Nitro xrc will not start if it is wet

My scooter won't start - this is how to get it going

Starting problems with scooters due to lack of fuel

  • Scooters are powered by normal combustion engines, just like other machines. If they fail to start, the causes are the same as for cars, lawnmowers or motorcycles; there are no roller-specific causes. So proceed according to the usual criteria, as with all other engines.
  • Check that there is petrol in the tank and that the fuel tap is open. Don't laugh, that is more often the reason than you think and some roadside assistance only consisted of a few liters of gasoline or a turn on the gasoline tap.
  • It can happen that the fuel tap is turned on, there is petrol in the tank and the scooter still does not start. Then it may be because the fuel tap is possibly defective. Pull the hose off the side of the fuel tap that leads to the carburetor. Turn on the fuel tap and check whether gasoline is flowing; if not, the tap may be defective or the fuel hose from the tank may be clogged.
  • Unplug the other hose from the scooter's fuel tap and see if there is any gas leaking there. If not, the hose is blocked. Clean it or replace it. If the hose is OK, you will need to replace the fuel tap again.
  • After longer breaks in driving, for example in winter, old gasoline can also have stuck in the hoses or the carburetor. In that case, you should dismantle and clean the carburetor, as well as the fuel hoses.

Typical indications that the scooter does not start for these reasons: There is obviously enough electricity because the light shines brightly and the starter rotates vigorously, or the scooter does not start despite being pushed or kickstarted.

Scooter does not start due to electrical problems

  • You may have a dead battery. Therefore try to switch on the light, if the light does not work or only lights up dimly, the battery is empty. So charge the battery!
  • If you frequently have a dead battery even though you drive regularly, either the battery or the alternator is defective. If you have changed the battery, you will most likely need to take care of the alternator. Depending on the type, you can exchange the carbon brushes, but you may also have to exchange the entire alternator.
  • If the scooter does not start even though the fuel supply is not the cause and the battery is OK, it may be due to the spark plugs or contacts. Take a look at the ignition contacts and the spark plugs first. Next, clean them up and set the correct spacing between the contacts. If in doubt, replace the spark plugs and contacts.

You can eliminate most of the possible causes of start-up problems yourself. However, you should always have a manual in order to carry out the necessary settings correctly.

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