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He played his most famous role hundreds of times. At the age of 93, the popular actor and dancer "Heino" Hallhuber from Munich has now died.

Munich - People from Munich knew Karlheinz "Heino" Hallhuber above all as "Archangel Michael". Now the actor and dancer has died at the age of 93. The cultural worker’s family named March 14th as the date of death. At first he had Bavarian Broadcasting reported.

Munich: Well-known actor dies - State Opera praises "outstanding personality"

Born in 1929 in the state capital, Hallhuber started taking ballet lessons at an early age. At the end of the 1940s, the Bavarian State Ballet cast him for solo roles. "Heino Hallhuber was the outstanding male soloist in ballet in the 50s and 60s of the last century," praises the Bavarian State Opera on its website.

In 1957, "Heino" gave guest appearances in various US and Cuban cities as a member of a French ballet group. During his almost four decades-long career as a dancer, Hallhuber took on well-known roles such as desOthello and Tyblat in Romeo and Juliet. Appearances in film and television followed. Twice, for example, in "Tatort" episodes of the Bavarian Broadcasting.

"Heino" Hallhuber from Munich died: he played the most famous role hundreds of times

He embodied his undoubtedly best-known role on the stage of the Residenztheater: Hallhuber played the "Archangel Michael" in around 900 performances in the Bavarian folk play "The Brandner Kaspar and the eternal‘ life "in the version by Kurt Wilhelm.

The cultural worker has received numerous awards for his work, such as the sponsorship award from the city of Munich or, in 1991, the “Bayerischer Poetentaler”. * tz.de is part of IPPEN.MEDIA.