What does pre-prescription mean for summons

Then my mother gave me one Subpoena pressed into the hand. ... you are accused of the following legal violation: violation against the Narcotics Act, purchase of cocaine from 2014.
by attorney Sylvia True-Bohle
I got one now Subpoena & lpar; without legal instruction & rpar; by the Kripo for questioning as a suspect violation against the BtmG. ... In my opinion, however, the police would have arrested me or at least carried out a house search if such a serious offense were taken as a basis or if there was a risk of escape or blackout, and not just one Subpoena cleverly.
by lawyer Robert Weber
Hello, I got one today after consulting the prosecutor Subpoena for "Prohibited Notice of Trials". ... My question now is, should I get to that Subpoena go or not.
by lawyer Christian Mauritz
good evening, my 16 year old son has one today summons as a suspect because of a general violated received against the btmg. During the last week he stayed at a friend's house, whose apartment was checked in the morning as part of a house search, including a drug dog. In addition to a search of his belongings, he only had to provide his personal details and could leave without any identification or drug testing. neither with him nor in the apartment were drugs or the like found, only an unused "hashish whistle" & lpar; whatever that is & rpar; was in the apartment. the apartment tenant had to go to the guard, he was "blackened" by third parties because of the possession of amphetamies. the appointment at the criminal investigation department is already the day after tomorrow, how should we behave?
by lawyer Kianusch Ayazi
In any case, my blood was drawn at the station and now I have it Subpoena lying in front of me, which I do not want to meet let alone can because of my freshly started training. ... do I have to Subpoena or can I ignore or cancel it? ... Subpoena is on 08/20 at 11am.
violation - with cannabis including preparation - as accused, summoned. ... Now this came Subpoena.
by lawyer Ingo Bordasch
1. What can I expect when I appear there? 2. To date I have never caught a criminal offense, let alone do I take drugs, how should I behave? 3. Do I have to show up?
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by lawyer Dr. Felix Hoffmeyer
Hello, I have one Subpoena get the police, violation against the Btmg. ... The Subpoena tell me where it's gone ... My Subpoena is on 7.4.21.

| 27.3.2021
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from attorney-at-law Peter Fricke
Hello, my son has a 25 year old Subpoena from the police violation against the Btm law. ... Then yesterday he got it Subpoena from the police with the violation against the Btm law.
Dear Sir or Madam, In the context of an investigation because of Offense A house search was carried out against the weapons law. ... Recently & lpar; after the house search & rpar; I got one from the police Subpoena for questioning as a suspect & lpar;violation against the gun law & rpar; receive.
by lawyer Jung-Yeon Sohn
Today one fluttered to me Subpoena the criminal police into the house. ... In the Subpoena I couldn't justify that Subpoena Find.
by lawyer Christian Schilling
The affected person now has one Subpoena get to the police and the question arises how he should react.
by lawyer Karlheinz Roth
My son has one Subpoena for police questioning as a suspect violation get against gun law. ... Or should one say in writing, I assure you, none violation to have done against the gun law?

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