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30 days of mourning: this is how it continues after Prince Philips death

What happens after the death of Prince Philip (✝99)? On Friday afternoon, the news from the British royal family caused a worldwide shock: The husband of Queen Elizabeth II (94) died early in the morning in his home at Windsor Castle. The regent herself announced this in an emotional statement online. But what will happen to the Queen after Philip's death - does she even have the opportunity to mourn in peace?

How Daily Mail reported, the 94-year-old will now withdraw for the time being. Her Majesty will enter an eight-day period of mourning and not attend any private appointments. If legislative resolutions require royal approval during this time, the politicians have to wait - all state affairs are interrupted. The official royal mourning period should then last a total of 30 days. Only then will the Queen return to her duties.

This break also applies to the other members of the Royal Family. According to the palace protocol, only dark clothing should be worn during this time - as a sign of sadness. When and where Prince Philip will be buried is not yet certain.

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