When are doterra lrp points awarded?

The dōTERRA Loyalty Program (LRP)

Do you have a favorite doTERRA product that has become essential for you? Would you like to have doTERRA healthy supplements automatically every month? Would you like to collect points for free products with every order you place on doTERRA? The doTERRA Loyalty Program is a convenient way to have your favorite doTERRA products delivered straight to your home every month. With every month that you take part in the loyalty program, you will receive an increasing proportion of bonus points that you can redeem for products - up to 30% on qualified orders! There is no monthly minimum purchase and you can change the product selection of your monthly order at any time or end your participation in the doTERRA loyalty program at any time without further obligation.

For comprehensive information on the program, please contact me.


The product points that you receive with your monthly loyalty order can be used as payment for future orders. The longer you participate in the dōTERRA loyalty program, the more product points you can earn - up to 30% of your total monthly loyalty program orders! (That means, together with the original 25% that you already receive as a member, you can ultimately receive a total of up to 55% on the products)


ADDITIONAL BONUS - Product of the month:

Receive a free product for any monthly order in the dōTERRA Loyalty Program of 125 PV * or more placed on (or before) the 15th of each month!

dōTERRA Loyalty Program Highlights:

• Hassle-free automatic mailing of the dōTERRA products you use on a monthly basis

• Possibility to receive up to 30% of the PV * value of your monthly order in the loyalty program as product points

• Redeeming product points for dōTERRA products

• The freedom to change your order in the loyalty program up to the day before the monthly shipping date

• Track your score online in your virtual office mydoterra.com (back office)

• The monthly shipping date for loyalty orders can be set between the 1st and the 28th of each month

• For orders of 200PV * or more, you can receive additional free products and promotions


• A minimum of 50 PV * monthly loyalty program order required to receive product points

• Loyalty orders with a minimum of 1 PV * will maintain the point balance and percentage.

• There is no limit to the amount of monthly product points that can be earned

• Product points expire 12 months after their date of issue

• A redemption fee of € 2.00 per 100 points, plus taxes and shipping costs, will be booked in addition

• Product points can be redeemed for the first time 60 days after participating in the loyalty program

• If you cancel your loyalty program or if you are inactive, all product points expire immediately

• Product points have no cash value and are not transferable

• Products purchased with product points are not intended for resale

* PV is a point value that is assigned to each product and is shown next to the price.


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