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How does sex with an XXL penis feel?

| January 14, 2021 | 7:10 p.m.


The dream of a giant penis. Or is it more of a nightmare? Three women describe what it feels like to have sex with a huge penis.

There is no such thing as the perfect penis length or ideal dimensions. Phallic fantasies of the giant penis also arise from men's heads (keyword: tail comparison). The reality is far from distorted porn measurements in the pants, and that bothers women significantly less than men, who often want a few inches more. A large-scale study from 2014 took the best piece from 15,521 men from all over the world under the microscope in order to arrive at average values. The truth in a nutshell: When relaxed, the average penis measures 9.16 centimeters, when erect it is 13.12 centimeters long.

Statistical outliers up and down are extremely rare. Only 5% of the study participants had a penis that was more or less than 16 or 10 centimeters. An XXL penis (from approx. 20 centimeters in length) is a statistical exception. Lottery six or a problem in bed? As so often in life, a question of taste, experience, technique and all other elements in the microcosm of love.


Personal preference is not only a matter of taste but is also subject to fluctuations based on situation and experience. And then there would not be the individual anatomy of two people who merge in the act of love. Pot and lid, bowl and lock. The impressions and that sexual partners make with each other are just as different. Three women who had this experience told us what sexual intercourse feels like with a penis in XL format.