefs.
A man comes with a hat and suitcase to a small island in northwestern Norway to stay. He is in his 50s and has broken with his previous life. Here now he seems to find his peace. But reality catches up with him again. When a Dutch family arrives on the island, disaster strikes at their grand reception and the idyll breaks up.
Speaker: Manfred Spitzer (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:21 h) H024957

Ammaniti, Niccolò:
You and me :
Munich: Piper, 2012.
Translated from the Italian by Ulrich Hartmann.
Lorenzo is 14 and a bit peculiar. He tells his parents that he goes skiing with school friends, instead he hides in the basement of his parents' palace. There he is found by his half-sister Olivia, 9 years older than him and a drug addict - an encounter that changes his life.
Speaker: Hilmar Röder (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (2:59 h) H024958

Andersch, Alfred:
Zurich: Diogenes-Verlag, 1974.
A novel about people and events in a small town in the Eifel in the weeks before the Battle of the Bulge in autumn 1944. The German major Dincklage wants to save his battalion from ruin by surrendering.
Speaker: Irene Laett (Stuttgart / Marburg).
1 CD DAISY (17:06 h) H024807

Andersen, Hans Christian:
The improviser:
Zurich: Manesse-Verlag, 1965.
From Danish.
The Danish fairy tale poet tells his own life with this story of a poor Italian boy.
Speaker: Helmut Schmid (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (14:43 h) H024675

Anzengruber, Ludwig:
The double suicide.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1959.
Radio play adaptation of the farmer's farce of the same name.
Speaker: Fritz Strassner (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:22 h) H024677

Anzengruber, Ludwig:
The Kreuzlschreiber.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1950.
Radio play adaptation of the farmer's comedy of the same name. As in the ancient play "Lysistrata", the women in this humorous play refuse to be married.
Speaker: Various speakers (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:27 h) H024678

Aragon, Louis:
The real world.
Volume 4. Aurélien:
Continued from: The travelers of the upper class
Düsseldorf: Claassen, 1987.
Translated from the French by Lydia Babilas.
The story of a great love: an inexplicable affection between Aurélien and Berenice that takes on a fateful meaning.
Speaker: Hanna Liss (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (28:07 h) H024959

Arnald, Jan:
see under Dahl, Arne

Arrabal, Fernando:
Lightning strikes high towers:
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 1986.
Translated from the Spanish by Willy Böhringer and Astrid Schmitt.
A game of chess determines the rhythm of this unusual novel and political thriller, in which, move by move, the life of the two opponents and the dramatic kidnapping of a Soviet politician in Paris is portrayed. In the appendix: Summary of the rules of chess.
Speaker: Alfred Nienstedt (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:34 h) H024960

Arz, Martin:
Pitch angle:
[Detective novel; Max Pfeffers 4th case].
Munich: Hirschkäfer-Verlag, 2011.
Shock at the stream exit: A woman's corpse is discovered in the Glockenbach. Was the old woman the victim of a brutal de-lease because the sharks on the completely overheated Munich real estate market are happy with any means? Pepper thrusts into a wasp's nest out of greed and the ice-cold Glockenbach almost becomes a grave for him.
Speaker: Klaus Haderer (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (7:56 h) H024679

Asimov, Isaac:
Aurora or the departure to the stars:
Munich: Heyne, 1987.
Translated from the English by Heinz Nagel.
The stay of an earth man on another star »Aurora«.
Speaker: Ute Nagen (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (17:39 h) H024961

Asimov, Isaac:
The galactic empire:
Munich: Heyne, 1985.
Translated from the English by Heinz Nagel.
The hopeless overpopulation of the earth initially leads the Spacers to emigrate to distant worlds. When the expansion of further settlers follows, the Spacers fear a foreseeable, threatening superiority and one tries to counter this.
Speaker: Fred W. Winkels (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (19:19 h) H024962

Ayck, Thomas:
Smelt singer.
Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer, 1986.
The captain Stintfangsänger takes the unemployed Benjamin sweat as a cook on his ship. Together they go on imaginary sea voyages around the world.
Speaker: Caren Disselkamp (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (2:49 h) H024967

Bagge, Tapani:
Black sky :
Detective novel.
Berlin: Suhrkamp, ​​2012.
Translated from Finnish by Stefan Moster.
In Sweden, a money truck is ambushed and sacks of cash are stolen. But when reloading, a pair of windpants whirls the bills into the air. Ernesto, the gang boss, now not only has to flee from the police, but also from his own people, who are demanding their share. At home in Finland, Ernesto is planning the next thing.
Speaker: Friederike Krumme (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:40 h) H024968

Bainbridge, Beryl:
The woman in the dotted dress:
Munich: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 2012.
Translated from the English by Andrea Ott.
In the summer of 1968, the Englishwoman Rose sets out for America. Together with the opaque Harold, she is looking for Dr. Wheeler, whom Rose has known and adored since childhood. The journey back and forth across America finally takes her to the Hotel Ambassador, where Robert Kennedy is shot.
Speaker: Monika Steffens (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (6:27 h) H024969

Bakker, Gerbrand:
The detour :
Berlin: Suhrkamp, ​​2012.
From the Dutch by Andreas Ecke.
The old farmhouse in Wales seems like a good hideaway. There the young woman from Amsterdam feels safe from thoughts of the past, her fear of the future. One day the young Brawden nests with her.
Speaker: Lisa Bistrick (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (7:05 h) H024970

Banville, John:
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 2012.
Translated from the English by Christa Schuenke.
Adam Godley, a well-known mathematician, is dying. While he lies there, paralyzed by a stroke, his children and several other eccentric figures arrive at the old manor house in Ireland. This family reunion is being watched by Hermes, a humorous Greek god.
Speaker: Andreas Ladwig (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (9:07 h) H024971

Barber, Noel:
the novel of Singapore.
Bayreuth: Hestia, 1984.
From the American by Christine Frauendorf-Mössel.
The fate of two trading families during the Second World War.
Speaker: Ute Nagen (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (18:53 h) H024972

Barceló, Elia:
The black wedding dress:
Munich: Piper, 2011.
Translated from the Spanish by Stefanie Gerhold.
At a tango event, a beautiful, ghostly woman seduces a man with her dance. But at the end of the evening it disappears and leaves a trace that leads him into the past in Buenos Aires, to a passionate love that was not allowed to be.
Speaker: Hilmar Röder (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (4:09 h) H024973

Barclay, Linwood:
Because I loved you:
Munich: Knaur-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 2012.
Translated from the English by Silvia Visintini.
Glen's wife Sheila is said to have dragged two other people to their deaths in a car accident. A short time later, a friend of Sheila's mysteriously drowns. And when another friend asks about $ 62,000 that she claims to have given Sheila, Glen ponders: Was Sheila murdered?
Speaker: Manfred Spitzer (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (13:04 h) H024974

Baroth, Hans Dieter:
But there were good times:
Part 1.
Continuation: Streuesel cake in Ickern
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 1978.
The story of a proletarian childhood and youth in the war and post-war period, which, since it includes relatives, neighbors and classmates, expands into a piece of class history.
Speaker: Wolfgang Grabow (Münster).
1 CD DAISY (8:56 h) H025296

Baroth, Hans Dieter:
Crumble cake in Ickern:
Volume 2.
Continued from: But they were good times
Cologne: Kiepenheuer and Witsch, 1980.
Family novel from the Ruhr area.
Speaker: Gerhard Hasler (Hamburg).
1 CD DAISY (11:15 am) H025297

Barreau, Nicolas:
You will find me at the end of the world:
Munich: Piper, 2010.
Translated from the French by Sophie Scherrer.
One day Jean-Luc receives a love letter from a stranger. Soon he has only one goal left: to find this capricious woman who writes the most seductive letters in the world.
Speaker: Karl Robel (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (8:08 h) H024939

Barreau, Nicolas:
The women's smile.
Vienna: Thiele, 2010.
Translated from the French by Sophie Scherrer.
Aurélie is unhappy, her lover has left her. Then she comes across a book in a bookstore that mentions her restaurant. She reads all night and now really wants to get to know the author. But that will be more difficult than expected.
Speaker: Karl Robel; Renate Lubowitzki (Bonn).
1 CD DAISY (10:08 h) H024940

Barz, Paul:
Possibilities of a great moment:
or The meeting of Messrs. Bach and Handel in 1747.
Cologne: Westdeutscher Rundfunk, 1985.
You were born in the same year, almost on the same day and place, exactly three hundred years ago. They both end the same way: old, blind and lonely. But they never met. Leipzig's Thomas Cantor Bach and London's superstar Handel. Would they have had something to say, had they met?
Speaker: Martin Benrath; Rolf Boysen; Karl Lieffen (Munich).
1 CD DAISY (1:00 h) H024681

Basile, Giambattista:
The fairy tale of fairy tales:
the pentameron; based on the Neapolitan text of 1634/36.
Munich: Beck, 2000.
Translated from the Italian by Hanno Helbling.
The fairy tales of the Neapolitan Giambattista Basile (1575 to 1636), which influenced later European fairy tale collections and the literature of the 18th and 19th centuries, are characterized by almost inexhaustible imagination and baroque linguistic abundance. The 50 stories of the Pentamerone are now available in full in German for the first time in this new translation, which does not embellish the crude folk-like translation of the original.
Speaker: Lilly Friedrich (Zurich).
1 CD DAISY (32:01 h) H024666

Bauer, Josef Martin:
There is a way across the water.
Munich: Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1965.