How to make a live water system

Just a word of caution. Before entering your slab, make sure it is not prestressed concrete. Cutting into a live cable can lead to a violent release of energy. People were killed as a result. Prestressing cables run end to end through the plate and are tightened with very high pressure. This makes the slab stronger and allows them to use less concrete. But if you release all of that energy at once, it can rip right through the surrounding concrete. Think of the aircraft carrier cables. If you break it lashes around violently and some sailors have killed or maimed on the deck when this happens. Same concept here. To safely drill such a panel you need to map it to see where the cables are so you don't accidentally cut one off. When it comes to preloading, get a professional to make sure you're not creating a mistake.

When we had some forest fires here a few years ago, many houses were destroyed. Unhappy contractors, benefiting from the windfall of the work, tore off panels without investigating. One broke a plate and numerous cables were disconnected at once. Chunks of concrete and cables flew everywhere. If he hadn't been in a backhoe, he would have been killed by one whipped right on the cab. He stopped immediately, parked his backhoe and walked away, never to return. It traumatized him so much that he refused to ever do this type of work again. He had no experience with this technology and his boss never did the proper research before sending him to the job.