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    • Released: December 2013
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    without final grade

    Price / performance: "very good" (3 out of 5 stars)

    "Promising multiroom system that will only develop its full potential with future updates."

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3.5 stars

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The Pure Piano Jongo HiFi Adapter cannot convince the customers on Amazon. 60 percent only give one star; on the other hand there are 40 percent 5-star ratings. Above all, the design is rated positively. Opinions are divided, however, when it comes to function.

Several buyers report that the Piano Jongo could not be integrated into the WLAN. But the criticism begins with the operating instructions, which do not provide comprehensive information. The detailed version has to be downloaded from the manufacturer first. In addition, you may first have to perform a firmware update, also via the Pure website. The support from Pure has also come under fire. If the HiFi adapter can be put into operation and integrated into the WLAN, it works without any problems, even via Bluetooth - but, as with some Amazon buyers, problems can arise during setup, and then the adapter does not work.

3.4 stars

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5.0 stars

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  • An extremely good device, especially because of the price

    • Advantages: wireless transmission, very good sound, suitable for both Bluetooth and DLNA UPnP

    A Pure Jongo A2 is a very good device, even if the Pure app does not connect as reliably, but once the instructions have been read correctly, the integration into the W-LAN is no longer a problem.
    In particular, the sound of this device already plays at a real high-end level, which cannot be said of other Bluetooth receivers.
    It is definitely not true that this device has no function when it is not in the W-LAN, because it can then also be used as a Bluetooth receiver without any problems.
    Even as a UPnP player for streaming, this device does not play badly, but unfortunately it does not support high-resolution file formats. That could be better

    My very personal conclusion and that of all the people I know who have such a device: For very little money, a real high-end enjoyment that doesn't need to hide behind expensive streamers but can keep up

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