Moran those who shine in the dark

the stories of a herb mume ...

Once upon a time there were very many precious souls who had placed themselves in the service of the light, the power and the power of the origin of all being ...
…they were Light Bringer / Light Bearer (Warriors is a negative word, because they bring / carry the light into the darkness!), Reiki masters, healers, energy healers, shamans etc….
They wanted to become a lighthouse for all souls, so that every soul can find its light again, which was taken from it eons ago, because the “dark side of power” only allowed a spark for the soul's self-preservation, so that it could suppress humanity.

Those souls who recognized this also recognized their value, including the one their soul had, they recognized that every soul was just as valuable as their own soul - whether animal, plant, planetary, natural or human soul - each was full of value and each soul communicated with all other souls.
So little by little each soul lit its light on the other soul and let it shine, the shine became so strong that it could heal again and the “bright. loving side of power ”, which began to illuminate the darkness in which these precious souls had to live, first a little, then more and more, so that the souls recognized each other, found each other and could let their light shine.

Because of their glow and their wonderful way of life with all souls, the souls were an anchor in the darkness for all other souls!
Now it happened, however, that the “dark side of power” noticed that something is different, something is wrong with the oppressed souls ... they were no longer afraid of them, where they were was the light, the love and The togetherness instead of quarrels, hatred, envy and resentment and they also noticed that more and more people found their way and that their power was beginning to wane.

Therefore they worked out a “battle plan to bring their warriors back”, after all they should fight - against other souls, against mother nature (which gave them food and plants to cure all diseases), against the sun (which kept them healthy!), Against Grandmother Earth, against her families, against her husbands, against her children, against her wives, against the animals, against herself and even against life….
... how sad was the origin of all being, when he saw and felt everything, he cried bitterly about it and went on a search to find light souls - and if it was only one single light soul that had kept the light in his heart - and he actually found what he was looking for!

When they met, the soul immediately recognized the light and the healing love, it began to shine and shine, the origin of all being protected it with its light, its love and its power, so that the soul became a ray of light in the darkness and gave up all others of their light, their love and their worth, they too were under the protection of the origin of all being.
These souls began to vibrate energetically high, higher and higher, more and more radiant! They healed other souls, blessed Grandmother Earth, lived with Mother Nature and all her children in harmony and harmony.

The "dark side of power”Got very angry now, so they invented new things to enslave these souls - They sprayed poisons into the air, built weapons which broke the will or which killed the souls - mentally, bodily and also spiritually, they "twisted" their words so that they could no longer recognize or speak their own language, they mixed them up the words with words from the languages ​​of other countries, they used frequencies, and large electrical systems, so that no one could see the difference between the true light bearers and healers and their artificially created “light warriors and soul catchers”.
Human souls, who were only just beginning to see their light and their value, fell victim to the artificially generated “light energy of the light warriors” without noticing it …… and the “dark side of power” was happy, rubbing their hands and congratulated each other on how great they were and the human souls who passed on the artificially generated energies did it unconsciously, because their consciousness was completely unconscious of it!

So it happened that their hearts remained empty, although they lived, passed on or received “light and love”, a real sense of harmony never came about and so they thought to live in the light of the origin of all being and to pass it on, they were like that convinced that they did not even notice how much their human souls were being abused and their precious souls were shrouded in pain and darkness - they envied, hated or talked badly about human souls who were different from them, their words were empty , lied to their esteem, played their friendliness .... they were lulled by the artificial side of light (the “dark side of power”) and mentally processed by the negative frequencies that they could neither recognize nor change it.
They broke their given word, saw discord and resentment and abused human souls like their own human soul was abused by the “dark side of power” without them noticing - and their souls wept bitterly because they were aware of their value and its value, only their human bodies and their brains refused to understand it.

There were human souls who received “light words - even entire light languages” - they felt good for these human souls, because they vibrated on their energy frequency, which they (he) knew, so they did not put it in Question and passed it on to other human souls.
They became energy healers, but did not notice that they were drawing empty energy - conscious souls however felt bad after their "Be-actions" or it only helped for a certain time, then everything started all over again and often even worse than before.
They became healers or seers, but their EGO was so strong that they only saw their things as right, valuable and the only true thing, they took advantage of other human souls and strived for power, empire and recognition, but instead of in resonance with going to this feeling, which was not very "full of light", they ignored it.

Friends who only pretended to be friends so that you could tell them (their EGO) how great they are, because their EGO needed this confirmation for their VALUE feeling, because their own was covered. In reality they were only at peace when their word was recognized as the non plus ultra, accepted without contradiction and all bowed to it without exception. In truth, they envied the other human soul's love, joy, happiness, partner, abundance, success and so much more ... but these “friends” did not see that they were tormenting these other human souls or even destroyed, because the EGO was unreasonable.

However, these human souls were still just as valuable - full of value, but the “negative energies” that surrounded them, penetrated their brains from outside and led them to believe “light and love”, were too strong. These energies enveloped their human souls, their true value, their true light and their true love in fog and above that in darkness, because their true, own, valuable light and their true, own, valuable love could no longer shine through - however it was still there - the conscious soul held it carefully, so that everything remained there, everything can flow, flow and shine again, when the shadow is recognized and the negative energy / negative frequency is consciously perceived and thus through self-love , self-light and self-worth has been defeated.

The universe has a law of resonance, which is stored in the morphogenetic field - the good as well as the negative - this resonance wants to please the human soul and sends those who behave so disparagingly towards other souls exactly that in and with such strong energy back so that they can learn to feel these things ... in a positive and negative sense, because the resonance energy sends what is needed -
Sometimes it takes years or, more rarely, decades, but the response follows so that these human souls can recognize their own precious love, their own precious light and their own valuable value and are allowed to live it again, immerse themselves in the light of the origin of all being and from which all souls came and to which they return when they wish - for this they must let the first light go after death, wish their skillful souls love and happiness, let them go, wait a little and into the light gate, which then opens, enters - so that your soul can come back home - to shine its precious light, its precious love to flow and to share its precious value with all the other light souls and let it shine - as a bright lighthouse for all other souls, so too they find the way back into the light of the origin of all being, so that paradise returns to grandmother earth - Terra.

Which energies are in you right now?

Check whether it is "light energy" or "negative energy - artificially generated energies" that envelop your true self and abuse your soul for their purposes!

Everything that hurts your own soul or another soul is negative energy!



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