How to meet new people on Skype

Get to know people via Skype - this is how it could work

You can meet new people not only via paid flirting sites or social networks, but also when using Skype.

If you want to socialize in a different way and it takes too long to contact people indirectly via social networks, meeting people via Skype is a great option. It only takes a few clicks to make a new acquaintance with whom you can speak live right away.

Skype and its possibilities

  • The so-called VoIP software from Microsoft offers the opportunity to get in touch with other people free of charge.
  • "VoIP" stands for Internet telephony that works via computers and your networks. As a participant, you need a PC or Mac with an Internet connection and the Skype software.
  • If you have now signed up for free, you can use the program to create a contact list by searching for your friends by name.
  • Now you can make free calls here, only calls to landlines and cell phones cost money.

Get to know people via Voice over IP

  • All Skype users that you want to add to your contact list must first confirm the friend request.
  • If you want to call or write to someone in the contact list, you can click them directly and send an instant message.
  • All you need to do is use the search option to get in touch with new people you want to get to know on Skype.
  • Here you enter the data under which you would like to find new contacts. In addition to the state and hometown, the age of the possible new acquaintances can also be entered. In this way, you will receive specific suggestions from public users.
  • Now add them to the friends list and write a nice little message in the text field. With a little luck you will be accepted immediately and can chat live straight away.

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