Garlic and onion dip during pregnancy

Garlic During Pregnancy?

If you are also wondering what you can eat during pregnancy and what it is better to keep your hands off of, then just read on. What is allowed for pregnant women and to clarify the question “Can you eat garlic during pregnancy?” Here is some information for you to clarify whether garlic is allowed during pregnancy and healthy for mother and child!

What should be considered in general and what is healthy or dangerous for pregnant women?

There are some foods that pregnant women should actually stay away from. We'll clarify in a moment whether you can eat garlic during pregnancy. So that you and your child are not exposed to any risk, you should, for example, reduce your coffee consumption and the general intake of caffeine to a minimum. All foods that lead to flatulence are also not recommended, as almost every pregnant woman already has problems of this kind to complain about. In some cases, vegetables such as cabbage or spinach are even contaminated with nitrate or nitrite, which should be avoided during pregnancy as they may not be healthy.

Everything that is raw and of animal origin should only be eaten cooked through, everything else is dangerous. There are numerous other foods that can be dangerous and anything but healthy for the pregnant woman and the unborn child. Mett, ham and various types of sausage should no longer be on your menu from now on. In addition, for example, products made from raw milk are not allowed to be consumed, as there are simply too many dangerous bacteria here, for example Limburg cheese. But even on Camembert, a normal soft cheese, you should remove the rind to keep the number of bacteria as low as possible.

In general, everything is washed off thoroughly before consumption and always make sure that all products are particularly fresh and that no invisible mold has already formed.

Can you consume garlic during pregnancy?

There is a long list of foods that you are suddenly no longer allowed to eat. But did you know that different spices also belong to it. Cinnamon, ginger or parsley and lovage are said to promote contractions in the uterus, which in the worst case can of course lead to an abortion. But it is always important to keep in moderation, if you only use a pinch, that doesn't matter, just you shouldn't consume several grams of it right away. But then you would have to use cinnamon spoons at a time.

Is garlic allowed and is there a difference between capsules, tablets and raw garlic?

The answer is yes, even if you should pay attention to the amount when consuming garlic during pregnancy because of the smell alone, if you only consume it in small amounts, it should not interfere with your pregnancy . Eating garlic during pregnancy can even support normal body functions, as it generally ensures that our arteries remain free and thus promotes good blood circulation.

It is important that you pay particular attention to yourself and your diet, especially in the first three months (the first trimester), here you can be a little overcautious, even if garlic is not dangerous during pregnancy.

However, garlic during pregnancy or after childbirth can change the taste of breast milk, which may prevent the baby from drinking.

This application note also applies to capsules or tablets that contain garlic. But no matter whether raw garlic or as a capsule or in the form of tablets, do not overdo it with the intake. In addition: Never use garlic if you suffer from vaginal thrush during pregnancy or otherwise. A raw garlic paste was used for this purpose. The unpleasant itching and discharge will not go away with garlic during pregnancy, even if it is considered an old home remedy for vaginal thrush, you are much more likely to get a burn from the hot garlic during pregnancy and otherwise.

Stay away from the external use of garlic during pregnancy! See your doctor if you have an infection, especially if you are pregnant. Garlic during pregnancy is definitely not the right cure for vaginal thrush, whether raw garlic, as capsules, or as granules.

As long as you don't overdo it with the garlic during pregnancy and you like it and the flatulence is limited, you can easily eat garlic during pregnancy. When it comes to garlic, it is allowed, so to speak, during pregnancy what tastes good, but only in moderation.