How to reset knox counter s5 audi

How do I reset the Renault Zoe counter?

You just noticed annual maintenance work from your Renault Zoe and you want Reset the maintenance counter. This can be interesting for know when to change the oil in the future. Problem you don't know the method to do it? For this reason, in this tutorial we will first explain by what means reset to default the counter of your Renault Zoe after every oil change. Then we will detail you the difference between an odometer and an odometer. And finally, if you wish, we will indicate that Advantages ? Reset the counter on Renault Zoe.

The technique for resetting the day counter on Renault Zoe:

  1. Start the process by contacting us Your car but without starting the engine. That means it only takes a quarter turn with the key.
  2. Search for it bouton the maintenance counter that is located at the bottom right of the display Number of kilometers.
  3. Press this button, you should see a Number of 10 appear on the screen.
  4. Hold up Press the countdown time button.
  5. Ensuite Remove the key of the contact and replace it that way Switch on the motor.
  6. If the manipulation worked, then the odometer should be reset to default.

If the drain indicator is still on, do the following:

  1. Switch on contact in your Renault Zoe, but without starting the engine as before.
  2. Hit the maximum the accelerator.
  3. Then press three times the brake pedal.
  4. Remove ignition.
  5. Reseat the contact to Restart your car.
  6. In general The lights should go out at the same time as the others.

The difference between an odometer and an odometer on Renault Zoe:

It's important not to mix that up Odometer and daily counter. Your vehicle's odometer is provided to record the number of kilometers drove by car since its construction.

On the other hand, the day counter or called Maintenance switch, just helps you know when to get your job done future runoff. Or do you know the range of your car if the fuel gauge turns out to be faulty.

So that's why the odometer as opposed to the maintenance counter should not be changed. This is what you should know if you try Change the odometer number for the sale of your vehicle it would be a Burglary and you impose a heavy fine up to 37 €. We therefore strongly recommend not to carry out this type of manipulation.

How useful is it to reset the maintenance counter to zero on Renault Zoe?

Some Renault Zoes are equipped with one Seer Maintenance that reminds you to change the oil. Which is more like useful because we can end quickly to forget to do it and over time can do this Damage your vehicle prematurely if maintenance is not carried out regularly. However, this is the case The warning light comes on after a certain number of kilometers because it is generally advisable maintained Your vehicle each 15 to 20 km. If the counter does not reset after servicing, the light on your dashboard will still be activated. But this can be revealed a little painful, and especially it won't remind you the future oil change must be carried out. So it's a bit of a shame because it's pretty convenient. For more information on how to drain your Renault Zoe, see the following article: Price of an oil change for Renault Zoe

Another benefit to resetting the odometer on your Renault Zoe is when you have a malfunction of the meter. If you are unable to determine the amount of fuel in your car's tank, it is helpful to reset the counter to zero. As you can Measure the average range of your Renault Zoe Depending on the number of kilometers driven, resetting the odometer can be helpful. So if you have any problems with the display of your Renault Zoe, please refer to the following article: Renault Zoe display does not go up.

This manipulation can also come in handy when you want to rent your car between individuals to check the number of kilometers traveled by the landlord.

Finally : Resetting the counter on your Renault Zoe can be helpful Follow the interview from your Renault Zoe or also to overcome a meter problem. So we advise you to do this task as soon as possible to avoid situations where you try to remember the original number of the meter and do calculations.

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