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Renew & apply for a British passport

British Passport - The service from Visas United

While applying for your UK passport was previously a matter for the British consulates in Germany, you now have to extend / apply for your British passport online or directly in Liverpool. We are happy to support you and relieve you of the work and worries!

Renewing or extending a British passport - the process at a glance

Visas United will be happy to assist you with applying for or renewing your UK passport. We take care of compliance with various deadlines, fill out the necessary forms and use our experience to guide you through the entire process. Don't worry about formalities - we'll take care of it!

When does your UK passport need to be renewed?

  • You want to apply for your first UK ID.
  • You have lost or stolen your UK passport.
  • Your passport is so damaged that you will need a new one.
  • Your UK passport has expired or is about to expire.
  • Your name has changed, e.g. due to a marriage.

How can you apply for a UK passport through Visas United?

  1. Send us an order to this e-mail address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on! or by post to Grupellostrasse 21 · 40210 Düsseldorf or by fax to 0211 936500-20.

  2. We will fill out the English forms of the requested applications for you and send them to you - all you have to do is sign the original and send it back to us with the current passport (if available) and two biometric passport photos. If you need further documents, we will of course contact you immediately.

  3. The documents will be passed on to the authorities in Great Britain by Visas United. After a processing time of approx. 4 weeks, your new British passport will be sent to the address you provided.

Your newly issued English ID is valid for 10 years!

Please always pay close attention to the guidelines that you will find in the respective order forms and which documents you have to send along with this order.

What does it cost to apply for or renew your UK passport through Visas United?

Our complete package includes the processing of your application including the transmission of the final data to the HM Passport Office and the insured dispatch of all documents to Great Britain. The return of your passport is also included in this fee schedule.

Artfeestotal price
renewalGovernment Consular Fees - 34 page passport (£ 105.86) + Visas United service fee250.00 euros
renewalGovernment Consular Fees - 50 page passport (£ 113.86) + Visas United service fee270.00 euros
renewalGovernment Consular Fees - Child Passport (£ 75.86) + Visas United Service Fee220.00 euros
New applicationGovernment Consular Fees - 34 page passport (£ 105.86) + Visas United service fee280.00 euros
New applicationGovernment Consular Fees - 50 page passport (£ 113.86) + Visas United service fee300.00 euros
New applicationGovernment Consular Fees - Child Passport (£ 75.86) + Visas United Service Fee220.00 euros

Please note that consular fees for applying for the UK passport may vary as they are adjusted daily to reflect the exchange rate. The total fee remains unaffected by these changes. In the event of a rejection by the HM Passport Office, no fees will be reimbursed as these are processing fees. If you have any questions, please contact us directly!

How long does it take to renew a UK passport?

Since the renewal or issue of the new passport will be carried out in Great Britain, the average processing time is currently around 4 weeks.
Important: Should you need a new UK passport or renew your old one, please do not book a trip until you have received your passport back. In the event of a late issuance by the authorities, Visas United cannot reimburse you for any fees - the same applies to the authorities.
The extended or new passport will be sent straight to your home after processing. Would you like us to help you get your travel ID? Then you can fill out the order form below and send it to us. We'll contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by e-mail or by phone at 0211 / 936500-0.

Special case: lost or stolen passport

If you have lost your British passport or if it has been stolen, Visas United will take care that your passport is reported to the HM Passport Office as lost or stolen. If you have reported the theft to the police in Germany, any confirmations that you should submit to us with your case will help.

Extending your British passport using the counter signature procedure

The so-called counter signature procedure is used when the following conditions exist:

  1. The applicant is still in childhood or adolescence (11 years or younger) at the time of application.

  2. Your passport has been lost or has expired several years.

  3. Your passport is badly damaged (counts as a "lost / stolen passport").

This means that we will send you your fully completed application form and that a third person will have to confirm the applicant's identity. This person must
- have known the applicant for more than two years,
- be in possession of an EU passport (or American, British, Canadian passport) (not an identity card),
- be over 18 years old and
- perform a higher-quality job (e.g. teacher, department head, managing director, accountant, etc.).

The identity is confirmed by means of a signature. However, you will receive precise information from our experienced team during the processing process!

Extend your British passport: order from Visas United

Please select the form below if you have your Extend British passport want, at least 16 years old are the current passport not lost is and in the expired last two years is or still expire becomes.


Please select the form below if your Passport expired for more than two years is, however, this is still in your possession is located.
Please also select this form if for the first time a UK passport should be applied for or it is the Extension or initial application for a child's passport acts.


Please select the form below if you have a UK passport was stolen is, or you this lost to have.