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Transferring data to a new cell phone: How it works with the Samsung Smart Switch


Do you want to transfer your data to a new Samsung cell phone? With Samsung Smart Switch this is not a problem. We'll show you how to transfer your data.

  1. These devices support Smart Switch
  2. You can transfer this data with Smart Switch
  3. Smart Switch requirements
  4. Transfer data from an Android / Galaxy device with Smart Switch
  5. Transfer data from an iPhone with Smart Switch
  6. Transfer data from an iTunes backup with Smart Switch
  7. Transfer data from a BlackBerry / Windows Phone with Smart Switch

Setting up a new cell phone is often time consuming. The main problem is the transfer of data from the old to the new cell phone.

Samsung wants to save you time with the Samsung Smart Switch tool. The program transfers data such as photos, calendar entries and contacts from your old to the new smartphone fully automatically.

These devices support Smart Switch

Smart Switch supports data transfer from iOS (from version 5.0), Android (from version 4.3), Windows Mobile (8.1 or 10) and BlackBerry devices (from version 7.0).

You can transfer this data with Smart Switch

Unfortunately, Smart Switch cannot transfer all data from every smartphone - this is only possible when switching from an Android device to a Samsung device. If you switch from another operating system, such as iOS, to Samsung, there are restrictions.

The following table gives you an overview of which data you can transfer and how with Smart Switch.

Datafrom iPhone (iCloud / USB)Transfer from iTunes backupfrom an Android phonefrom a Windows Phonefrom a BlackBerry
Browser bookmars
Photos and videos
Background images
Calendar entries
Telephone log
Voice messages
Alarm clock
WiFi passwords
WhatsApp chat history
* PDF and Microsoft Office documents only
** Please note that only free apps can be transferred to a limited extent
You can transfer this data with Smart Switch

If you cannot transfer individual data via Smart Switch, this does not mean that it is lost forever. In separate tutorials we will show you how you can transfer additional data from the old to the new mobile phone without a Smart Switch:

Smart Switch requirements

In order to be able to use Smart Switch, the following requirements must be met:

  • Battery level on both smartphones over 20 percent.
  • If you want to use the app for data transfer, it must be installed on both devices. For Windows, iOS and Android devices, you can find the app in the respective app store. On BlackBerry devices, the app must be installed via sideload, instructions can be found in the linked article.

Note: Since the Galaxy S7 (Edge), Smart Switch is no longer a separate app, but part of the system on Samsung phones. To open the software, choose depending on the model "Settings> Accounts and backup"> Smart Switch "or" Settings> Backup and reset> Open Smart Switch "or" Settings> Cloud and accounts> Smart Switch ".

With Smart Switch you can not only transfer data from an Android device to your Samsung phone. The tool also makes it easier for you to move your data from the iPhone. There are several options available to you:

You can also use the Smart Switch software for PC and Mac to transfer your data from an iOS device to your new Samsung device. Proceed as follows:

Transfer data from an iTunes backup with Smart Switch

  1. 2

    Now connect your Samsung device to the computer and start Smart Switch.

  2. 3

    Now select "Restore". If you have already created a backup of your Samsung device with Smart Switch, you have to click on "Select another backup" in the next screen.

  3. 4

    Now click on the drop-down menu in the top left and select "Back up from iTunes".

  4. 5

    Then select the backup you want and which files should be imported and click "OK".

  5. 6

    Click on "Restore now" on the next screen and wait until the data import is complete.

Smart Switch can also be used to transfer data from a BlackBerry or Windows Phone to a Samsung cell phone. Proceed as follows:

Transfer data from a BlackBerry / Windows Phone with Smart Switch

  1. 1

    Start Smart Switch on your new mobile phone and select "Windows Phone / BlackBerry" as the source.

  2. 2

    BlackBerry users can transfer their data via a cable connection, or wireless transmission is also available as an alternative. However, this requires further steps, so we advise you to transfer the data via cable. If you have a Windows Phone, on the other hand, choose "Wireless".

  3. 3

    If you decide to transfer the data wirelessly, proceed as follows: Windows Phone users will now be asked to connect to a WLAN generated by the Samsung cell phone. BlackBerry users need to take additional steps that are described here.

  4. 4

    You can then transfer your data.

If Smart Switch doesn't help you or if you can't transfer all the data, you can find additional software for data transfer between two mobile phones in our download archive.

You can find out what else you need to consider when setting up a new cell phone in our setup guide and checklist.

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