How To Make Magnalium Flash Powder

How To Make In Flash Powder 5 Steps (With Pictures)

Nothing says "Feast!" Like the pyrotechnic brought you courtesy of flash powder stuff that makes torches flicker, fireworks explode, and other things that boom. Flash powder is a fast burning mixture of an oxidizer and a fuel - usually potassium perchlorate and aluminum powder - and is guaranteed to light things up. Flash powder is serious, rip-your-face-off dangerous, but it's fun to make. just be careful not to shine yourself in the process!

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Acquire aluminum powder and potassium perchlorate. There are US federal restrictions on this item. For example, aluminum powder is limited to two pounds a year with no ATF high explosives manufacturing license and a potassium perchlorate you might be investigated by the Fed and / or the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They mean business.
  • Find fireworks supply houses or hobby chemical retailers for sources

  • The powder must be 400-600 mesh (a measure of how fine the powder is). Treat your work area with an anti-static spray. You can buy commercial static sprays or make your own from a 9: 1 mixture of water and fabric softener.
    • Don't skip this step. A static discharge can ignite the powder, result in an explosion that could spoil the whole day, or bits of you fly off your whole house or neighbor's yard.
  • The right ratio of potassium perchlorate to aluminum for any amount of flash powder is 7: 3. To make a 5g mixture (perfect for a little bang), weigh 3.5g of the potassium and 1.5 grams of the a 7 : 3 mix
  • Mix your ingredients.Do not stir, crush, press or stand on the mix. Although mostly flash powder isn't sensitive, it's very easy to make a very, very unstable mixture.
    • The best way to mix the powders is to pour all of the chemicals into a plastic bag, spray them with anti-static spray, and slowly mix the chemicals by shaking the bag. However, there is some debate about the safety of this method, so whenever you use it you should spray the bag with anti-static spray to reduce the chance of injury.
  • A common method for commercially produced flash powders is to combine the two powders in a sealed plastic bottle and gently roll them between your hands to mix the powders.

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