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How to Make Crystals Grow Faster

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Because the cultivation of crystals is a popular industrial project teaching students about the formation of crystals, evaporation and saturation. Usually one will


Growing crystals is a popular science project that teaches students about crystal formation, evaporation, and saturation. Usually a saturated solution is prepared and then allowed to evaporate to form molecular structures in the form of crystals. Growing crystals using conventional methods can take several weeks. You can speed up the process by using different techniques and ingredients. In general, crystals that are made in a few hours are finer and less resilient than crystals that have been formed over the course of several weeks.

Salt crystals

    Form crystals using salt instead of sugar as salt crystallizes faster. Fill your glass or glass 3/4 full with water. Put the water in the saucepan and bring it to a boil. Pour the water into the glass until it is 1/2 full.

    Mix 1 tbsp. Add salt to the water all at once until no more salt dissolves (usually about 1/2 cup). Tie the stitch around the pencil and cut it so that it hangs in the glass but doesn't touch the ground.

    Put your glass in a warm, dry place so that the water evaporates faster. Boiling the water and placing the jar or glass in a warm place will accelerate the formation of crystals.

Epsom salt crystals

    Use Epsom salt instead of table salt to help form crystals quickly. These crystals are much finer than the salt crystals. Pour half a cup of Epsom salt into half a cup of hot water from the tap.

    Let the water run until it is as hot as it gets, but do not boil it. Stir in Epsom salt. There should still be some Epsom salts on the bottom of the jar.

    Put the jar in the refrigerator. In 3 hours the glass is filled with fine crystals.

Washing soda crystals

    Use a clean glass container (a dirty container provides a surface for the crystals to grow). Put two cups of water and half a cup of washing soda (available in the supermarket) in a saucepan and heat them to a boil.

    Pour the water and washing soda into a glass container. Cover the glass container with plastic wrap to prevent evaporation. Let the solution cool for four hours. Sprinkle some washing soda on a pipe cleaner to allow the crystals to grow on the surface.

    Wrap one end of a pipe cleaner around a pencil and lower it into the glass container. The pipe cleaner must not touch the floor. The glass container is filled with crystals in 20 minutes.


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