How did Tony Mendez's son Ian die

Legendary CIA agent Tony Mendez has died

Washington - Former CIA agent Tony Mendez, made famous by a spectacular rescue operation by US diplomats in Iran, is dead. Mendez, who was memorialized with the Oscar-winning Hollywood film "Argo", died on Saturday at the age of 78, as his family announced. The former CIA employee had suffered from Parkinson's for more than ten years.

After the storming of the US embassy in Tehran at the end of 1979, Mendez took six US diplomats out of the country in a dramatic action. The diplomats escaped from the US embassy and hid in the Canadian embassy.

Oscar-winning film adaptation

Mendez, who specializes in undercover operations, then came up with a Hollywood production - the title of the fictional science fiction film: "Argo" - and traveled to Iran to allegedly prepare for the shooting. On January 27, 1980, Mendez then left with the six US diplomats who pretended to be members of the film crew and had received false Canadian passports.

The story was made into a film by director and actor Ben Affleck in 2012. "Argo" won three Academy Awards the following year, including the Oscar for Best Picture.

Affleck is "proud to have told one of his stories"

Affleck wrote in the short message service Twitter that Mendez was a man of "extraordinary decency, extraordinary modesty and friendliness". "I'm so proud to have worked with him and told one of his stories."

US Secretary of State and ex-CIA boss Mike Pompeo praised Mendez as a "real American hero". He was an "incredibly talented intelligence officer".

(APA, AFP, January 21, 2019)