Gadiya means how much time in Telugu

Much is an ADVERB (and as such never has endings) meaning "much"and is used with non-countable nouns such as milk, time, money, work, etc., regardless of GENDER:
I do not have much time.
He has a lot of money.
There isn't a lot of milk in the refrigerator.
Unfortunately, I have too much work to do.
Viel can also be the precipitor of an adjectival noun phrase:
Erich did a lot of good in Africa.
In Africa, Eric did a lot of good (things).

Many is a (plural) adjective of indefinite number meaning "many", and as such may have appropriate PLURAL endings (e or en):
Many workers want to leave the company.
It is difficult to travel with many children.

There are some expressions which consist of much- plus adective endings. In these cases, a lot acts as an adjectival noun, and is therefore not followed by a noun:

Much must not be said.
Much may not be said.