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“IaF - the young doctors” drops the bomb: HE is the new one on the set

Erfurt. With "In all friendship - the young doctors“ (MDR) it happens in quick succession!

After the series had cleared the slot for the offshoot “The Nurses” for several weeks and it had become a little quieter around the Johannes Thal Clinic, “In all friendship - the young doctors“Now everything on attack. Not only the new series preview has it all.

Fans can also look forward to new faces on the set. Isabella Krieger is the new assistant doctor at the JTK. You can find out everything about her and her new role HERE! But there is still a new addition. And as a fan of the show you should already know him!

“In all friendship - the young doctors”: HE is the new guy on the set

In addition to Isabella Krieger in the role of Viktoria Stadler, there will be another new addition to the assistant doctors. Florian Osterwald will be involved from autumn 2021. He is played by actor Lion Wasczyk.

Fresh out of his studies, Florian Osterwald is thrown straight into the deep end at the JTK, reveals Lion Wascyzk in a Facebook video. He describes the young assistant doctor as very ambitious, interested and enthusiastic. Maybe even a little too enthusiastic. “He thinks he could do more,” reveals Lion. And that, as is well known, harbors the potential for conflict.

Fans of "In all friendship - the young doctors" already know that from the role of Ben Ahlbeck. With him, the audience has already gone a little alone - and experienced the consequences.


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Lion Wasczyk is no stranger to the JTK

But back to Lion Wasczyk, who takes on the role of Florian Osterwald. The 26-year-old has already acted in several series and films, you might have noticed in "Saphirblau", "Smaragdgrün", "Der Lehrer" or "Alarm für Cobra 11" - or in "In allerfreund - die Junge Doctors"!

Because the 26-year-old already had an appearance at the JTK. Not in his new role, but as Patrick. In episode 74, "Size", he played the friend of the patient Michelle Koch. She had injured her eye and was afraid of losing her eyesight. This connection has of course not gone unnoticed by the fans on Facebook.

What the fans say:

  • "Lion was already there in an episode, I think that's cool!"
  • "Hasn't he been there before. As the friend of the young girls with the broken glass in their eyes. Episode 74."
  • "Cool, I'm looking forward to him."
  • “That really brings a breath of fresh air to the JTK with the two newcomers. I'm really happy. Welcome Lion. "

+++ "In all friendship" - doctor says THIS sentence - he hits the nerve of the time: "a lot of truth" +++

But with the two newcomers, some fans also have a concern: Do they have to say goodbye to their beloved doctors? The team from "In all friendship - the young doctors" answers promptly in the comments: "We would like to make it clear here again that this is not necessarily the case." (Abr)