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NCIS: What happened to lead actor Michael Weatherly?

For 13 seasons he was Gibbs' right-hand man: Tony DiNozzo was an integral part of the "NCIS" troupe for 306 episodes and was also a founding member. So he was also in 2003 in the "J.A.G. - On behalf of honor" double episode, with which everything should begin. In 2016 he left the series, which is still one of the most successful in television history. But what is Michael Weatherly doing today?

Michael Weatherly - At home on TV

From DiNozzo we didn't hear anything until the beginning of 2020, when Ziva David reappeared from the underground, put her archenemy out of action and was finally able to go to Paris with DiNozzo and their daughter Tali. However, the family gathering took place away from the cameras, so that the charming agent was not seen in person.

The reason he stayed away from "NCIS" is surely because of his own TV series. "Bull" is also broadcast in Germany. Sat.1 showed the fourth season last October. It's all about this: Jason Bull is the single most important key to winning lawsuits. Not because he argues so brilliantly or has a nose for the lack of evidence. Bull and his team can read people perfectly and thus put together a group of jury members who are positive about their own clients and / or can be easily manipulated. Short: You can make the unpredictable predictable.

The pilot episode was watched by more than 20 million Americans, and the first season went straight to the third top hit series after "The Big Bang Theory" and "NCIS". This is one of the reasons why the fifth season is being broadcast in the USA.

Apart from that, Weatherly doesn't seem to have any ambitions for other roles. Since 2012 he has only played Tony DiNozzo or Jason Bull. According to the film database imdb.com, no other projects are planned. In 2017 a documentary filmed by Weatherly was released. "Jamaica Man"was about the expatriate Nigel Pemberton towards the end of his life. Weatherly was awarded two prizes for this.

Michael Weatherly - Not the perfect clean man

In 2018, allegations of sexual harassment were raised against Weatherly. He is said to have spoken derogatory about co-star Eliza Dushku on the set of "Bull", who in turn informed the producers about it. The dispute ended with a payment of $ 9.5 million settled and Dushku left the series. Weatherly apologized publicly, but was in breach of the agreement. It was later announced that he was attending Training in terms of leadership and role model had to participate.

If you want to follow Weatherly on social media, it's best to do so on Twitter. Just recently he wished everyone a happy Valentine's Day and reminded them of the importance of to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

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