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I may quote from Faust (slightly shortened):
All right! it just doesn't take long.
I am not at all afraid of my bet.
When I get to my purpose
Will you allow me to triumph with all my heart.
He should eat dust, and with pleasure
THE GENTLEMAN. Even there you can only appear free;
I never hated your kind.
Of all the ghosts who deny
Is the rogue least of all a burden to me.
Man's activity can be all too easy
He soon loves unconditional peace;
That's why I like to give him the journeymen
He stimulates and works and has to create as a devil.
Or would you like a little prophecy?
The number 666, when studied in the context of the 13th chapter of Revelation in conjunction with Daniel 7, clearly indicates the Roman Pope, “Changed by time and law"Has and the"will make rude speeches against the Most High”(Daniel 7:24, 25),“ on his heads Names of blasphemy“(Revelation 13: 1). The number 666 is the mark of the beast according to Revelation 13: 15-18. (For a better understanding of what the "mark of the beast" means in contrast to the "seal JAHUWAH", please read: "The seal of Almighty Creator God").

Own comment: But there is something similar in all scriptures ... there are more places in the Bible and in other prophecies. But it is still to be averted ...
Quote from Josef Pulitzer
There is no crime, no trick, no trick, no fraud, no vice that does not live on secrecy.
Bring these secrets to light, describe them, ridicule them in front of everyone, and sooner or later public opinion will sweep them away.
Announcement alone may not be enough; but it is the only means without which all others fail.