Witcher 2 How do critical effects work

The Witcher 2 potions

cat3Allows you to see in complete darkness and through walls 5 min 25
Healing potion4Increases vitality regeneration 10 min 25
drake5Significantly increases vitality regeneration, reduces energy and damage 10 min 40
brown owl4Increases regeneration of energy 10 min 25
wolf3Increases the accuracy of special attacks that cause critical effects. No side effects. 10 min 25
crow3Increases sword damage 10 min 25
swallow3Increases vitality regeneration 10 min 25
Golden oriole3Increases all resistances 10 min 25
tiara3Reduces energy loss when blocking, reduces damage and vitality 10 min 40
Stammelford's filter4Increases sign intensity, decreases vitality 10 min 30
Maribor Forest4Significantly increases energy, reduces vitality and the chance of critical effects 10 min 40
lapwing4Increases regeneration of energy, reduces vitality and resistance 10 min 40
Virga3Increases all resistances, but lowers the chance of critical effects 10 min 30
Raffard the white decoction4Significantly increases vitality, reduces damage 10 min 50 Badger4Significantly increases the chance of critical effects, lowers resistances 10 min 50
Petris filter3Increases character intensity 10 min 50
thunder3Increases damage, reduces vitality and its regeneration 10 min 50
Mongoose3Protects against poisonous Kayran slime 10 min 25
Mixture of the visionaryunknownQuest potion. Suitable for ingestion 5 min 50
Anabolic steroidunknownAllows Geralt to defeat the strong Numa in arm wrestling2 min 50