When Harry met Sally scene script

"Harry and Sally" They look so scary today!

Didn't we all fall in love with "Harry and Sally" back then? It's been 25 years since Billy Crystal (66) and Meg Ryan (52) slipped into the legendary roles. The famous orgasm scene in the New York restaurant “Katz's Delikatessen” will not be forgotten. To this day, the cinema fame brings long lines of tourists to the diner on the Lower East Side.

But of course not only the restaurant benefited from the big screen hit. The romantic comedy finally catapulted the two main actors to the top of Hollywood. Now the “RomKom” dream couple met again in New York - not in a dinner, but at an event in the “Lincoln Center”.

There Rob Reiner (67), the director of "Harry and Sally", received the "Chaplin Award" from the "Film Society of Lincoln Center". Of course, two of his biggest stars came to congratulate the filmmaker - and also made for a laugh or two. Maybe not in the way they'd like it to be, though.

If we laughed at their jokes in the film, today we tend to smile at the sight of the duo. Thanks to various visits to the cosmetic surgeon, "Harry and Sally" are hardly recognizable. They both had a little too much botox, the actress had her lips sprayed on, her colleague looks strangely bloated.

Pity! Somehow we preferred to laugh at her 25 years ago ...